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Scandinavian design: hygge vibes with &tradition

Who doesn’t love Scandinavian design? Let’s learn more about &tradition, one of the hottest brands of Danish contemporary interior design.

04 May 2018 95 0

&tradition may not have been around for long, but it’s already become one of the coolest and most well-established Danish design brands. Founded only in 2010 by Martin Kornbek Hansen, it immediately took the interior design world by storm with its typically Scandinavian and yet internationally influenced designs. Let’s take a minute to consider the brand name, shall we? “&tradition” suggests a connection between the traditional past and something else; the intentional blank space left before the symbol “&” highlights the freedom people have to build their own present and future: we know our tradition, but who can tell where we’ll go from here? And in fact, one of the goals of the founder was precisely to build a connection between the past and the present, by means of reaching out to people during their daily life, enriching them with some warm and cozy hygge vibes. The result is a collection of cutting edge home décor pieces that still echo the Danish tradition of interior design. Let’s take a look at a few of their already iconic pieces.


The Fly sofa

Hayon lounge table

There’s no doubt: the Hayon lounge table collection certainly is one of the most striking &tradition has created. As with many of their home décor pieces, the Hayon lounge table was designed by an international designer; in this case, by Spanish artist Jaime Hayon. As a result, this coffee table we’re showing you is a product of a fruitful brainstorming and collaboration between two cultures. True, multi level coffee tables are becoming more and more popular, but this one certainly does stand out from the crowd. Structured on three parallel plans, it’s characterized by a cheerful variety of materials, finishes and shapes. The three surfaces couldn’t be more different from each other, as three materials have been employed: brass, marble and ash. The whole structure still is cohesive and coherent, thanks to the steel structure. Why this stylistic choice? In the designer’s own words, this table is meant to be a physical representation of our complex multi-tasking lives.


The Hayon Lounge table

Catch lounge chair

Not too far from the Hayon Lounge table, we may find the exquisite Catch lounge chair. Can you feel the continuity? That’s because the designer is still the amazingly creative Jaime Hayon. Now, you may be wondering about the shape that makes this chair definitely stand out. Well, this design was born by the realization that lounge chairs typically look cold, unwelcoming and impersonal. Determined to overturn this norm, Jaime Hayon designed a chair whose armrests mimic the pose of a hug: the chair thus creates a joyful atmosphere of conviviality. Its fluid, flowing, soft shape still makes it just as welcoming even when the upholstery is not super warm, as in the picture below, but white or light beige. After all, according to Hayon himself, it makes no sense to have a lounge chair that doesn’t make us feel welcome: a lounge chair should be an almost irresistible invitation.


The Catch lounge chair

Utzon lamp

The Utzon lamp, a pendant light made of bright, polished copper, has certainly become one of &tradition’s most iconic and recognizable designs. The creative mind behind it is Jørn Utzon’s. In fact, you may very well be familiar with his name, because his mind is also the one that envisioned the Sydney Opera House! Take another look at this lamp now: can you see it’s a product of the same designer? Still, this lamp came ten years before he created his masterpiece; the elegant line and form of the light reflects Utzon's fascination with ships and boats, as well as with light. Considering this, it’s no big surprise he ended up designing the Opera House, overlooking Sydney’s Darling Harbour!


The Utzon lamp


Are you wondering about this name? Well, it’s Italian for “islands”. There are various reasons behind the choice of this name. One of them is that this design has been a collaboration between Japanese and Italian designers, which explains the use of an Italian word. But the other reason, is that it’s a modular seating system: you could employ just one little “island”, or two, three, and so on; plus, you could even add armrests for an actual, comfy sofa. Actually, one more reason behind the name is the puffy appearance of these chairs: they do resemble tiny little islands emerging from the sea. These soft, richly cushioned chairs definitely look warm and inviting, even more so because you can even add a small, discrete wooden side table where you’ll be able to put your favorite book or a cup of tea while you’re enjoying snuggling up on the softest of modular sofas.


The Isole seating system

Cloud sofa

Here we have another creation by Luca Nichetto, the same designer behind Isole. Italian-born but Swedish-based, Nichetto wanted to create a comfy, hygge sofa that didn’t look heavy, but rather, light as a feather, like a cloud floating in the sky. Let us tell you something: it’s not easy creating a sofa that manages to tick both boxes! Still, Nichetto clearly made it. How? Well, the feeling of lightness is conveyed by the four thin, steel legs. At the same time however, a feeling of warm, cozy hygge is undeniable: feather and foam cushions rest on a base of upholstered wood; moreover, the pastel color of the soft upholstery goes a long way to making sure just one glance at this sofa will make us feel warm and fuzzy.


The Cloud sofa

You probably understand now why we love &tradition so much! Would you like to learn more about this Danish brand and take a look at more designs? Then click here!

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