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Salone del Mobile: all the hot trends of the 2018 Milan Furniture Fair

Salone del Mobile is just a few days away. What will be the main trend of this 2018 edition of the Milan Furniture Fair?

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The 2018 edition of the Salone del Mobile will take place in Milan from April 17th until the 22nd. This exhibition is one of the most important in the international interior design community, and every year thousands of people gather in the Italian city to find out all the trends that will lead the furniture styles in the next season, and take a look at all the most interesting innovation of the exhibitors. This year, the brands that are going to participate are more than 2000: the 1018 Salone del Mobile is going to be one of the biggest ever organized. We cannot predict which stands and brands are going to have the most success, but we can for sure make some predictions, according to the hottest trends of this spring.


Gaber will have its stand at the Salone del Mobile this year. Check out their products here!



Salone del Mobile got to its 56th edition, luring the biggest industry names from around the world for the largest trade event of its kind. Such a big exhibition is not only the best chance for any brand to show their design, and the most accurate showcase to get a sense of the most popular trends of the season. Which shades of color will catch our eyes the most, during this edition of the Milan Furniture Fair? Night blue, curry yellow and burgundy are the shades of color that in the last two years have ruled the interior design trends. But 2018 brought a little revolution in home décor tendencies: intense shades of green, beige and the big surprise of the warm terracotta color are stealing the scene. The terracotta color is the biggest surprise in 2018 décor trends. This unique color that resembles shades like orange and salmon has made a long way from the makeup and clothes fashion that made it a trend in the early 90s, since now it is coloring the interiors of the most elegant homes. This shade, which with its mineral vibe recalls the homonymous ceramic material from the ancient Italian tradition, brings intensity and depth to the home decor. Terracotta is particularly suitable for leather furniture, such as sofas and armchairs: it makes them luxurious, warm and welcoming, combining with the unique texture of the material. Since it is a color with a natural allure, it is easy to associate it with bright and luminous colors, such as turquoise or bright yellow, over the canvas of a neutral color environment. We can bet that this edition of Salone del Mobile will blush with terracotta color everywhere.


Who knows what Red Editions will bring to the furniture fair this year. In the meantime, look at their products here.



Marble continues to be the preferred material for kitchens this year, an evergreen as it always has been. However, the look is now definitely more discreet that the previous years, putting aside the strong geometric patterns that decorated trendy kitchens of the past seasons, combing strong tints together. This year we will see the elegance of green or beige marble used, but the kitchen tops are no longer 40 or 60mm thick. Marble tops we will see at the Salone del Mobile as thin as possible, often using a shark-nose profile to appear as if they are gracefully floating over the cabinets. Sometimes the edge is not even visible at all, with the marble part mounted within the cabinets structure.


This elegant kitchen is very Salone del Mobile style, isn't it? Check out all the creations by Elmar, click here.

Another popular trend will surprisingly be the the all-black kitchen, which offers a contemporary and sophisticated look, especially when mixed in with some wooden details. It looks like black is the new white, as far as kitchen decoration goes. Black will be the color of metallic accessories, the lacquer paint of wood and stone , we will even see black kitchen sinks. Salone del Mobile is ready to paint it black and to color home décor trends with the most elegant of colors. How do you feel about this trend?


Toncelli will be a real trend setter this year at Salone del Mobile. Find out more about this Italian brand, click here.

Living room


We are preparing you for a Salone del Mobile edition full of surprises, and here is another one: 2018 is also the year of another great come back. Can you guess what we are talking about? Here are some hints: it is a decorative item that we used to see in our grandparents’ homes, something that used to be all floral and old-fashioned, but that is now reinventing itself with new materials and patterns. Did you get what it is? Wallpaper, of course. tapestry will play a great role in setting trends at the International Furniture Fair, becoming the most interesting tendency for living room décor. There will be two main tendencies for the wallpaper decoration: geometric and organic and naturalistic. Will tapestry decorate your living room too?


We are sure the brand WallPaper will amaze us this year at Salone del Mobile.

Open plan living room are becoming more popular every day, since they seem to be more suitable for a dynamic lifestyle and a young way of living. As much as a wide open space can be eye pleasing and functional, there always need to be some kind of visual separation between the different areas of the environment. If diving with bookshelves and cabinets was the trend of 2017, Salone del Mobile will show us that this year sofas are the best way to define the living area in our open plan area. For this reason, couches need to have unconventional designs: with lines that are both fluid and rigid, to provide a sense of comfort and act as a division element. This concept lead many brands to create original sofas that are truly one of a kind. There is no doubt that they will steal everyone’s heart at the exhibition.


We fell in love with this sofa by Dimore Gallery. Who knows what they will show us at the Furniture Fair this year?



Say farewell to total white, trendy bathrooms are letting color in this year! But the most original factor that we will see in the showcases this year at Salone del Mobile is that bright tints are not only entering bathroom décor thought tiles and wall coverings: sinks, showers and bathtubs are getting as colorful as the spring that is making Milanese parks blooming with beautiful flowers.  


Which new colors will Cielo bring to the Salone del Mobile?

If you really can’t give up the minimalist trend that ruled of the past years for bathroom decoration, you do have an alternative to total white: natural wood. Minimalism is rediscovering the most authentic side of its northern European inspiration. Scandinavian countries, in fact, use this material a lot in their home decoration: both because it reminds us to live our lives in harmony with nature, and because it has a natural charm that never looks dated. Natural wood can be a trendy materials for bathrooms, even in unexpected ways: look at this beautiful wooden bathtub.


Discover the world of Agape and its elegant creations, while waiting for its newest products at Salone del Mobile.

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