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Ceramic made in Italy: Atlas Concorde and the story of a great brand

How did Atlas Concorde become the most important Italian company in the ceramic sector? Let’s find out together.

07 May 2018 124 0

In almost fifty years of activity, the Atlas Concorde brand has solidly gained a leading role in the field of the ceramic industry, expanding onto a wider audience and establishing itself as a point of reference for all interior decoration amateurs and experts. But how did it all start? Which steps lead this company to the flourishing brand it is today? Let us take a look back on the long journey of Atlas Concorde.


Some iridescent tiles for a bathroom décor under the sea.

Founded in 1969, the Fiorano Modenese company is the forefather of the Atlas Concorde Group, an Italian ceramic company with a leading international position and a proud promoter of the development of the porcelain stoneware floor and white body wall tiles. Almost fifty years have passed since then, and in the meantime the brand has rewritten its personal history of ceramic production, giving itself a new identity. Atlas Concorde soon came to understood that the only way to grow was to be constantly evolving in terms of stylistic and technical innovations applied to their products: porcelain stoneware floors and white body wall tiles for residential and commercial environments and large formats designed for exteriors, large architectures, public spaces. The innate aptitude for experimentation that has always represented the company's strong point continues to stand out for the tenacity with which it supports the balance between creativity and technological progress. A constant commitment, rewarded by a solid production capacity that has allowed to transform inspiration of the designers in floors and walls of the highest quality, charming but also resistant, versatile and customizable for a variety of stylish and functional solutions.


Ceramic in disguise with wood effect floor tiles.

The main factor that has contributed the most to the identity of the brand and its expansion in international markets, has been this successful combination of creativity and technological research. A mix that has always been in the company's DNA, stimulating Atlas Concord to create a truly unique and recognizable style, capable of transforming the common use of ceramic products in favor of surprising expressive potentials and unprecedented fields of application. The brand has converted the resistant characteristics of porcelain stoneware into a refined aesthetic product inspired by woods, marbles, stones, fabrics and cements, to be potentially used in any type of environment: residential or public, indoor or outdoor. Ceramic is declined in a wide range of sizes, colors, finishes and refined coatings that also provide tailor-made solutions for the most demanding customers. All Atlas Concorde products are born from the synergy between the research lab and the marketing department, both ready to capture and satisfy the demands of a constantly changing market, with high demands and expectations. It is a whole process within the company that combines avant-garde technologies and aesthetic experiments with high quality production standards.


The elegance of marble, the durability of tiles. 

The Atlas Concorde Group has always been committed to the enhancement and defense of Made in Italy, a category often used improperly, which today must be preserved and exalted more than ever: not just for its tradition of quality, style and design, but also as a symbol of industrial strength, social responsibility, preservation of environmental resources and sustainability. Getting inspired by the natural world, by the renowned Italian fashion, textiles and design, the Atlas Concorde brand juggles many styles, design and decorative trends of the contemporary world, always coming up with unconventional and surprising solutions: the key to success is being able of transforming every functional need of the customers into an original and exclusive project. It is precisely from the combination of aesthetics and functionality, in the indoor as in the outdoors, that the excellence of Atlas Concorde ceramic originated.


Floor tiles suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Today, Atlas Concorde is a truly global brand that, while maintaining its heart and headquarters in Italy, distributes in over 110 countries, placing itself as the ambassador of a new concept of ceramic design, more elegant and refined than ever. The company has consolidated its presence in the international market with the introduction of the brand Atlas Concorde USA, which supports and coexists with the Made in Italy brand, responding to the specific needs of the American market. The creation of a specifically "American" product brand will consolidate the company's presence in the United States thanks, to new ceramic collections designed for USA customers, while guaranteeing the proximity of logistic structures and a stable production and commercial presence. The collections designed for the local market are crafted directly in the production unit in Tennessee. The American headquarters of Atlas were not their first project abroad: Atlas Concorde Russia was the first and most successful international effort of the company, which was able to perfectly interpret and elaborate the specific taste of this promising market.  


A charming example of the 3D wall tiles collection.

Atlas Concorde’s has a very high profile strategy in which technical performance, aesthetic value, Italian design, and ethics are unified in the story of a unique, versatile and international brand, which has been able to control the entire production process, from design up to the making, guaranteeing in every stylistic or technical segment the maximum performance. Their ceramic products go well beyond the concept of stylistic collection: Atlas brought ceramic from being a mere background for the home furniture, to become the rightful protagonist of any home décor.



Ceramic tiles that resemble the beauty of natural stone.


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