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Salone del Mobile, updates from day 3 of the Milan Furniture Fair

Salone del Mobile has come almost halfway of its 57° edition. Are you curious to know which stands are attracting attention?

19 April 2018 94 0

Every year, interior designers and furniture suppliers from all over the world arrive in Milan for the Salone del Mobile, one the most important furniture fairs in the world: it is a unique, prestigious occasion to let the international interior design world know about your business, your newest creations, your business model, your philosophy. It is also a wonderful chance for tourists and simple visitors to take a closer look to the main innovations and the hottest trends of the furniture world. But what if you can’t make it to the Salone del Mobile? Don’t worry: you won’t have to miss a moment of it! Eurooo will update you on the most successful stands of this year, with live updates and exclusive pictures. Let us do the hard work: sit back, pour yourself a glass of wine, and let us walk you through the third day of the Milan Furniture Fair.


Old but gold


Salone del Mobile is a showcase for emerging brands, but it also an exhibition for the classic companies that have always been a constant presence in the design world, bringing their idea of timeless beauty and elegance: the old classics, which are always able to steal our hearts with their fabulous creations. These brands are able to put together the most spectacular stands, relying only on their strongest point: tradition. Modenese Gastone is certainly one of those brands. The stand is an actual jewel box: plain and simple on the outside, with a small entrance that shows a glimpse of the splendor that is hidden inside. As soon as you walk through the door of the stand, when the soft notes of a live piano playing welcomes you, it instantly feels like you are entering another world.



Tradition is truly a gemstone for Modenese Gastone, something to be preserved in its purity. Paride Modenese, son of the company’s owner, explained to us how the company did not want to change its authentic design style, unlike other traditional classic brands: staying true to the authenticity of the brand, is the only way to go for this company. Their coherence brought great results: the elegant stand is definitely one of the most crowded in the Salone del Mobile. While looking around, between golden finished and luxurious velvets, we can really sense the Venetian origins of this brand: Giacomo Casanova himself would feel comfortable in this sophisticated environment. If a classic is something that never looks old, we can guarantee you that Modenese Gastone will continue its success journey for a long time.


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Design from the runways


The Milan Furniture Fair is not over yet, but we can already get the idea of which stands were more crowded, being almost assaulted by businessmen and tourists. Some brands were bound to get much attention, since their fame goes way back, and their name got renowned even before they started dealing with furniture and interior design. In the past couple decades, in fact, many haute couture companies have launched their home décor collections, bringing their distinctive style and personality from the runways to people’s homes. Versace is one of the companies which managed this transition more successfully. And this edition of Salone del Mobile confirms it: every day, their stand has been literally invaded by thousands of visitors, fascinated by the notorious Versace signature prints, the baroque allure of the furniture, the audacity of the golden elements. We ourselves could not take our eyes over the Versace Home pieces.


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Versace is certainly not the only haute couture brand that designed a successful interior design collection. In spite of the tendency of the very first day of the Salone del Mobile, as the exhibition went on, another stand stole the scene from Versace: it was Roberto Cavalli Home. It was actually impossible not to notice the bright colors of their furniture: the audacity of the design and the boldness of the tints draw all the attention on themselves. This yellow sofa was our personal favorite of the Cavalli stand. How do you like it?


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Color, color, color!


We are half way through this 2018 edition of Salone del Mobile, and one thing got really clear: color is ruling the exhibition! After all, the furniture fair is hosting more than 2000 brands, and each and every one of them has to do everything in their power to catch the attention of the 3000.000 visitors who are wondering around the pavilions. In this visibility battle, color is one of the most powerful aces up to a stand’s sleeve. Provasi is one of the companies that has been playing its cards right: their stand is blooming of colorful beauty, like the trees around the streets of Milan during this nice Italian spring.  


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Color is also the perfect way to exalt a minimalist design, and make geometric shapes stand out for their uniqueness. This is the fil rouge of the stand of Coedition, which is getting more visitors every day, and we are sure will continue to catch the attentions of businessmen and common visitors. The leitmotif of this stand is the combination of very different shades of color, which fill up neat geometrical shapes. This rigid lines are placed next to other soft materials, for a pleasing contrast that fascinated many visitors today. The black fur armchair is super comfortable, by the way: believe us, we tried it personally!


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Today’s favorite

Summing up the outcome of third day at Salone del Mobile, are you curious to know which stand was our personal favorite? Between the golden details of classic design, the audacity of some luxurious materials, and the bright colors of some brands, one spot in particular caught our attention and really surprised us. For today, Slide is the brand that stole our heart. This brand organized a stand hitting our soft spot: pastel colors. The designers created an island of originality, being able to stand out from the crowd, without having to be excessive. The soft lines and the innovative materials of these seats and poufs were adorable, and we really appreciated the fact that they were suitable both for indoors and outdoors. According to us, thought, the best design piece were the tall floor lamps: the way they illuminated the area was truly special. Do you like our personal favorite for day 3 at Salone del Mobile?


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