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Wellness and design: saunas by Effegibi will treat you with a home spa

Wellness and design: saunas by Effegibi will treat you with a home spa

Wellness and healthy lives are the most important goals for Effegibi: treat yourself with one of their home saunas.

Water means good health, even when it comes in the form of a cloud of steam that wraps itself around the body. This discovery was made long ago by the Greeks, the Romans and the populations of the Middle East who turned the Turkish bath into a life philosophy. Sitting on marble, or stone, wrapped in an intangible mist, we inhale the warm steam that unblocks our airways, lose all the toxins in our body by sweating them out, distance ourselves from our surrounding space and only feel the perception of our own body. Wellness and body care are today an increasingly a priority. Both at home and in hospitality places, Effegibi knows how important these aspects are. This company from the Italian Romagna region has been around since 1987, and specialized in the production of saunas and Turkish baths for hotels, resorts, fitness centers but, most importantly, for domestic use. Effegibi aims to provide everyone with an healthy lifestyle, together with a stylish design: this brand will transform your bathroom into a luxury hotel spa.


The history of Effegibi seems to develop simultaneously with the increasing of people’s realization of the importance of wellness. This phenomenon interested not only the hotel, but also private citizens who became eager to start taking better care of themselves: Effegibi took advantage of this tendency, using its experience in the sector to provide the best service possible to the new developing market. Taking care of the well being of our body is, according to Effegibi, something we owe to ourselves, a ritual that we can’t miss. Designing a sauna following this principle means not considering it like a mere object: manufacturing it will be an act of love towards the customers, who are going to live a happier life thanks to these products. Effebigi also pays attention to the beauty of the design, the elegance of the lines, in the smallest details. The final goal is to create a full wellness experience, to take care of our body and our mind as well, pleasing them through the beneficial properties of the sauna, and the undeniable harmony of its aesthetical features.


Beyond its technological characteristics of saunas by Effegibi, the traditional materials of which it is composed and the benefits it produces on the body, the sauna is above all a ritual, a process of purification and relaxation of the body that rarely takes place individually. Effegibi saunas, entirely designed and produced in Italy in compliance with Nordic traditions, are designed as environments, suitable to accommodate many people. There is no need to go to a hotel spa to organize small daily events: saunas by this high end brand will adapt perfectly to the needs and habits of those who choose to use them. Whether it's the home walls or the environments of your favorite wellness center, the Effegibi saunas guarantee the best performance associated with simple and at the same time enveloping shapes. High technological performances, aimed at limiting consumption and reducing overall dimensions, are combined with an essential design that exalts the quality of the materials and, above all, the visual harmony and coherence between the environments. The sauna, after all, is a place that integrates itself with other spaces of the space in which it is inserted: the final effect must be cohesive and fluid, effortlessly combining the different functions of the area. Each of the sauna lines proposed by Effegibi, distinguished by different sizes and aesthetic characteristics, respects the principles of the Scandinavian ritual, translating them into contemporary shapes and customizable details.


Effegibi brings wellness into your home not only through saunas, but also showers and relaxation areas, just like a real luxury spa. You will be also able to create in your bathroom a middle-eastern hammam. The hammam is the Turkish version of the sauna, more humid and slightly different: after adjusting to the heat, you will alternate basking in the high humidity and vigorously and thoroughly scrubbing your body with specific techniques. Following the scrubbing, there is application of special soap, before entering a different section of the hammam called hararet, or hot room. If you are wondering how this ancient Turkish ritual can become a part of your home, don’t worry: Effegibi knows all the tricks to transform it into a functional relax corner in your interiors.


Every piece of the wellness collection by Effegibi is customizable, and can be tailored according to the specific needs of every customer. Corner saunas, large steaming rooms, outdoor units: any project can be designed for the taste of the customer. Since taking a Turkish bath is such an emotional experience, it is important that the client can shape the project as he pleases. All of his senses are going to be stimulated by the sauna: the body will benefit from the heat and steam, the eyes will be pleased by the charming design, and even the wood specifically chosen for the interiors of the steam room are selected in order to spread their scents and aromas in the air. Such a magical experience!


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