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What’s new? Patterns and home décor themes trending for 2018

What’s new with interior design trends? Let’s find out which patterns will decorate the trendiest homes this year.

05 April 2018 105 0

The year 2018 is facing a revolution for interior design trends: new tones and shades are coloring our homes, and new tendencies are entering the home décor world with unexpected exuberance. This year, and the spring season in particular, will also witness the great return of patterns and themes in interior design: after the long season of strict minimalism, the home décor world welcomes back more lively decoration motifs that allows to fully express the personality of the people living in the domestic environment. If your bold and experimental spirit hasn’t found a match yet in the past décor tendencies, this is your moment! Let us take a look at the major trends for patterns, themes and schemes in interior design. Which one of them will steal your heart?



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Tribal trend


Last year the tropical decorations with pineapples and flamingos were a major trend for interior design, clothing fashion and so much more, but the time has come to welcome the next generation of patterns, bold and original, inspired by nature and tribal culture, but in a different way. South American inspired decorations and Turkish kilim cushions and carpets are about to take over the pink flamingos. The naturalistic and tribal theme is being interpreted in a much deeper way, raw and authentic. This wonderful wooden table is a perfect example: it express the true soul of the tribal stile, it is original and is naturally able to stand out from any home décor.


Do you wish to see more furniture like this unique wooden table? Click here and take a look al all the creations by Lys Import.

Tribal style is not only naturalistic and raw: it can also be combined with contemporary art and minimalist décor. After all, a huge number of modern artists took inspiration from African populations and their art forms, to create their revolutionary and innovative sense of aesthetic; examples are in the work of Keith Haring, or Jean Michelle Basquiat, who took the very routes of the tribal art and brought it into the metropolitan world. We can do the same in our home décor, and while we might not be able to have an authentic work by Keith Haring hanging on our walls, we can still find wonderful tribal decoration that recall the atmosphere of far lands, and combine it with a contemporary or futuristic vibe.


This piece is a wonderful wall decoration by Pintdecor: click here to see more of their creations.

Stylized flowers


The floral motif is coming back into fashion and home décor trends, but in a new and contemporary form. Flowers become abstract patterns, hypnotic drawings that will be able to add elegance and personality to every room.  In line with the tribal trend we have mentioned, a floral decoration could turn into a beautiful mandala, the spiritual symbol that in Hinduism and Buddhism represents the harmony of the universe. Since we are using this decoration for a wall, unlike the real mandalas, we will not use many colors: this way, we will avoid the flowers taking over the rest of the interior decoration.


This modern floral mandala is designed for a wllpaper by InstabileLab.


In the kitchen, or in the bathroom, where tiles to cover the walls are very common, flowers can literally bloom in between the ceramic pieces. Way less invasive than a full floral decoration, these delicate blossoms will decorate your room in the most delicate way. This way, you will be able to completely customize your tiles, choosing exactly how many ceramic flowers you want to include, and where to place them.


These tiles simply stole our heart. Look at more creations by BottegaNove here.

Stay true to nature


The call of the wild is being heard loud and clear by interior designers this year.  Spring 2018 is bringing to our doorsteps furniture that combines a modern taste with some minimalist details. This effect aims to put together the warmth of natural wood with some minimalist details. The irregularity of the wood branch makes this piece unique and special, the way the wood meets the white metal creats a sophisticated dynamic effect. Realistic, bold and eccentric: a design that is one of a kind.


Take a look at all the unique design creations by Forme di Sophia, click here.

What’s new with these flower petals on the wall? Don’t worry: we haven’t gone crazy. This astonishing wall coverings are the most eco-friendly decoration you will be able to find. The raw materials used to create these panels are just the ones you can see: flowers, leaves, grass, even fruit. The natural components are  dried, ground, screened, and pressed together. The result is something we have never seen before, that will amaze your eyes every time you look at it, transmitting a peaceful feeling: the tranquility that only nature can give to our mind.


Are you curious to see what other patterns, flowers and leaves Organoid used for their creations? Click here!

Harmonious geometries


Geometric patterns and sharp-cornered decorations are a trend that has been popular for a long time now, and it looks like this year this trend will remain, stronger than ever. Ceramics with hexagons or zigzag decorations, herringbone pattern and 3D drawings of wallpapers, fabrics and flooring. Every piece of furniture, every home décor element, becomes the playground of a stylish match between all these geometrical shape, that need to be wisely combined together. In fact, while mixing and matching different shapes and patterns can create a very cool interior design, we must remember the evergreen motto “less is more”, to avoid a chaotic effect.


Discover more modern furniture design by LaGrama, click here.

If you feel uncertain about how to combine different geometric shapes, fearing to overdo or make mistakes, you can easily start by adding just one detail. For example, you could choose a modern carpet with a nice geometric pattern, that features the colors you like best. Once you are certain of one piece that you absolutely love, make it the protagonist of the interior design, and decorate the whole rest of the room according to that.


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