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Snow white: tips to make your white bathroom unforgettable

Create your flawless snow white bathroom with our pro tips, and a little help from Scandinavian home décor.

10 April 2018 78 0

Do you fear a white bathroom will lack a bit of originality and style? Here you will find some tips on how to rock your white bathroom décor, with a little help from northern European furniture style. Yes, because with a few small but smart tricks it is possible to give appeal and personality to an otherwise cold and anonymous white bathroom. We want to give you a few ideas to take inspiration from, stealing some style advise from the cold Scandinavian countries, the ones that are able to master minimalism and simplicity, always bringing uniqueness to it.


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Total white


White is the color of well-being, and in fact in northern Europe countries we find it often used, not only in the bathroom: its power to positivity and to reflect light, just like the snow does, is exploited in every room of the house. Those countries are very careful to find ways to take advantage of all the light available, since at certain times of the year they have barely any sunlight at all. Even for those who don’t live in Scandinavia, there is no reason not to go for a total white bathroom. To get out of the trivial and cold stereotype of the all in white décor, remember that simplicity can be achieved also through uniqueness. Use the same tint for different materials, alternating lacquer and opaque styles, for a dynamic and elegant environment. A bathroom as white as snow, as sophisticated as you deserve.


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Some metallic details


You wonder why the metal? Because in homes and bathrooms of northern Europe inspiration we don’t find wooden accessories only: metal is also a recurrent component. Metal will be perfect for shelving units, solid enough to accommodate objects of daily necessities. You can also choose pieces of furniture that delicately feature both wood and metal: the contrast will be eye-catching, without stealing the scene. Another idea to add metal to your snow white bathroom, is to choose a design radiator: an indisputably useful element, that can become a stylish decoration.


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Illuminate with minimal points of light


Light design, when it comes to the bathroom, is always an element to be chosen carefully, especially if the environment is as white as snow. In this case, to add dynamism to the environment, a good choice could be a minimalist design light. Spotlight work well too, but it never hurt to add another little touch of our taste in design, with delicacy and elegance. Our advice is to focus on lights with essential shapes, but made with a special material, such as a golden metal.


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A touch of green


Northern European countries strongly believe in the importance of pursuing harmony with nature, in every aspect of life. That is why, according to this style of interior decoration, it is important that every room has a touch of green: some plants or flowers to awake our natural sensitivity at any hour of the day. And the bathroom, of course, makes no exception.  Perfect with any style and in any space, flowers and plants can give a touch of color and vitality to your home décor. In particular, in a small and white environment, they can become the element that softens the rigor of the lines and restore the harmony. Even those who do not have the gift of a green thumb, can choose cactus plants for they bathrooms: extremely low maintenance, but very high decorative potential.


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Use natural wood elements


Wood is an extremely important element in every Nordic home, even in a bathroom all in white like the one we are decorating.  We want to see the raw look of wood, so make sure to include some elements that exalt its natural beauty, some wooden details that will make your snow white bathroom unforgettable, and add a warm and welcoming touch to it. A wonderful idea could be to have wooden flooring in the room: a light colored parquet is elegant, sophisticated and very Nordic.


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Fancy a sauna?


And last but not least, Nordic bathrooms can absolutely not do without a sauna: an element that is becoming more common every day, even in regular homes. A sauna will help you to relax, and will make you feel like you have your own private spa at home.  In fact, it is no longer necessary to have a large space to use for a big sauna, like the ones that you have seen in hotels and resorts. The new generation of models can be easily installed and integrated into pre-existing bathrooms – even not very large ones – without being too invasive. The relaxing power of the color white will be amplified but this wellness treat: you won’t regret installing it.


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