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Express yourself: five styles for five sofas

Express yourself, don’t repress yourself! Take a look at these five sofas, for five different furniture style, to fully match your personality.

04 April 2018 78 0

The sofa is one of the most important elements in the living area; it is the center of the home, the symbol of conviviality, the key point of the living room. When we decide to spend a lonely day at home, the sofa becomes our best friend, when we host parties, it becomes the protagonist. That is why when we choose a sofa for our home, we are not only looking for a comfortable piece, but also something that can fit perfectly into the style of the house and match our personality. It is needless to say that factors such as the size of the room and the disposition of the other furniture are fundamental in the choice of a suitable couch, but we must not let these characteristics overshadow the importance of the design. Our sofa will be like our baseness card: it will introduce us to whomever enters our living room, telling them something about ourselves. Are you exuberant and eccentric? Do you love classic design or ultra modern shapes? Your couch, as much as the rest of your décor, must be a representative of your idea of style, of your taste and personality. In this article you will find some advice on how to find the sofa that suits you best, with five different styles to choose from.


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Minimalism and purity


If you are all about purity and simplicity, minimalism is the perfect furniture style for you. Smooth lines, linear shapes and attention to details will be the characteristics that will make your home décor stand out from everyone else’s. Whether in large spaces or in small living rooms, the linear style of minimal shape sofa matches perfectly with white, black and gray. Although we can hazard nuances of different colors it is difficult to associate tones that better interpret this style: after all, purity and simplicity must be pursued in color choice too. If you want to go for brighter colors, be careful to wisely balance them, and do not break the equilibrium the minimal shapes created in the room.


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An industrial-chic home décor will be perfect for someone with a unique personality, who doesn’t fit in the conventional interior design concepts, and is looking for a raw and primitive allure. An environment with concrete floors, brick walls and iron elements will perfectly match with a sofa in leather or suede, better if with a lived-in effect. As far as color palette go, choose something that can exalt the industrial vibe of the room in the best way. For example, if the protagonist of your living area is a wonderful brick wall, opt for a soft tone for the sofa covering: the contrast will enhance the beauty of each element.


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Are you someone who likes to live the present, always looking towards the future? Someone like that will need a 100 % contemporary home décor, with nothing classic in it. The contemporary style has countless variations when it comes to interior design, with new trends coming up every season. So go ahead and follow your instinct, when choosing your sofa: mix shapes, colors and tones fearlessly: as long as you are expressing your personality, you can’t go wrong.


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If wanderlust is the word that describes you best, if travelling and exploring the world is never enough for you, you will fall in love with an ethnic style sofa, like this one. Bright colors and patterns will set the right vibe: fabrics and materials combined with taste and a touch of eccentricity will make the atmosphere vital and dynamic, just like your personality. You should not look for extravagance at any cost to give an exotic touch to your house: any combination of fabrics and colors should pursue the balance of shapes and tints.


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A classic is something that never looks dated, a design that is able to look effortlessly elegant, of ageless beauty. If you are among those who think of beauty and style in this way, classic style is the only way to go. A Chesterfield style sofa is the best example of a timeless classic design: an elegant design that can look sophisticated and bold at the same time, a piece of furniture that can look up to date in any century.


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