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Jamie Oliver’s kitchen: be your own chef!

Who hasn’t dreamed of cooking inside Jamie Oliver’s kitchen? Follow our tips to create a pro kitchen that would make him proud.

04 April 2018 244 0

Jamie Oliver is one of the most recognizable faces on the international masterchef scene: he’s been around for 25 years, teaching the importance of cooking and eating tasty and healthy food. If you’re a cooking enthusiast who’s ever watched one of his popular TV shows, like The Naked Chef, at some point you might have wished to have a kitchen like his: equipped with everything you’ll ever need to make a delicious marinara sauce, season a steak and even baking cakes. But what do you actually need to style a Jamie Oliver-inspired kitchen? Well, your wait is over: follow our tips on how to style a kitchen that would make dear Jamie proud, and be ready to start your own Youtube cooking channel!


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Lots of space

We know this feature doesn’t really depend on you, but rather on the structure of your house and, most importantly, on your budget! Still, large spaces are generally a feature that makes the difference between an amateur’s kitchen and a professional’s. A pro like Jamie often needs to cook meals for large groups of people; this is what you may often need to do too, especially if you have a large family! You need a big room where you can move quickly and freely, without bumping into the furniture. In fact, if you love cooking, you know that chefs move a lot: one minute you’re standing in front of the oven, the next you’re mixing ingredients for a pasta sauce, and the next you’re running to the sink to drain the pasta before it’s too late. Not only that: large countertops and sinks are key in order to prepare your food without making too much of a mess.


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Small kitchen? Don’t worry too much! You’ll still be able to cook delicious meals for an army, as long as your space is perfectly organized. You need to know where everything is: every single utensil needs to be always put back in the exact same place you took it from. An excellent solution that can make up for a small kitchen is a tiny, functional kitchen island: a clean surface that’s dedicated exclusively to the purpose of food preparing! To be 100% effective, your tiny kitchen island need to double as an additional storage space: nooks and drawers where you can put pots and pans will save you a lot of trouble, and make up for the space the island is taking up.


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Open shelves

You might have noticed how Jamie Oliver LOVES his open shelves! The truth is, an open shelf is the best solution for both an amateur and a professional chef: you need to be able to reach out your hand and quickly grab what you need the minute you realize you need it. Also, an open shelf will never end up covered in greasy fingerprints like cabinets’ doors do all the time. And you’re in luck! Open shelves are making a huge comeback this year.

Pro tip: don’t just throw things randomly on your shelves! Lay everything out by category: spices, types of pasta, rice, etc.


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Herb garden

Herb gardens are actually becoming more and more popular: hundreds of MasterChef episodes have taught people the value of a meal cooked at home with love and first-quality, natural ingredients. As for what Jamie likes, his preference goes towards having his her garden organized in a series of plain terracotta pots. He normally lines them up on his open shelves, but then again: what if you don’t have as much space, or your shelves are already all filled up? No worries! You can hang a few tiny pots along along the wall. There are no excuses: there are always ways to cook like a pro, even in small spaces.


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Pendant lights

Another item Jamie has a passion for are pendant lights. Why is this lighting solution the best for your Jamie Oliver-inspired kitchen? Well, first of all, you can place these single lights strategically, exactly where you need them: above the countertops where you’ll be preparing the food, and near the sink, for when you’re doing the dishes. Then, a few colorful lights hanging all over your kitchen will turn it into a young, playful space that will cheer you up as soon as you enter it! A bunch of ceiling spotlights would do an amazing job at lighting up the space, but they’re way less decorative, and they often tend to have a cold-ish glow. However, a few spotlights you can dim might actually create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic, intimate dinner with your other half -- or a new date, because as everyone knows, the road to a person’s heart is paved with delicious homemade food!


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Wooden accessories

Jamie Oliver has become so popular also thanks to his open smile and perennially boyish face, but he loves a bit of tradition! And in fact, you’ve probably noticed his kitchen is filled with wooden accessories and utensils. In the end, it doesn’t really matter how much progress technology makes: wood is still one of the best materials to employ in the kitchen. What’s better than a wooden board? It will double as both a cutting board, and a tray for a quick aperitivo with your friends: just place different types of cheese and a few grapes, and you’ll find yourself hosting a perfect homemade happy hour.


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Top-of-the-line pots and pans

We should have put pots and pans at the top of this list, because you’re not going to go very far with low-quality, cheap cookware. What are the rules for an impeccable set of pots and pans?

Material: stainless steel all day, every day.

Sandwich bottom: not only will it make it very hard for your food to stick to the bottom and subsequently burn, a sandwich bottom also retains warmth in a much more efficient way than a standard bottom.

Functionality: is your cookware equipped with handy handles (pardon the wordplay)? If so, then you’re ready to go!


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Actually, another quality you might be looking for is color! Don’t get us wrong, the sleekness of stainless steel is absolute perfection, but we have a feel Jamie Oliver would give his preference to functional but at the same time decorational cookware! A set of brightly colored pots and pans is made to be seen, even when it’s not being used.


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Ceramic tiles

Jamie Oliver’s kitchen manages to be professional AND playful at the same time: ceramic or majolica tiles are going to help you here. We’d opt for colorful and polished tiles; if for any reason you reckon you’d rather style your kitchen with more neutral tones, why not choose a kitchen-themed set of tiles, like these ones for instance, inspired by traditional Italian breakfast?


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