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Gen Z yellow: the color of the new generation

Gen Z yellow is the color that ousted millennial pink: find out how to integrate it in your home décor.

08 May 2018 179 0

It's no secret that Millennial Pink has been a dominant color in pop culture, fashion and interior design in the past years. However, it might be time to say goodbye to this trend already. And what is the color that was able to overcome the delicate shade of the millennial generation? This year, it's all about a warm, sunny color that symbolizes vitality and ambition: the Gen Z yellow is ready to invade your home!


How do you like this first glimpse of Gen Z yellow in furniture by Domus Arte?

What is the Gen Z?


Gen Z is the term that identifies the post-millennial generation. Although the actual name has been up for debate for some time, the Gen Z definition seems now to be the most commonly used, between the other names of Centennials generation, I-Gen, Plurals, or Post-Millennials. The birth years of Gen Z members seem to be similarly unclear — since millennials are typically defined as covering 1982 through 2004, it would stand to reason that Gen Z covers from 2005 onward; however, some consider Gen Z’s start date listed as early as 1995, so honestly, who knows. In any event, Gen Z is the generation that follows millennials, and in spite of the fact that they are so close in time, there are some major differences between the two, including their color preferences. After the delicate tones of the millennial pink, suitable for cool popular girls, and boys who were not afraid to show they sensitive side, the Gen Z yellow brings a much more powerful energy, enthusiasm and creativity vibe.


Let this shiny color break into your home interiors, with partitions and doors by Lualdi.

Don’t worry, be happy!


In terms of color psychology — the science that studies of how colors affect human behavior — yellow is a bright and warm color that can inspire happiness, laughter, cheerfulness, and optimism; pink, meanwhile, is a more calming shade, inspiring love, romance, and gentleness. However, there’s a flipside to both colors, as well: Yellow can also create feelings of frustration and anger, while pink might prompt agitation. What’s more: yellow can be a little tough on your vision; in large quantities and in certain shades, it can fatigue and strain your eyes. The moral of the story: If you’re planning to get in on the Gen Z yellow trend, don’t exaggerate, and avoid using this shade for too many details of your home décor. Gen Z yellow, if used wisely, is an optimistic color, full of hope. Though it’s a reminiscence from the ’70s, in 2018 the lemon hue is the symbol of a new beginning, a brighter future and an empowering present for the new generations. Embrace the Gen Z enthusiasm, but always remind yourself that, for home décor as for many other aspects of life, less is almost alwys more.


Rossetto was realy able to exalt the Gen Z yellow with this stylish armchair.

Details that make the difference


We have talked about not exaggerating with the Gen Z yellow, so how can we tastefully integrate it with our home décor? Since it is such a bright tint, you could either choose to have the main piece of furniture in the room, for instance the sofa, in Gen Z yellow, or maybe spread around the area many little details that will make this color the silver thread that makes your interiors harmonious and coherent. This second option might be the best one, because it will allow you to make your home décor more fun, creative and shiny. Positive vibes, positive life!


These unconventional ceiling lights by Eloa might be the perfect Gen Z yellow detail to fun up your home.

Which colors work well with Gen Z yellow?


How can we pair up Gen Z yellow with other colors? We have great news for millennials: pairing millennial pink with pops of Gen Z yellow will create a bright and optimistic space (not an unsightly clash), so there’s no need to remove all the items you got to follow the previous trend. Other tints that would look beautiful next to this bright lemony yellow would be light blue or green, in their pastel shades: they will mitigate the exuberance of the Gen Z color. As an alternative, the natural look of wood is a wonderful choice too, as well as dove grey and, almost needless to say, white. After all, part of the success of Gen Z yellow in home décor trends is its versatility, and the fact that it goes well with a wide range of shades of colors and materials.


Have fun trying to find the best color combo to match with Gen Z yellow, take a look at more furniture by Sancal here.

Gen Z yellow & Classic style


Can Gen Z yellow make a good combo with classic style furniture? It definitely can! The reason is not only that, as we mentioned earlier, it is a color that was very popular between the 60s and 70s, but also because the new generation that came right after millennials has developed a taste for classic style, as long as it has a touch of their personality too. Even the most classic Chesterfield design can be appreciated by the Gen Z: this king size bed is a great example. It is elegant and classy, but also bold, grandiose and a little eccentric: the perfect bed for a member of the youngest generation, who is not afraid of making a statement about enthusiasm and positivity.



Golden Night was able to create a classic bed that anyone from the Generation Z would want. Check out their other products here.

If you are not quite ready to give up on pink for your home décor, fear not: there are other shades trending for 2018, after the decline of millennial pink. Take a look at this article: you will find out all they ways you can think pink this year.

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