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Like a glove: how do we choose the perfect wardrobe?

Like a glove: how do we choose the perfect wardrobe?

How do you choose the right wardrobe for your home, the one that will fit your needs and taste like a glove? Here you will find some tips to guide your choice, and some inspiration for style and design.

When decorating a bedroom, the first thing that we think about is the bed: this piece of furniture is certainly the most important one in the room, but there is another element that is equally fundamental, and often tricky to choose. Selecting the perfect wardrobe requires time and care: we don’t have to simply of it as a design element, since it has to match some functionality criteria, and be the first ally in our everyday life organization. It is important to be fully awareness of the space available, before even considering the different styles, materials and types of wardrobes. Let us sum up the main points you need consider, prior choosing your closet: follow our tips, and you will find a wardrobe that fits you like a glove!


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Sliding doors and tailor made details


Small and narrow bedrooms need to make the most of all the space available, so the furniture needs to be carefully selected: every inch of the room needs to be used for functionality and comfort. As far as wardrobes go, we do not only have to consider the actual size of the closet, but also the space that the doors will take up when we open them. This is an aspect that sometimes can be neglected, but there is an easy solution to the problem, or maybe two: sliding doors and customized details.  A wardrobe that fits your needs like a glove has to be tailor made, don’t you think? There are many options related to this space-saving closing system, including models equipped with a shock absorber, as well as those with mirror finishes. This can be a wonderful solution even for those who have a larger room, for its undeniable functionality. Moreover, if you have some specific desires about the size or the accessories you want for your bedroom closet, a customizable model is really the only way to go.  


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Sometimes the suit does make the man


Functionality is undoubtedly important, but so is the beauty of design. Both the finishes and the supporting structure of this piece of furniture combine to define its beauty and functionality. The closet will be one of the main pieces of furniture in the bedroom: it therefore has to meet your tastes in style, reflect your personality and match the rest of the environment. Do you like glossy or mirrored finishes? Wonderful: they can help you make the area look bigger, avoid unpleasant “oppression” feelings and make the room look more luminous, intensifying every source of artificial or natural light. You don’t to choose a wardrobe that perfectly matches the rest of the furniture: your goal is harmony, not monotony. A closet that fits you like a glove will reflect your style at 360°.


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Inner beauty matters too


For a wardrobe design and elegance are very important, but inner beauty is fundamental too: for such a piece of furniture, the functionality of the inside shelves and accessories are essential. A beautiful and stylish closet would be useless, if it can’t accommodate all of our clothes, coats, dresses and shoes as we need. There will always be time to add more accessories even after the wardrobe is installed, but it is better to try to foresee all of our necessities. If you have lots of clothes, you want to be able to organize them according to the colors, or maybe the season or occasion of use. We all know it is no fun to struggle to keep the clothes all tidy up, as fresh as they were when we picked them up from the dry cleaning. So, after choosing the style of design that you like best for your bedroom wardrobe, take some time to consider what would make it beautiful and functional on the inside too. An added value that can really make the difference in the closet is to install an internal light. This can be of great help when you have to dress for work early in the morning, and you don’t want your partner to have to wake up by turning on the main ceiling light.


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Don’t be afraid to be creative


We have one last tip that will help you find a closet that fits you like a glove: be creative! After all, choosing furniture is all about your personality, your needs and your tastes. There is no reason to hold back on creativity and avoid making choices that might seem too bold for others. Your bedroom is going to be your shelter from everyday life, your relax oasis: so make it just the way you like it. For example, look at this astonishing closet with a trompe l’oeil effect: nature lovers will find it absolutely perfect.


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