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Knock on wood: the luckiest interior design

You won’t actually have to knock on wood if you adopt it in your interior design: find out how wood is going to magically upgrade the style of your house!

08 May 2018 148 0

Thanks to the recent success and incredible popularity of herringbone wooden floor, wood in general is being employed more and more often in our interior design. At the origins of this success, there’s also the ever-growing trend of a sort of return to nature. Mostly because a constantly growing number of people are actually taking full conscience of the damages the natural world is suffering, as a result more and more people are turning to renewable resource as means of styling their houses nicely, while simultaneously reducing the impact the whole process has on the ecosystem. Are you among them? Then first of all, good on you! Secondly, you may be interested in learning a few tips and ideas on where to adopt wood in your interior design, or how. If the answer is “yes”, then take a look at the article and discover a magical wooden world.

Wooden everything

For the hard-core lovers of wood, and for those who are already experienced in employing it in their homes, what’s better than “wooden everything”? Always remember that the more wood equals the warmer your house will get. However, this is still an option you might want to consider, even if you’re not experienced at all. The key here is always keeping in mind you need to juxtapose different types of wood in order to create a rich layering of textures. The only environment where it might be fine to employ the same kind of wood may be a cabin in the woods, and even then, can you imagine the monotony? Take a look at the bedroom pictured below. We’ll point out to you the two features that are most definitely brilliant. The first one is the rug underneath the bed: of course, it’s a rug, but the pattern mimics that of a herringbone wooden floor. Moreover, the wooden tiles on the wall outside the bedroom have been painted white: painting your wooden tiles will give the whole environment an unexpected, fun twist.


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Start small

Of course, we get it if you don’t particularly feel like facing a complete restyling of your whole house with wood: it’s a long process that not only requires you a lot of time, but also a lot of beforehand planning, trying out and discarding ideas, not to mention the considerable amount of money that is going to be required for the renovation. But no worries, there are always ways to start small! One of them is a cute, little coffee table: what’s amazing about a coffee table is that you can even choose an extravagant design, but being so small and not the centerpiece of the room, it will never end up looking too extra.


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Pop of color

A pop of color is often one of the simplest and yet most efficient ways in which you can upgrade your interior design. If you want to apply your pop of color to a wooden surface, the effect will be simply amazing. Also, you are absolutely free to choose whichever shade you fancy; why? Because a light wood color easily adapts to any possible color! However, we do have a hint for you: beware of dark wood, especially dark wood with a reddish tint, as it is gets unbelievably more complex to find a color that suits it.


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Essential: herringbone

If you always want to be on top of the latest trends but at the same time your taste for design is pure, essential and refined, then the perfect solution for you is a simple but always striking herringbone timber floor. Herringbone is a classic that’s often revisited nowadays, but who says it cannot stay the way it always was? After all, it’s an evergreen that’s never going to let you down. Still, if you feel like you wouldn’t mind giving it a contemporary twist, make sure you select a lighter shade of wood. Once you’ve made sure of this, another contemporary touch is the finish: you should avoid lacquered surfaces in favor of a matte finish.


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Don’t forget the ceiling

Don’t forget that your ceiling can help you too! Of course, beams running across it make for a beautiful, intimate space, but then: not only, again, it’s a long, time-consuming process, but also, what if you’re renting a house? In that case, adding wooden beams to your ceiling may be perceived as a bit too much my your landlord. What can you do instead? Well, there are still ways in which you can add a warmer personality to the house. Have you ever considered a wooden pendant light? It’s amazing how you can bend and shape wood into just any form, and also, light coming out of a wooden pendant light will be shedding a warm, steady glow all over the room.


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What about the walls?

If you thought involving the walls in your wooden renovation project was going to be easy, think again! Why are we saying this? Well, we’re not trying to suggest you have very little choice when it comes to wooden decorations and solutions for the walls, but rather, quite the opposite! The choice is so vast, it may actually take you ages to decide! Whichever choice you make, just make sure it’s a creative one: it doesn’t need to become a centerpiece, but it’s certainly positive if it does attract some attention on itself.


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Who said a wooden floor needs to be perfect? In reality, one of the many qualities of wood is that it’s going to look absolutely flawless even when it is flawed and irregular! If you choose to go for an “imperfect”, irregular timber floor, the room you’re decorating it with will instantly become cozier and more welcoming.


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Wooden bathroom

You may be wondering if wood is still a good choice for the bathroom too. Because in the end: what about humidity and moisture issues? First of all, all you need to do is to have your wooden furniture treated accordingly and perfectly sealed in; this is going to be a long-ish process, but it will make sure your wooden furniture stays in perfect shape for the years to come. A suggestion for employing wood in your bathroom design is to select a wooden surface for your wash basin: the resulting contrast between the sleek, white ceramic texture of the basin and the warm darkness of the wood will be simply striking.


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Don’t forget that you always have the option of going all in! Meaning, you can opt for a wooden floor. Have you ever had the feeling tiles tend to make bathrooms look (and feel) a bit cold? Well, that’s one thing off your mind from now on!


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Oldie but goodie

Don’t be scared of employing home décor pieces characterized by old, distressed wood! Like many other natural materials (see leather, for instance), wood has the magical property of looking amazing even when it’s weathered and scarred by time.


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