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Pros and cons of choosing marble for your bathroom

Pros and cons of choosing marble for your bathroom

Are you thinking about decorating your bathroom with marble? Here is a list of pros and cons that might help you out.

Elegant material of undisputed charm, after a few years of staying out of the trendiest decoration tendencies, marble is back in the houses of many of us, especially in the bathroom. Sophisticated, luxurious and, probably, much more versatile than in the past (thanks to the research is in recent years on the use and processing of this material), it lends itself to unusual solutions that are not only beautiful, but also extremely functional. Whether it is white, bright and colorful or dark, it always carries an aura of preciousness that is able to completely change the atmosphere of a room. However, marble does not only bring light an elegance to a bathroom: the opposite side of the coin needs to be considered to, before choosing this material for our decoration. Before you get too charmed by the beauty of marble, take a look at our list of pros and cons: we will help you make the right decision, so that you will find the solution that can fir best your tastes and needs.  


This black bathtub is so effortlessly elegant with its black marble. Look at more beautiful creations by Makro, click here.

Pro: the elegance of simplicity


Let us start from the bright side: here is the first pro of having marble in your bathroom. Marble is a material of great aesthetic impact: this means that often the rooms that host it are simple and essential spaces in which the "wow" effect of the material itself is the protagonist. Even if marble is integrated in just one detail, or if it features a single area of the room, this material will steal the scene and make the environment look like a million dollars. The marble tiles used as wall and floor coverings, or even in the shower, give the surfaces a great intensity and an unquestionable aesthetic class. Carrara marble, the most renowned and precious type, has both a delicate and strong look, able to bring unique shades of color to any environment: these are some of the reasons that made this particular marble from Tuscany popular all over the world. After all, it is the same one that Michelangelo used to create his astonishing sculptures.


The marble shower of this bathroom is the detail that makes the difference, don't you think? Find out more creations by Rab Design, click here.

Con: keep it simple


This is not necessarily a negative aspect of our pros and cons list, but it might be for those who have a bold taste for design. As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, marble is such a rich material, that sometimes it is hard to combine with a decoration style that features many details and ornaments. When it comes to marble, we need to keep it simple. From modern style to classic allure, simplicity is the only way we will make this material shine in all of its beauty. Otherwise, we take the risk of obtaining a chaotic effect and a confused décor.  Especially in a room like the bathroom, that needs to be relaxing and peaceful, the only way we can use marble is through minimalism. Therefore, if you like a baroque style and cannot imagine your interiors without a richly detailed furniture, marble is not the way to go for you.


Do you think this marble bathroom looks classy enough? Look at more Carrara marble decoration by Calacatta here.

Pro: an explosion of colors


White is the first color that comes to mind when we think of marble, but mother nature made this wonderful material in so many other different colors. Your bathroom could be enriched by a luxurious emerald green, or added a bit of mystery with an elegant black with marble details, or maybe you could let the sunshine in with a bright yellow stone, or turn the environment on with a fiery red. Colorful marbles will allow you to express your creativity, creating an environment that perfectly matches your personality. Even though we always recommend you to keep it simple, you can be a little experimental with the combination of colors. Another idea could be to match the colorful marble details with some other materials, such as resin, or wood: you will be able to obtain a very unique effect, if you can keep the room harmonious.


Where can you find the widest and most various marble color palette? Vulcano Stone Materials has every single shade of color you could wish for.

Con: high maintenance


Here is one of the main negative points in our list of pros and cons for marble bathrooms. We all know that this kind of material has high maintenance standards. A great care is required to avoid the formation of stains, with specific products that will clean the surface without being too aggressive. Moreover, every 9 or 12 months circa, the marble needs to be treated with the application of a protective and sealed coating. You should also consider that, being a natural product, marble tends to age, changing its look in time and developing a thin patina: some might like the lived-in effect, but it is not for all tastes. The daily maintenance is fundamental for the preservation of the beauty marble: this material must, in fact, be cleaned with mild detergents that must not contain chlorine, and every stain or water dripping must be taken care of as soon as possible, to avoid a harmful absorption of water .


How do you like this shiny yellow marble? Find out more about the Turkish brand Alimoglu here.

Pro: perfect even in small bathrooms


We all know how difficult it is to furnish a small room, especially if we are dealing with a bathroom: there are certain essential elements that the area need to be functional, and we certainly do not want to compromise style and design to be efficient. If we choose large marble tiles for a small bathroom, their wideness will make the space instantly look bigger, and the natural nervures of the stone will give visual continuity to the space. Moreover, if used in light colors, our bathroom will also look much more luminous. Either that you decide to use marble for some details only or for the majority of the bathroom decoration, you can’t go wrong when choosing this material for a small bathroom.


Discover more exclusive marble creations for your bathroom by Kreoo, click here.

Con: a delicate look for a delicate material  


As we said, marble is undoubtedly an extremely versatile material, but we must take into account that it is also very delicate. Being a soft and porous stone, this material is strongly subject to scratches and it quickly absorbs all the liquids that may drip on it. It has a poor resistance to the acidic substances present in some too aggressive cleaning products, which risk damaging it relatively easily. We always must pay attention especially to colored products, such as hair dyes, cosmetics and perfumes: they must be cleaned immediately after they come into contact with the stone, to avoid permanent stains. For all these reasons, marble is not the best choice for homes with small children. Furthermore, the laying of the marble must be performed by highly qualified personnel in order to prevent future damage, such as the ascent of mineral salts on the surface.


Check out more natural stones from Succetti Graniti: click here.

So what is the verdict? Is marble charming enough to enter your bathroom, in spite of the extra care it requires? If you take into consideration all the pros and cons, you can be sure to make the right choice for your needs.

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