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Parenting: you’ll be doing it right with these tips for your kids’ bedrooms!

Parenting is not an easy job; still, styling the perfect kids’ room will already take you halfway through this journey. Let’s take a look at some cool ideas your kids will love.

09 April 2018 102 0

Do you ever look at a children’s bedroom and wish you could live your childhood all over again? No? Well, we guarantee you’ll be super familiar with this feeling after reading this article! Styling a perfect bedroom for your kids means they’ll learn pretty quickly the importance of taking good care of their own private space: trust us, this is one of the best gifts they’ll ever receive from you. Try asking yourself: what would you have liked as a kid?


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Colorful furniture

Brightly colored furniture is often the first indicator we’re standing inside a lively, fancy children bedroom! There will come a time when your kids will start preferring other shades, especially if they go through a punk or heavy metal phase as teenagers, but there’s still time before that dreaded moment. Make the most of their natural passion for colors by choosing sets of furniture in bright and vivid shades! Material is important too: let’s be simple and opt for light wood.


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Timeless games

More and more parents are putting expensive smartphones and tablets in their toddlers’ and children’s hands, but the truth is, children will have fun with anything! So why not kill two birds with one stone? Get your kids a playful rug: they’ll be able to sit comfortably on the floor, and also to play countless games of hopscotch, just like you and your friends used to do when you were little!


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A space to think

It doesn’t matter whether your kids are 3 or 13: you should always make sure they’re surrounded by opportunities to learn and grow! A nice desk will be one of their best childhood companions: they’ll learn to draw, read and write on that desk, and they will first learn the importance of organizing their own space. An openable desk like this will fit even in the tiniest of rooms!


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Little women

Just because your kid isn’t even close to being a teenager yet, it doesn’t mean you should treat her with condescendence! Of course, you’re more than welcome to try and surround your little girl with pink furniture and stuffed animals, but if she detests those things, why insist? Disney Princess style is not for everyone! If your daughter shows a preference for more dramatic and refined designs, just go ahead and style her room according to her taste.


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Kids have lots of energy and love moving around! So a room designed on different levels will make them enthusiastic to spend some time in there. There are tons of ways to create a dynamic room: bunk beds, stairs, a mezzanine… You can even be more creative: why not put a ladder or a rope your kid will swing from?


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Animal patterns

Have your children been begging you for a pet, and their room is full of stuffed animals? Then why not bring some animalier patterns into their bedroom? Throws and soft pillows with zebra and leopard prints are sure to make an impression on your child!


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Peter Pan

Design a classic pirates-themed room for your kids! A room with lots of visual references to sea adventures and explorations will encourage a child’s natural curiosity, and also, a classic like this might prompt them to read adventure books; and of course, you know how important reading is for children: they’ll start expanding their vocabulary in no time.


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Mini bachelor pad

Black is usually seen as a big no-no for children, but actually, it can be a really great choice when combined with a bright color, like yellow! Furnish the room with desk, a comfy pouf and a computer, and your kid is going to feel like a grown-up with his own mini bachelor pad.


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