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Please wait to be seated… and welcome home!

Please Wait To Be Seated: an invite to fully enjoy your home, from a young Danish furniture brand.

16 April 2018 147 0

“Please, wait to be seated” is the first thing we ear when entering a restaurant, the sentence we read on top of the menu board before a nice waiter welcomes, us and leads us to the table where we will eat a tasty meal and spend some time with our friends and family. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could feel as welcomed in your home as you feel at your favorite restaurant? Shouldn’t this be the ultimate goal of home décor? There is a brand that fully embraced this concepts, and made it clear for everyone to see, choosing a a name that leaves no space for doubt.


Please Wait To Be Seated is the Danish brand that made your comfort and well being its most fundamental goal. Thomas Ibsen is the founder of this innovative young company. His career started as an interior design photographer: this gave him the chance to look at home décor, its evolving tendencies and its newest trends from a privileged point of view. Observing the interior design world through his camera, made him develop the idea to create a design that could be synonym with welcoming. Like in a nice restaurant, furniture and home decoration should reproduce this welcoming spirit, and combine it with a modern sense of design. That is how Please Wait To Be Seated was founded in Denmark in 2014: from the desire to create stylish pieces that could make people feel special, comfortable and cozy. Thomas Ibsen, founder and creative director of the company, defines his brand’s personality as polite, but with a pungent sense of humor, just like him. Design must tell something about its creator, in order to be authentic, and to get to people’s hearts.


Please Wait To Be Seated wants to design furniture that can become the classic of the future, creating timeless pieces that will be appreciated by generations to come as functional and artistic. It is extremely important for these designers to create objects of timeless beauty, whose appeal will not fade in time, but increase its value. This innovative Danish furniture company constantly works to find new technologies, producing methods and materials to combine a charming design with comfort and functionality. The passion of this company meets the knowledge of the great northern European tradition: in fact, the creation of something that will last forever can only come from innovation that values the greatness of the past.  Every single piece signed by Please Wait To Be Seated designers is the result of an accurate study of the pure and conceptual shapes, which are examined with an architectural approach: this way, every chair, every sofa, every writing desk, is taken care of in the smallest details, with the highest standards.


This brand creates design based on how people experience their homes, and how they interact with every single piece of furniture. Every product must be visually appealing, but also functional, “human-friendly”, so to speak. Sometimes designers care so much about their aesthetic ideas, that they neglect to serve their final purpose: to satisfy the customers. In spite of what its initial profession might lead you to think, Thomas Ibsen does not care merely about the beauty and appeal of the furniture he designs. The root of every design must be the flawless combination between aesthetic and functionality, always keeping in mind the user’s interaction with the piece that is being manufactured. Please Wait To Be Seated cares about the single person well being, but also about the planet’s safety. The company invests resources to pursue a green and eco-friendly business model, never compromising high quality standards.


Over the course of a few years, Please Wait To Be Seated gained the trust and support of the international markets. Thanks to their values, the high quality of their products and the appealing design of their furniture, customers from all over the world chose to furnish their homes with the unique design by Please Wait To Be Seated. We are absolutely positive that this young brand will develop and flourish in the future, uncovering a world of unexpected surprises for the international interior design community. From Copenhagen, to the houses of all over the world, furniture by Please Wait To Be Seated is bound to become a classic of the future, a certainty of style and quality, a guarantee of eco-sustainability and beauty.


Are you intrigued by the aesthetic philosophy of this dynamic brand? Take a look at more exclusive design by Please Wait To Be Seated here.

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