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A world of wonders: Zoffoli globes enter your homes

A world of wonders: Zoffoli globes enter your homes

Globes by Zoffoli will bring a world of wonders into your interiors. Let’s find out more about this historic Italian brand.

A globe is an object that can make you travel in time: it makes your mind wonder among far lands, looking for exciting imaginary adventures. Not only meant to display the geographic shape of earth, globes can be elegant and evocative decoration elements.  You can transform your living room into a timeless place, give your interiors a touch of antique taste that will bring your guests back in time through centuries. Zoffoli Mappamondi is an Italian company specialized in manufacturing unique globes, that are able to become handy pieces of furniture and charming interior design elements. 


The Sfera 42 desk globe would make your home office look super sophisticated, don't you think?

How it all began…


The Zoffoli company has its roots in a past full of passion, persistence and awards obtained in the field of miniatures, craftsmanship and cartography. It was 1949 when Italo Zoffoli, the progenitor of a generation of fine artisans, decided to create his own craft business of classic world maps, following his passion for ancient papers and his ability to manufacture wood. Under his skilled hands, precious woods became beautiful globes, painted by hand: each and every one of them so unique and special, simply unrepeatable. Very quickly, the Zoffoli wooden globes got to be renowned in the national market for their accuracy and their refined details: it did not take long for the small artisan company to grow into a big and successful brand. Over time, the following generations have continued to develop and nourish the company until today: Zoffoli’s philosophy is to combine knowledge and craftsmanship with the most modern technologies. Even today, the accurate representations of ancient cartographies and maps are reproduced in the Italian headquarters  with the same passion of the first handmade globes manufactured by Italo Zoffoli.


The Atlas model looks like a true work of art.

A world of wonders


The Zoffoli company now boasts a national and international clientele that appreciates its quality and values from the great Italian tradition, having consolidated the many customers’ trust over time. The history of the Zoffoli brand and the variety of its collections are signs of the company's commitment and reliability in treasuring the craftsmanship traditions, aiming at keeping their products refined in the smallest detail, always elegant and sophisticated. After the prestigious shop windows in Milan, Turin and Florence, world maps, globes and small decoration accessories in classic and modern style continue to stand out for the excellence of their workmanship in the houses of many international clients. Moreover, Zoffoli spheres hide a world of wonders inside: their beautiful wooden creations open up to transform in wet bars, showing roomy internal compartments. The original antique style remained intact, and the globes became actual pieces of furniture with various functions. These classy painted spheres now hide secret containers, hidden drawers and liquor bars.


Cassiopea is a large trolley with a roomy compartement for your glasses and bottles.

The beauty of craftsmanship


Creating globes is an art that the Zoffoli family has perfected with care over the course of time, coming to obtain the right balance between the efficiency of a scale production and the love for details characteristic of the artisan school. Every globe that is crafted by the Zoffoli team has to meet high standards of quality: every step of the manufacturing process is carefully monitored, in order to guarantee the most refined final product. The mastery that distinguishes the production of the globes, meets a scrupulous attention to cutting-edge technological solutions and the use of prestigious raw materials, 100% made in Italy.


The bar globe Elegance express its true nature even in its name.

Timeless products for tasteful customers


Zoffoli's dream has always been able to combine the ancient art of making world maps with the most modern technological solutions, thus managing to treat new materials with traditional methods on an industrial scale. The goal is clear and ambitious: to create an updated version of geographic globe that does not betray the class and elegance of the invoice of a classic object, but that can be suitable for modern and contemporary homes too. Zoffoli also pays particular attention to the choice and processing of materials. The aim is to offer a decorative globe that addresses a sophisticated public, very sensitive even for the smallest detail: customers who would be enthusiastic for journey, real or imaginary. There is no doubt that a brand like Zoffoli Mappamondi will be able to become even more successful: their perseverance, their skills and passion, will be the winning cards that will make every client have trust in their products.


The Calipso globe has an irresistable vintage vibe.

Now that you have found out everything you needed to know about this Italian brand, would you like to check out more of their products? Click here: you will be able to take a closer look to the sophisticated globes Zoffoli designs and manufactures.

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