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New romantics, here is the perfect bathroom for you

New romantics, here is the perfect bathroom for you

New romantics need a home décor that reflects their tastes, even in the bathroom.

Many people may think a neoromantic interior design is meant exclusively for the fair sex, but they are wrong. If the interior design is well put together and wisely balance, every room can express its feminine touch, without looking too girly. If you like this style of decoration, why not apply it to the bathroom as well? This room, often more difficult to furnish comparing to other areas of the house, can look wonderful with a tasteful neoromantic look. So, did you finally decide you deserve a neo-romantic bathroom decoration?


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Pastel nuances


New romantics, which colors would you choose to paint the perfect bathroom? Certainly pastel shades are the most indicated, since they are always able to bring that nice vintage atmosphere. A dusty rose, a pale yellow, a delicate lilac could look wonderful in your bathroom, making it sophisticated and trendy. However, the tint that we suggest for you is a delicate robin’s-egg blue. This shade of color will not only avoid the girly effect that we mentioned earlier, but will also transmit a peaceful sensation, making you instantly feel relaxed and tranquil: just the perfect feeling for a neoromantic bathroom. Besides, the room will get a touch of the costal style, which will make you feel like you’re on holiday all year long.

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Decorations inspired by nature


The bathroom of a true new romantic at heart needs to be properly decorated, and what is able to inspire romanticism more than nature? That is why we want you to bring floral and naturalistic patterns into your bathroom’s décor. The easiest way to do it, it with wall tiles. Don’t exaggerate by filling your walls with busy drawings, but opt for something classy and not excessive.


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Trompe l'oeil


Trompe l'oeil is an artistic technique whose name derives from the French expression “deceive the eye”. This extraordinary pictorial method uses realistic imagery to create the optical illusion that the drawing exists in three dimensions, literally like an imaginary window on a wall. New romantics are people who like to daydream about their thoughts and fantasies, so a window towards a beautiful and imaginary world is the perfect decorative element for them. For an exceptional neoromantic bathroom, the trompe l'oeil painting decoration is just what it takes to make the difference: a magnificent illusion with a surreal charm that decorates the space in a harmonious way. A fresco painting with a naturalistic scene will make a peaceful scenario for a long relaxing bath, creating a shelter from everyday life, an oasis of tranquiiity just for yourself.


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Victorian style bathtub


We decided what we are going to look at while we soak in the hot water of a long bath… but what about the tub? A Victorian style bathtub will be the cherry on top of your neoromantic bathroom. Its retro vibe will suit marvelously with the rest of the furniture, and it will instantly become the absolute protagonist of the room. Opt for a model that has a vintage look: a tub with silver or copper colored faucets, and an elaborated clawfoot that recalls the baroque style. Given that this model is usually free standing, we suggest you place it right in the middle of the bathroom: it may seem like an unusual choice, but we guarantee that the final result will look spectacular.  


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Wrought iron


You may think of wrought iron as strong an powerful material, not very appropriate for the bathroom of a new romantic. We have to tell you that, just as much as those who think neoromantic style is just for girls, you are mistaking. This material is the result of hundreds of years of craftsmanship experience, that make iron malleable and easy to transform into beautiful artistic creations. The retro vibe that wrought iron will spread into your bathroom will be delicate and beautiful, these decorations will be the most sophisticated element of the interior. Make wrought iron be the silver thread that bring together every piece of furniture of your neoromantic bathroom,  creating a dreamy and harmonic environment.


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