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A piece of paradise: your outdoor reading nook

Decorate the perfect outdoor reading nook, and create your little piece of paradise.

06 April 2018 37 0

Every true book lover has a favorite spot to indulge in its hobby: somewhere quite, where he can fully immerge in the adventures of the novel he’s reading, and appreciate the beauty of its literary world at best. And what place could be better to do it, than the outdoors? Now that spring has started, spending time on your terrace or in your garden will be relaxing and restoring: just a balm for the soul. Find a sheltered just for yourself in your outdoor area and create your very own piece of paradise. Have you already started fantasizing about the perfect Sunday afternoon you are going to spend in your outdoor reading nook? Hold on your enthusiasm for a second: you need to decorate it, before you can jump in your magic literary world. You will need not only privacy and a good book, but also the appropriate furniture and the right accessories. Here you will find some tips on how to make your reading corner functional, comfortable and magical. Let’s begin!


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Where do we start?


The first thing to consider when creating your reading is its location. We are creating an outdoor nook, so where do we want it to be? Whether your outdoor area is a small terrace or a huge garden, consider what aspect of it is able to relax you the most. For instance, do you prefer to hang out in a shaded area, or do you want to enjoy the blooming flowers of the garden? Do you want your reading nook to be quite and private? Is your garden area flat or on a hill? Does it have a pool? It is fundamental to answer all these questions, prior to create your novelesque paradise, in order to know exactly what will make it perfect for you. Once you have made up your mind on the location and main characteristics of the corner you are about to decorate, you will be ready to choose every piece of furniture and accessory to complete it. Which style will be perfect for you?

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Like a nest


When you think of a nest, you think of a cozy place, a shelter that isolates you from everyday life, from stress and problems: in other words, the quintessence of a reading nook. This astonishing rocking sofa looks perfect for this description: cozy, comfortable and private. Picture yourself hanging in this steel nest during a clear spring night, with a soft breeze flowing and making it moving like a swing, with your favorite book to keep you company. Let's be honest: who could ask for more?


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An elegant pergola


A pergola is a very usual way to decorate an outdoor area, and the reason is that is both a functional accessory and an elegant feature. Whether you have a terrace or a garden, a tiny area or a large outdoor, the pergola will help you define a specific spot, separating it from the rest of the environment, and protecting it both from the sun and from the neighbors’ eyes. A comfy chair and a coffee table will complete your piece of paradise under the shade, so you can have a cup of tea while enjoying your favorite book. Add as many chairs as you want, according to the number of people that you want to allow in your private nook.


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Something you can’t do without


Whatever your furniture style is, no matter if you are looking for coziness or privacy, there is an accessory that is absolutely indispensable in any reading corner. Can you guess what it is? Here are some hints: it is something that will be very useful when you are being particularly lazy, an object that you can stretch your feet on… did you get it? It is the footrest! While we are reading, it is almost inevitable to spontaneously slip a little on the chair or on the sofa, so the footrest will make us feel as comfortable as possible. I necessary, it could also momentarily serve as a little table, to accommodate extra books, or your glass of sweet tea, if you are careful enough not to spill it.  


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A comfy sofa


If you don’t want to spend your reading hours always on your own, but you want to share those relaxing moments with someone else, you will need a set that can accommodate both of you comfortable. Always choose benches or sofas with high backrests. They can be wooden, rattan or upholstered: the addition of cushions and mats will make them very comfortable, and with a water-proof fabric you will not have to worry they will get damaged by rain. As far as style goes, follow your instinct and your taste. There is really no definition of what how a reading nook should look like: the important factor is that only that it should be personal to you. If minimalism is what helps you relaxing, go for it! If you are the kind of person who prefer more classic furniture, because being reminded of old times is comforting and calming for you, go ahead and follow your taste. If you stay true to yourself, you can’t go wrong.


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Protect yourself from the sun


Book lovers can be very fussy about the amount of light they find perfect for their reading hours. Too much sun disturbs, especially if the pages are glossy, but if the light is not sufficient it hurts the eyes. Fussy readers need adjustable sunshades or protection from the sun. so, here is an idea that combines functionality and a cool design. This sunshade not only serves as a partition to create a privacy spot, but is also adjustable and easy to move around: so you will be able to find the perfect spot for your reading moments, every time the sun moves. Are you happy now, you fussy book lover?


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Last but not least…


Did you realize there is an important piece of furniture we are missing? What do you still need in your reading nook? A bookshelf, of course. You absolutely need to have some storage space for your books in your novelesque piece of paradise, so you won’t need to go inside every time you devour a new novel to start the next one. You can choose a classic bookcase, or be a little bit creative, for example, you could use a garden ladder and transform it into a little shelving unit. It will be a unique touch, the cherry on top of the perfect reading nook.


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