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Reading room: 5 essentials

Reading room: 5 essentials

Would you like to style a small but cool reading room? Then there are 5 essentials that can’t be missing! Take a look.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your reading room is: if you’re thinking of decorating or restyling it, this article is for you! Learn more about the 5 home décor piece that you need to have.

Minimal desk and chair

Is your reading room a bit small? Then it goes without saying that you need to say goodbye to that huge oak desk you’ve always dreamed of! If it’s a small space we’re dealing with, a minimal desk without drawers is the best choice: you’ll have room to stretch your legs and, if necessary, you can always store a couple of boxes or large folders underneath it. The same goes for the chairs. Wait, what are we saying? The chair: one is all you need!


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There’s really no limit to how minimal a desk can be: still, a wooden desk will always do wonders for warming up the atmosphere.


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Customizable furniture

It might be smart to actually think about investing into customizable furniture. True, it might turn out to be a bit more expensive than you estimated, but the risk of not getting customizable furniture is to end up with an extremely cramped space. Alternatively, you can always get modular pieces of furniture which you’ll be able to adapt to your needs.


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Is there room for a bit of comfort?

If your reading room is spacious, than good for you! Is it small instead? Well, too small even for a tiny, upholstered armchair? The reason why we’re suggesting to place an armchair too in your study room is that from time to time, you might want to take a break from your work, and what’s better than being able to crash on a richly cushioned armchair? Plus, if you get one that’s bright and vivid enough, it will make for a touch of originality and liveliness that will add to the atmosphere of the room.


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There’s nothing to worry about if you don’t have enough room for a comfy armchair: you can still make your minimal chair comfier by placing a couple of soft pillows on it. We suggest putting some care into this selection: spend some time into choosing the right colors and texture for your fabric. Tip: use a few different but coordinated fabrics to brighten up your study!


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White walls

It’s sort of a given that if you’re decorating a small room, the walls should be painted in very pale shades, if not painted white. Paler shades create the optical illusion of a larger space, so that should be your go-to here. However, if you don’t enjoy the idea of your study looking plain and white, you can always play with other colors: plan carefully what objects and books you’ll be putting on the shelves, as well the upholstery of pillows and throws.


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Check the time

If this is a room where you study or work, you need to keep time under check. True, this is something you could do with your phone… but are you sure that’s wise? If you’re like us and you get easily distracted by texts and notifications, the best solution for you is to place an actual watch or clock in the room. As there’s just a limited number of surfaces here, and you’ll need most of them as storage space, we would go for a wall clock. As for the design, why not choose something artsy? Take a look at this Klimt-inspired wall clock!


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