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Pinch me! The perfect bedroom exists!

Pinch me! The perfect bedroom exists!

“Pinch me!” is what you’ll say once you realize how easy it is to get a flawless bedroom. Read the article and start decorating!

Maybe even more than the other rooms in your house, your bedroom needs to be styled with a lot of attention and planning ahead. Why? Well first of all, it’s where you start and finish your day, so it needs to be able to give you the right kick in the morning, but at the same time it must be able to relax you at night. Secondly, it’s the room that, more than others, should bear your personal touch! Only very few people, carefully selected people will be admitted in there; you want them to make them feel like they’ve just stepped into your own, personal inner circle. In short, a look at your bedroom should not only relax you, but also get you ready to face the day, while at the same time making you feel like you’re in a space that’s completely and solely yours. The good new is, regardless of the style of your bedroom -- country, shabby-chic, minimal, there’s still a few ground rules you’ll be able to apply!


A classy design by Tonin Casa

Comforting color palette

There’s nothing worse than waking up (or going to sleep) in a room where the wrong choice of colors makes it look cold! Now, the question is: which colors would classify as comforting? Well of course, warm shades should be your first choice: pink, peach, brown, ochre… All of these colors will guarantee your bedroom will look ultra warm and comforting. Still, a few neutrals can give you the exact same feeling: beige, but even a warmer shade of white! In particular, if you choose white and grey wood panels, you’ll soon be amazed at how relaxed even a cool shade like this can make you feel. However, if you want to make sure you’ll feel 100% comforted as soon as you walk into your bedroom, try combining both warm and cool shades!


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Remember: it is always a good idea to layer different textures! Cotton blankets and fur pillows are just one example of how you can give new life to your old bed. Still, we’re not just talking about the bed set: the juxtaposition of textures should involve the whole room. For instance, you can have a variety of different fabrics and upholsteries not just for the bed and pillows, but also for the rug, any chairs that might be in the room, and so on. A variety of textures not only gives a more sophisticated air to your bedroom, but at the same time it makes it look like a structured, tidy space, carefully and lovingly designed by you.


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Creative headboard

Headboards have always been important, but what’s the latest trend concerning them? Well, the tendency seems to be for large, curved, padded headboards; the overall feeling designers are aiming for is one of comfort and protection: the headboard embraces the bed, making whoever is sleeping in it feel safe and sheltered. However, who says you’re supposed to conform to this trend? If this whole “comforting headboards” does not reflect you own taste, swap your padded headboard for a more creative solution! A striking piece that will immediately attract attention on itself and on the bed.


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Touch of boldness

As much as we do invite you to create a comforting color palette, it’s never a bad idea to add something a bit bolder, too! This bold piece could be anything: bed stands, a wardrobe, or even just an accent wall! But the rule here is to really be fearless: forget about discretion and sobriety, and choose a bright, vivid shade. Just pay attention to this: the color you’re going to choose needs to be able to match the rest of the color palette. It’s one thing to have a bright, bold pop of color in one corner of the room, and another to have a displaced piece that looks as if it had been chosen at complete random.


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Work area

Yes, we know: some interior designers strongly advise against having a work area in your bedroom. However, sometimes it is highly unlikely that you’ll have enough space in other parts of the house. Moreover, if you work from home, how good does it feel when all you have to do is wake up, put on a comfy nightgown and sit at your desk, five feet away from your bed? We do have a tip, though. Basically, we highly recommend you decorate your work station so that it does become as cozy as possible. After all, who wants to have an office desk right next to their bed? However, a simple, wooden desk decorated by cute knick-knacks and equipped with a comfy armchair will do the trick of making your bedroom even more welcoming!


A cozy design by Côté table

If you don’t want to get a desk for yourself, remember to get one for your kids, at least! Remember that the bedroom is their only personal space inside the house, and that taking care of it is a responsibility that will help them grow into the adult, responsible version of themselves. Therefore, a small desk will do wonders: your children will feel like professionals, just like their mum and dad!


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So far you should be familiar enough with us to be able to predict our words: layer your lighting! There’s nothing more annoying than having a bedroom with only one light source in the centre of the ceiling. Don’t get us wrong, you do need a main source of light, but also others: right next to both ends of the headboard for when you read, or as nightlights; and then at least on more lamp, either a floor lamp or a table lamp, shedding a warm glow from one corner of the room. You’re not going to actually need this light, but trust us, you want to have it because it will do wonders for the atmosphere!


Do you fancy this design by Brunello Italia? Click here!

A sitting corner

Something else that can’t be missing from your bedroom is a sitting corner. A nice, cozy little armchair where you can sit to check what your schedule for the day is, while you’re drinking your morning coffee, or when you’re trying to decide what clothes you should be wearing the next day. Be careful not to let this chair become a second wardrobe though: it’s a chair, not a clothing rack! The “wardrobe chair” was fine when you were in college, or when you were an underpaid intern, but if you’ve managed to become a professional, then believe us, it’s time to let it go.


Looks familiar? It's because it's by Brunello Italia, once again!

Original storage space

Take a look at your room: does it feel a bit impersonal? Then we have the perfect solution for you: get a colorful, creative storage solution! This way, you’ll be able to make aesthetics and functionality meet. A wardrobe is not the only storage solution you can put in your bedroom; other than that, there are drawers, chests, or cute, fancy benches that are ready to open up to make some more room for you!


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Comfy rug

Don’t forget about the rug! Nobody wants to put their feet on an icy cold floor, especially in winter. A nice, warm, hand-knotted wool rug will make sure you never have to worry about the cold. Plus, even just the sight of it is enough to make the room appear instantly cozier.


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