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Summer vibes: the hottest interior design trends for summertime

Let the summer vibes enter your home with these cool home décor trends.

16 April 2018 117 0

It is still spring, but the first rays of sun are already making us thinking about the warmer season. If we can’t go the beach yet, maybe we can bring a little bit of summer in our home décor. In fashion as well as in interior design, some trends remain evergreen, others pass after a season. This summer, who wants to be up to date, desires to change the style of their interior design and want the real summer vibe to enter their homes, will find a lot of new trends: the African color will create fascinating motifs on fabrics and decorations, red will break into our rooms, rattan and plants will put us at peace with nature. Are you curious about the newest summertime trends? Are you ready to let the summer vibes in? here are the hottest trends we selected for you.


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Let nature in


Houseplants are having a hard time in interior design: our frenetic lives don’t leave us much spare time to take care of flowers and plants, which would not easily survive the hot summer days. Now they are back, but in a different form, perfect for those who do not have the gift of a green thumb. Fill your home with palm trees leaves… but on the walls instead! Choosing a wallpaper with floral or green decorations will give you the wonderful feeling of living in a jungle, without having to take care of the plants. Whether it is a luxurious ficus, a beautiful cactus, or a palm tree, let nature invade your walls, and do not fear to get a décor that will age fast. After all, what is more ever green than nature? We suggest you use this summer vibes wallpaper in the bathroom: you will turn this room into a peaceful oasis of relax, just for yourself.


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Rattan indoors too


For a long time, rattan furniture was labeled as belonging to the outdoors. However, the latest interior design trends have a much less rigid division between the different areas of the house: kitchen and living room coexist in big open plan room, and indoors and outdoors are connected by a constant dialogue, exchanging materials and functions between each other. So let us welcome rattan furniture into our interiors, together with the positive summer vibes. This kind of furniture is suitable for all styles, from Scandinavian to exotic, from minimalist to retro.


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African motifs


This about the dresses you like to wear at the beach during the summer: they are always colorful, made of light fabrics, and often decorated with motifs that recall tribal style. Well, why should you do differently for “dressing up” your interiors? This year the African motifs are breaking into your home, with their bright colors and exuberant decorations. These cheerful motifs will be perfect for pillow covers: it will be an esy way to easily combine this trend with your home décor.


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Refresh your interiors with some juicy fruit


A trend to bite: as much as in the summer we love to reinvigorate ourselves with some fresh fruit, let us refresh out interiors with a juicy trend. Watermelons and pineapple will not only be the protagonists of our summer snacks, but also of our summer vibes home décor. Prints, decorations and accessories with shapes of fruits will make our home joyful, fun, super colorful and refreshing!


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Glass & color


Glass furniture looks delicate, yet they radiate a powerful splendor: when the ethereal look of glass meet the exuberance of a bright color, we get one of the hottest summer trend of this year. The iridescent finish is obtained thanks to the laminated glass, like in the case of this minimalist side table. The surprising feature is that, depending on the angle of incidence of light, this summer trend always acquires new colors. The wow effect is guarantee, and the warmth of the changing color will spread the summer vibes around your interiors.


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Red, red, red!


It is one of the strongest trends for this 2018, especially for the summertime. From haute couture fashion trend, to interior design tendency: red rules over this year, as far as design goes. Forget about the burgundy or brick shades that remind out of fall colors and winter tints: go for a bright red, as bold and exuberant as you personality! This color conquered all the furniture styles impeccably: the classic baroque, the minimalist Scandinavian style, the modern or country design. Whatever you want your home décor atmosphere to be, you can’t go wrong by choosing red!


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Marble tables


Marble is one of the most popular materials of recent seasons and it is also confirmed that for summer 2018 it will stay a true object of desire for design lovers. In particular, male has been rediscovered as material for dining tables. Since they are usually large pieces of furniture, the beauty of this sophisticated material can express all of its elegance.


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Geometric summer


Summer vibes will follow geometrical pattern this year. Combing a hint of retro style with a touch of minimalist Scandinavian design, geometry enters our interiors with a powerful exuberance, mixing colors and shapes in an eccentric way. Furniture becomes a playground, where circles, triangles and neat lines meet up, creating superb design with a great personality and a modern impact.


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