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Single ladies, time to style the house you deserve!

Single ladies out there, listen up! Find a minute to take a look at how to style the perfect abode for the strong, independent women you are.

05 April 2018 73 0

We know how much you love your career: running a business or working for a big company means you’re living the life! Networking, important events, business trips to amazing cities! However, the downside of it all is that you’re not often left with much time to take care of yourself, and responsibilities can put a huge load of pressure on your shoulders. For this reason, carefully styling your home is more fundamental than ever: you need to create a space that’s solely dedicated to yourself, where you can feel at home and recharge your batteries. The truth is, the life of today’s women is not all sunshine and rainbows: society puts a lot of expectations on them, but how realistic is it to build lasting relationships with all that’s going on in the now? That’s another reason why you should focus on empowering yourself! And that process needs to start from your home.


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Use the power of white

We tend to think of white as a neutral shade we normally just use either to make a room look wider, or because it’s the easiest and laziest of choices: “Hm, I don’t feel like racking my brain to think of another color, I’ll choose white: it goes with everything!”. Watch out, because this is a huge mistake! True, white is a bit of a safe bet that has saved us many times already, but keep in mind that you should try bringing out all of its potential! For instance, why don’t you try combining it with ultra bright and vivid colors, like red, green and deep-sky blue? We think the best way to style a house is to let your instincts guide you, but it might still be worth getting a set of coordinated sofas and armchairs that will create an unforgettable color pattern.


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Round shapes

Let’s be clear, a house with no squares, no angles and no corners is a house that lacks edge. However, a few round shapes here and there are guaranteed to add a warm, welcoming touch to the atmosphere. A couple of perfectly round leather chairs are a great addition to any room: you could style a tiny lounge in your foyer, in a corner of your living room, or even your bedroom, if you have room enough! Let’s not forget the importance of color: a creamy peach tone like this one will make your tiny leather chairs cuter and cozier than ever!


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Pillows and cushions

Have you ever noticed how men tend to be confused when they see the vast amount of pillows and cushions women hoard in their apartments? Well, we honestly don’t understand this confusion. First of all, pillows can (and often are) purely decorative: they help enrich and balance a living room; then, they also help create several different layers of color, patterns and textures. For instance, a few chintz pillows casually placed on a brown leather sofa are going to create an intriguing contrast. Finally, pillows and cushions also have the very functional role of making you feel more comfortable: a reading nook in front of the window sounds lovely, but a wooden seat is not the softest! You need a few cushions to help you out here.


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Be original with your lighting

We firmly believe every source of light in your house should have its own personality. Lamps should express something, or have a special meaning to you: that piece of design you’ve craved ever since you were 15, that family heirloom that used to belong to your great-grandmother, that attractive design… All of this is to say, that lamps give you a perfect chance not to be obvious and plain, and there are so many different designs out there! Take a look at this table lamp, for example: not only does it display a beautiful shade of robin egg blue, it is also a very composite structure. A sleek ceramic base is followed by a wooden stem, while the lampshade is a richly patterned fabric.


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Let natural light in!

We know what you’re going to say: why should you care so much about natural light, when you’re actually never home during the day anyway? Well, even more so, you should make every day or hour you get to spend at home during the day unique and unforgettable! After all, these are the only moments when you can truly be alone with yourself: you’re not surrounded by your co-workers, you’re not with a friend or with a date. Imagine being delicately and naturally woken up by the sunshine coming in from large windows! If you have the chance, we recommend styling a room almost exclusively with light: have you ever considered taking down two opposite walls and replacing them with wall-to-wall glass windows?


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Speaking of light…

...a fireplace is a must! It doesn’t really matter whether it’s Medieval-style large or super small, whether it’s got a traditional look or an edgy cut: what’s important is that you can turn off all the lights, comfortably sit in front of it, and relax while gazing at the flames.


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No room for shabbiness

Remember your house says a lot about its owner! Therefore, every detail should be carefully planned. In particular, there’s something we really want to warn you against: trash cans! Don’t get us wrong, we need trash cans in our lives, that’s for sure. However, they’re usually such ugly objects! And in fact, we often try to hide them away under the sink or inside a cupboard. But thank heavens, there are actually a few valid designs out there that allow you to keep a trash can in your kitchen without feeling ashamed of it.


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Warm tones for your bathroom

There’s nothing wrong with a white or a blue bathroom: it’s a classic that will never be out of style. However, particularly if you live by yourself, we recommend styling every single room, even the bathroom, as the coziest retreat possible. A warmly colored bathroom is guaranteed to never make you feel down; in fact, it will help you get your spirits up again! We also suggest layering different surfaces: for instance, semi-refined wooden cabinets will look amazing if combined with polished white sinks and a matte, pastel-colored wall.


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Essentials: bathtub

It goes without saying that a bathtub is a must! Not everyone loves baths, but we think it’s safe to say that the vast majority of women does love plunging into a warm, bubbly bath. You don’t need your bathtub to be extremely advanced, technologically speaking: all you need is a deep tub that will help you relax and forget about your troubles. Try again combining two different colors: a warm tone for the outside, in order to create coordination with the rest of the bathroom, and pure white for the inside.


Another creation by Mapini

Creative walls

We highly recommend styling your walls with framed pictures, paintings, posters, decorations! As for the walls themselves, don’t be afraid to make choices some people may find bizarre. Take a look at this wall: is it made of tiles? Are those wooden bricks? Who knows! Our point is: get at least one home décor piece that will get people talking!


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