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Swing on with your trendy rocking chair

Are you ready to swing on with a hip rocking chair? Let’s begin!

12 April 2018 100 0

Maybe it is thanks to its undisputed comfort, or because of its old-times charm: the rocking chair is returning into people’s homes with innovative forms and designs. This piece of furniture made a long journey since its invention in the 18th century by Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States. Even if for a few years everyone forgot about that simple object that has made so much of our history, thanks to the fashion of the vintage style, the beauty of this classic object has been rediscovered. The rocking chair can be recognized at a glance by the unmistakable structure; a back and a rigid seat to which the legs and the arches that allow the rocking are connected. This basic idea has allowed designers from all over the world to be able to use this inspiration for new creations. But what are the basic principles and points to consider when choosing the perfect rocking chair? Let’s swing on to them, one by one.


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The mechanism of the chair


It seems a trivial consideration, but it is of fundamental importance: we have to make sure the rocking chair we choose has a flawless mechanism. It must guarantee a sinuous and harmonious movement, but above all it must be safe and prevent accidents such as excessive tilting forward or backward. The principle that prevents the chair not to overturn is based on the fact that the weight center of gravity should be exactly in the center of the arches; to deviate from this small physical principle can cause a lot of risk to those who are sitting and swinging on it. Rocking chairs, moreover, do not only move by undulating, but can also have a sled system, which allows you to swing back and forth horizontally, unusual and singular, but just as comfortable as a regular swinging chair.


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The height of the chair


To be really comfortable, your rocking chair must have a solid and ergonomic shape, but above all, its seat must have the right height: not too high or too low. If it were too high, in fact, we would not be able to swing it, as the movement of the rocking chair is not automatic but regulated by the way we move our body, and we need to be able to touch the ground to push the chair back. In case it is too high, instead, the position of the legs will be unnatural, and sitting on the swinging chair will make us uncomfortable. 


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With or without armrests?


Do we want our rocking chair to have armrests? To have a support for our arms while swinging on our rocking chair can undoubtedly help us having some moments of true relax: the armrests help us keeping an healthy body position and provide be a handy support for when we do some activities like reading a book or drinking a nice hot herbal tea. However, this doesn’t mean that only chairs with armrests can be comfortable, especially if your rocking chair is closer to a chaise longue model. To make the right choice, think of where you will position your rocking chair, and how you would be using it.


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How do we choose where to place the rocking chair?


The rocking chair model has been interpreted in a thousand different ways, giving birth to innovative designs that are suitable to be combined with any style of furniture, but the environment is not always appropriate to accommodate such a piece. First of all, you need a room big enough to accommodate it: do not try to put it in a small room, because you won’t even be able to comfortably swing on in it, if there is not enough space around it. Placing your rocking chair outside can be a wonderful idea too, if you have sufficient space available on your terrace or in your garden. Whichever environment you choose, always remember to place a thick carpet under the arches of the chair, in order to prevent the chair to slip from its original position. It is also the ideal chair for cradling your little child, before putting them to sleep, swinging on while reading their bedtime stories or singing their favorite lullaby.


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