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Hip, young and fresh: Pedrali

If you are looking for a hip brand for your next designer chairs, look no further: Italian brand Pedrali is about to sweep you off your feet!

04 May 2018 121 0

Do you know Pedrali? It’s certainly one of the most renowned brands that took part to this year’s Salone del Mobile. It’s an Italian brand that is mostly known for their chairs and seating solutions in general, even though their design range is vaster than this. What we love the most about it, is how each and every one of their creations is the result of a combination of various influences. First of all, do you notice that 60s vibe? Well, the reason behind it is that the company was in fact founded in Italy in 1963, when all the colors, vibes and liveliness of the Swinging London and the 60s in general were starting to circulate in Europe.


The Gliss chair

Apart from the 60s vibe, the designers at Pedrali clearly also have contemporaneity in mind: in general, the aesthetics of their creations can’t help but make us think of the Scandinavian interior design style. At the same time, however, each silhouette is brought together with typical Italian flair, so Italian culture and iconic interior design are another considerable source of inspiration. The reason why the international influence is at least as important as the Italian one, is that Pedrali too, just like all the most important and dynamics brands, understood the importance of exchanging ideas with the rest of the world. Nowadays, people are globetrotters and, even when they’re not, they’re still connected to the rest of the world through the Internet: a brand that’s completely rooted in just one country has zero chances to grow. Let’s take a look at some of the loveliest designs by Pedrali!


The Reva outdoor sofa

The Fox chair

The Fox chair is probably one of the most striking designs Pedrali has given life to so far. A minimal, but dynamic and creative chair that is guaranteed to look stunning inside just any environment, be it your living room, a dining room, or even a public waiting room. It’s characterized by a thin fiber-glass, reinforced polypropylene shell, set in an ash wood structure, curved and rounded at the ends. The colors are intense, and this intensity makes the chair appear warm and welcoming regardless of the color. Still, keep in mind that this warmth is very much helped by the ash wood frame, which has not been painted, but rather kept light and natural. By the way, this detail of the frame is just one of the examples of what we mean when we say that there clearly are strong references to Scandinavian style in the designs by Pedrali.


The Fox chair

The Pasha armchair

Black, white, fumé or transparent polycarbonate with a glossy finish is what makes the Pasha chair distinctive. This is just an example of how funny and tongue-in-cheek Pedrali can be. Of course, this is not a chair that follows Italian classic interior design tradition, but so what? The result of Pedrali’s creativity is a fun armchair that mimics a classic, noble armchair, but which is made of one of the most contemporary materials we can find. Moreover, the truth is that this is a creation that would be just perfect both for an industrial-chic loft, and for a high-end rooftop bar, precisely because the irony behind this design makes it unapologetic.


The Pasha armchair

Vic chair and barstool

Words are not enough to express how much we love this design. The Vic chair and barstool are characterized by a sinuous backrest that gradually and harmoniously lifts up from the seat. This sinuous but still very rational shape, together with the velvety upholstery and the rich and intense hues, make this design perfect for a movie set in the early 60s. Can’t you feel all the Mad Men vibes? We are convinced that, if we were to walk into Don Draper’s Madison Avenue office, we could for sure expect to find the Vic chair, or one of its illustrious ancestors.


The Vic chair and barstool

Sunset sofa

The alliteration in the name is not the only feature that makes this sofa brilliant. The designer, here, has played with the lively contrast between the pureness of white and the almost shocking brightness of orange. Can you imagine how gorgeous this sofa is going to look at sunset?


The Sunset sofa

Buddy pouf

The Buddy pouf is an example of Pedrali’s versatility. In fact, it can be a comfy seating solution, but it can also quickly turn into an impromptu coffee table! After all, turning an ottoman into a coffee table is in fact one of the 2018 trends for coffee tables, and we can count on Pedrali to be always in line with all the latest trends, and possibly ahead of them.


The Buddy pouf

The L002S lamp

As we said at the beginning of this article, Pedrali is not just a seating systems brand. Of course, seating solutions do take up most of their production, but Pedrali really is a brand that shows versatility and ability to change. This is how we are able to enjoy the L002S lamp: a lamp characterized by soft, curved lines that will harmonize with any living room.


The L002S lamp

Do you like these designs by Pedrali? Then go explore all of their creations!

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