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Multifunctional and trendy: six coffee tables for your living room

Multifunctional and trendy: six coffee tables for your living room

Multifunctional and fashionable as they can be, take a look at these six coffee tables.

Unique, trendy and multifunctional; these are the characteristics that we demand from a coffee table. This small object can completely change the look of our living room, and turn very handy if they have some multifunctional features. Their presence enriches the living area reinforcing the general style of the environment, and can respond to our different needs in unique ways. Let us take a look at six examples that combine functionality and elegance. Don't let their name trick you: who says they are only made for drinking coffee?




Who says that a coffee table should have only one level? Having a multi-shelves one could turn very handy, ad add a touch of originality to the home décor. You could take advantage of the full height of the coffee table, if it has various shelves. It will be of great help when we have to tidy up the room: books, magazines, remotes or small accessories that we use every day can be organized and stored on the different level of the table. The height of the shelves is to be chosen according to their function: you need a space of 10-20 cm for small objects and magazines,  but that will not be enough for books or bottles, which will will require at least 30 cm. The best option would be to find a coffee table whose layers have different heights, to provide the maximum functionality.


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Secret storage space


We can always use a little extra storage space, but those obsessed with organization and tidiness could be bothered by seeing objects spread out on the coffee table shelves. There are many objects and accessories that we need when we are sitting on the sofa, but we do not want to see scattered around the room. The solution is a small table with some drawers or a hidden compartment, which will allow us to tidily store all of our items with the maximum organization. If you don’t want the drawers to be too evident, choose a minimalist coffee table like this one: the white lacquer finish will look extremely sophisticated.


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Need an extra seat?


The living room is the area of the house where we welcome our guests, or where we host some fun and crowded parties with our friends and family members. It is therefore quite common to find ourselves in the situation of not having extra seats to accommodate all the people that we invited in our home. To solve this annoying problem, and not leave anybody awkwardly standing, or having to take turns on the available seats, you can choose a coffee table that includes stools or poufs in its structure. The table will look elegant and discrete when there is no need of extra seats, and will turn out extremely practical during your crowded parties, when the classy poufs will pop out magically.


This classy coffee table by Visionnaire combines a trendy design with multifunctional features. Click here and find out more about this brand.

An archipelago of tables


Instead of using a single large coffee table, you could opt for a more original and dynamic solution: create an archipelago of smaller tables. You could choose a few coordinated pieces, meant to go together as a coherent decoration element, or match some different tables according to your personal taste. This solution is also functional, since it allows you to move the single pieces around the living room, according to the needs of the moment. How do you like this stylish idea?


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A table with wheels


Halfway between a cart and the table, a wheeled coffee table will allow maximum flexibility, without any effort. An industrial look will be the most appropriate for this type of coffee table, to be placed in a wide open plan living room. As the space and the function of the area are easy to change and adapt, the same will be true for this wheeled table: you will be able to move it around easily, and use it for different purposes.


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A small wet bar


The coffee table can also be used as a mini wet bar, and accommodate bottles of liquor or even keep fresh the beers about to be offered to your guests. Look at this eccentric coffee table: did you ever think a Vespa could turn into a bottle holder? This piece of design is truly one a kind, and will serve splendidly as a coffee table and as a tiny wet bar for your living room.


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