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Be unique: 5 bathrooms for 5 personalities

Take a look at these five bathroom ideas to be unique and express yourself in every area of your lovely house, even in the powder room!

03 April 2018 96 0

Even the most functional room of all needs to be a mirror for our personality and our style. After all, despite the practical nature of bathrooms, this space is the most intimate: it’s the first room we step into at the very beginning of the day, and the last before we jump into bed at night. It’s the room that watches us take on and take off the mask(s) we wear daily, in front of the world. So let’s not waste any time and let’s take a look at 5 amazing bathroom ideas!

Think outside the cabinet

The traditional bathroom layout consists of one or more square cabinets hanging around the washbasin. Now, if you feel like this kind of design is way too restrictive and doesn’t reflect your creative personality, why not try something a bit different? Try different shapes, like hexagons or circles, and place them at different heights for a bathroom atmosphere that will never be boring!


Do you like this creative bathroom layout by Arcari? Then take a closer look here!

A rétro touch

Who says all minimal looks need to be super contemporary? Minimal bathrooms are designed to make your life easier, but the downside is often a rarefied, impersonal atmosphere. So why not try spicing it up a little bit? A few pops of bright colors, together with a floral wallpaper, rétro prints and a primitive-style bathtub will make the perfect powder room for athe classy woman who loves dressing like a 50s pin-up.


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Shaken, not stirred

In truth, you really don’t need much to imprint your personality on your bathroom! Even a single statement piece will be enough to do the trick. Are you a fan of the most famous spy in the universe, James Bond? Then we bet you didn’t know there’s actually a basin inspired by his trademark drink, the timeless Vodka Martini! This basin is shaped like the iconic Martini Dry glass, and needless to say, this design piece will give you that spicy kick you need in the morning, even if you just fill it up with hot water and bubbles!


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Are you in a couple? Then you two lovebirds need a bathroom with double appliances! Not only does it look pretty and neat, but it will also make your life together easier: you’ll stop fighting over who needs to use the bathroom first, once you have a pair of everything! By the way, this type of bathroom may look a bit cheesy, but if you’re a lover of order and symmetry, this is the perfect design for you, especially if you choose warm, neutral colors, like this delicate shade of beige, mixed with white porcelain appliances. If you’re afraid it will get boring after a while, all you need to do is add a few splashes of color here and there: a set of bright towels will do the trick! Just please, avoid those ultra-cheesy “Mr” and “Mrs” matching sets.


Yes, this is another design by Arteba! Click here for more!

Be grand

Finally, there’s no need for your bathroom to look understated! Feel free to choose graphic colors and rich textures, if that’s what you like. For the ultimate over-the-top look, choose a few materials you normally wouldn’t expect to find in a bathroom: gold, silver and copper. To create an even more dramatic effect, choose a range of overall dark shades, like black for the floor tiles and gunmetal for the walls. However, remember to juxtapose more than a color pattern and more than one texture: it’s one thing to design a grand, luxurious bathroom, and another to end up feeling like you’re taking a bath in a cave.


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