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Get the look: unforgettable bathrooms by Makro

Get the look: unforgettable bathrooms by Makro

It’s not hard to “get the look” when you can rely on Makro bathroom designs! We’ll see them soon at the Salone del Mobile, so let’s go there prepared: Makro 101.

Lately, we’ve been falling in love with the luxury, sleek bathrooms by Makro. In fact, we’re so much into them that we just have to share them with you! We’ll get there soon, but, before we do, you should maybe learn something about Makro! It’s an Italian brand, and it’s quite relatively young: born in the mid-90s, Makro has been striving to create innovative bathroom designs, combining technical how-to and a passion for sleek aesthetics. The results? Well, let’s just say that an excellent idea, if you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, is to style it with Makro designs only! How? Let’s take a look!


The Time bathtub

Double sinks

Double sinks are always a good idea, if you can spare some space to squeeze one more in! The only case in which we wouldn’t recommend two sinks is if you’re living by yourself. Otherwise, you know that life together is much easier the less you bump into each other and have to queue up in order to use the bathroom! Of course, there’s an endless range of basins, cabinets and mirrors to choose from, but we suggest to do what Makro did here. Which is: mirror and washbasin should (pardon the repetition) mirror each other: as in the picture below, the roundness of both basin and mirrors than forms a nice contrast with the squared shape of the cabinet. Also, freestanding basins are still very popular, so go for it! Choose a sober and clean shape that will invite harmony into your bathroom.


The Tender mirror

Huge showers, glass walls & mosaics

Well apparently, if there’s a limit to how large a shower can be, Makro hasn’t found it yet! Large showers are after all becoming more and more popular, and also, they’re not enclosed by opaque glass doors, but by crystal-clear ones! And in fact, ever since people have started being able to actually see all the time the inside of their showers, designers have started to make that inside get a distinctive look. So for instance, this perfectly functional and accessorized shower by Makro is characterized by a sleek mosaic covering its wall, floor, and also a bench you can use to sit down on or as a bearing surface while you’re showering.


Like this shower? Then click here for more!

Don’t be obvious

Have you ever noticed how regular and geometric we tend to be when we’re furnishing a room? We tend to place the furniture and the decorations symmetrically, forming 90° angles, spacing each piece from each other regularly. But what if we subverted these rules? Makro shows us we can, and in a pretty impressive way! Take a look at this detail below. A convex, informally shaped washbasin sits on what traditionally would be a cabinet. Except that, in this case, it’s a wooden board that ends up leaning on the rim of the bathtub. To further stray away from a rigorous geometric order, the mirror, which normally would be hanging from the wall above the ceiling, hangs from a movable and foldable screen.


An example of a winged wash basin area

Bamboo in the shower

Have you ever wondered why so many hotels have bamboo or teak mats instead of a rug, right outside the shower? That’s because these materials are no only water-resistant and durable (more than fabric), but they’re also a lot easier to clean! That’s why you can feel free to ditch ceramic tiles, swapping them out with a nice wooden floor for the insides of your shower. Plus, this little trick alone will make you feel like you can enjoy your very own luxury spa.


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Add something unexpected

Makro has what you need, if you want to add a layer of mystery to your bathroom: it’s called Hidden. At first, you’re going to think there’s a wooden box sitting on your bathroom counter; but then, after lifting the lid, you’ll discover that oh!, it’s a beauty box! Well, sort of. The truth is, the wooden box is a way of cleverly disguising a mini wash basin, equipped with all the comforts you might need for your toiletries: a LED-lit mirror, plus nooks and a drawer for all the makeup (or shaving) necessaire. The overall impression is that of a portable bathroom for a globetrotter who never spends more than a week without catching a flight to some faraway land. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to take this mini-toilette with you, but you’ll be able to keep it in the bathroom and surprise your guests instead.


The Hidden box

Classy storage space

The secret to a good bathroom is organization. And in general, any organized room will always manage to look more spacious and classy than a messy one, where things are just lying here and there at random. That’s why Makro has designed these matte black cabinets: a sober but striking look that will immediately upgrade your bathroom from “average” to “fancy”. Besides, have you noticed the sliding doors? Those doors leave you with the freedom of keeping your shelves as messy as you like, since they are not going to be seen most of the time...pretty handy, no?


Check out all the options for this shelving system!

Need more storage space?

Don’t worry, Makro’s got you covered. Bathtubs are often considered a huge waste of space, and to be fair, not without reason: a large tub does take up a considerable space on your bathroom floor. However, have you ever thought that you could get a bathtub with extra storage space on the sides? You’ll get to use all these super-handy nooks for stacking towels, magazines, books, salts, and everything you need to enjoy the most relaxing bath ever!


Take a look at more options for a bathtub equipped with handy nooks!

So, did we manage to entice you? Are you curious to learn more about Makro? Then, there are two things you can do: the first is clicking here and reading some more. The second is: go to their stand at the Salone del Mobile and see their creations with your eyes!

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