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Home spa: treat yourself with a bathroom by Hafro

Home spa: treat yourself with a bathroom by Hafro

The latest trend for bathrooms is the creation of a luxury home spa. Let's learn from Hafro how to style one!

Home spas have been everyone’s dream for decades, but now they’re finally starting to become more and more popular. We feel the need of a home spa to find a temporary shelter from our frenetic lives and a majestic bathtub, shower or even a home sauna are what is going to help us in this relaxing and cleansing process. Of course, luxurious home spas are not an affordable option for everybody, but still: dreaming don’t cost a thing, right? Hafro is an Italian brand that’s been making these luxury dreams come true since 1990; their success has been growing so much that every year we can be sure we’ll find them at the Milan Furniture Fair. Since the Salone del Mobile is still a couple of weeks away, in the meantime let’s take a look at some of the most awe-inspiring designs by Hafro.


Your very own oasis

There are no words that could do justice to the purity of this design. Clean and essential, the Bolla bathtub combines high technical quality, aesthetics and ergonomics. A sunken bathtub that is guaranteed to make you feel instantly relaxed! Not only is it equipped with two comfy headrests, but you can rest assured your water will always be maintained at the perfect temperature, thanks to an electronic system regulated by a timer. Moreover it is a huge tub that can contain water enough to allow you to bath both solo and in company. Should you choose a sunken tub? The answer is “yes”, provided you have enough space: a sunken tub will make the room look wider anyway, plus, you’ll only have the inner surface to take care of.


Space won’t be a problem

If you don’t have all the space that’s required for a majestic sunken bathtub, no worries! Hafro also designs smaller tubs with smaller bathrooms in mind. Like all creations by Hafro, this tub is characterized by a sleek, polished surface and an overall essential structure. As small as it may be, its designers still gave a lot of thought to the importance of ergonomics: what’s the point of feeling uncomfortable while bathing? Lean back against the headrest and close your eyes! Unlike a sunken tub, this freestanding bathtub is also a perfect space-saving solution: all its nooks create a moderate amount of open storage space.


A bathroom within the bathroom

Bathtubs are not appreciated by everyone: that’s why Hafro has a line that’s exclusively dedicated to showers. You’ll notice how the dimensions of showers have been steadily growing larger through the years. Initially, their one and only function was to provide a quick way of deep cleaning oneself, and so showers used to be small and functional. But, following the appreciation for self-care and wellness that now characterizes our era, shower cabins have developed two new features. First of all, until a few years ago, glass doors used to be opaque, whereas now, the shower has become a transparent, rarefied space: the deep cleansing effect of a long shower is reflected by its crystal-clear walls. Secondly, showers have slowly developed into tiny bathrooms within the bathroom. Take a look at this one, for instance: on the right-hand side, a rain faucet and a nozzle ensure a thousand different ways to play with water, while on the left, a tiny washbasin on a cabinet is dedicated to more specific activities, like facial and hair treatments, etc. A handy stool completes this mini-bathroom.



Because of course, what home spa would it be without a Finnish sauna? Everyone knows the benefits of a sauna: the high temperature causes profuse sweating, which helps your body get rid of toxins; the whole process also benefits nervous and hormonal regulation. So, a Finnish sauna is a perfect addition to your house always, but especially if you’re a sporty person: a nice steam bath after your workout will make your body feel revitalized. Of course, as the Nordic tradition wants, a sauna must be made of high-quality wood, and in fact, for their saunas, Hafro designers have employed spruce wood from the Tarvisio forest and hemlock spruce from the Alaskan and Canadian rainforests. Do you happen to have a swimming pool? Great! A sauna will do miracles for your wellbeing AND your swimming, depending on when you decide to use it!


Shower + sauna

For a top-of-the-line luxury bathroom, Hafro suggests combining your shower and your sauna! This combination is not just ultra lush, but it’s also a good idea if you’re primarily using your sauna in order to see its positive effects on your body. That’s to say that a shower so close to your sauna is an excellent opportunity for combining different techniques that might involve both steam and cold running water. When you’re choosing a sauna, don’t forget that it can also be a social, recreational activity! A large sauna will allow you to use it with your friends and family, thus really embracing the Nordic philosophy of Finnish saunas!


In conclusion…

If you’ve loved these bathroom and sauna designs by Hafro, we’re sure you’ll also enjoy being able to actually see and touch their creations at this year’s edition of the Salone del Mobile. Would you like to see more by Hafro, in the meantime? Click here!

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