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My kitchen rules: optimize your space for a functional room

My kitchen rules: optimize your space for a functional room

My kitchen rules for a functional kitchen? Find them out in this article.

Thanks to glossy magazines and the advent of new interior design blogs, it looks like nowadays everyone knows how to create a beautiful kitchen, or at least have an idea of what it should look like. But, as they say, beauty is only the outer shell, and the appearance is not everything. What about all those other components that are fundamental in a room like the kitchen, that make it work effectively? Just like in a well-oiled machine, where all the gears and wheels work together in sync, a kitchen must be organized and furnished so that every piece can be functional to the whole. This notion applies to a whole range of design problems for home decoration: a space should function as one complete entity, rather than just individual objects running by themselves to stand out. Before starting to list our tips to furnish a functional kitchen, let's take a moment to evaluate the fundamental errors that usually occur when it comes to kitchen design. Some of these may include: lack of room to work comfortably, insufficient storage space, general disorganization. Today we are going to evaluate these problems, with the goal of helping you to design the best possible kitchen: elegant and classy, but also and, above all, highly functional. We are going to look under every wardrobe, inside every drawer, and in every corner you would never have thought of, to provide you with a clear vision of what you need to think about, before starting furnishing your kitchen.


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A light from above


Firstly, we try to face the problems of space and layout. We cannot all be lucky enough to have a large and bright area to work with, but what we surely can do is try to make the space we have work in the best way, taking advantage of every inch of it functionally and smartly, making sure it looks at its best. As we mentioned just above, one of the main issues to be considered for a functional kitchen is light: if the room is not an area of the house that allows to have large windows, we need to come up with some alternative solutions. Counting on artificial lighting is not the only approach: skylights are a brilliant way to bring new life to a dark and small kitchen area. If we want to provide a supply of extra natural light and air in our kitchen, be aware that a skylight can be installed relatively easily, if you choose the right brand; besides, with modern automation systems, you will be able to open and close the window as you like. Thinking first about where the best spot for it might be, and try to predict where your guests and family get together in the room: it will be a good place to start, before making your decision. Whether you like it or not, even if there is a table and bench in the room, people will want, by nature, to stay around the central island of the kitchen to chat: keep that in mind, and select the best spot for your skylight.


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Divide and organize


Drawers are a very important aspect in a kitchen. That said, keep in mind that if they are not adequately separated with spacers or dividers, a drawer can only become a bottomless pit of objects piled up randomly: the quintessence of disorganization. How many times have you had to sift through spoons, knives and spatulas to find the bottle opener that was hidden around the bottom? It can be quite frustrating, and even a bit dangerous, especially when there are other sharp objects tangled within the mass of cutlery. In order to save your fingers, hands and sanity, you can install a clever organizer inside the drawer, like the one in the picture. This way, you can be sure that you will always be able to find exactly what you were looking for, without any problem or frustration.


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Deep drawers


Cutlery is not the only thing you need to store in the kitchen. Deep drawers like the ones in the picture are large enough for storing large items such as pots, pans and bowls. These are generally objects that do not serve on all occasions, or are simply too bulky to be placed on the counter top. Pots and pans can look nice hanging on the wall too, but if you want to keep your kitchen as neat as possible, we recommend that you select some roomy drawers, to keep everything at its place. Especially in homes that have small and curious children living in them, it could be better to choose some handle less cabinets: they will be safer, and the minimalist look will be a true touch of elegance.


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The right cabinet


You must know this by now: storage space is indispensable in a functional kitchen, and you can’t honestly have too much of it. Not only does it give us the chance to keep our countertops clean and tidy, so that we can comfortably use them as workstations, and it also allows us to be able to easily locate objects when we need them most. These storage spaces are used for crockery or pantry, making lockers and shelves the must-have of any kitchen furniture. It is unlikely that you will get a tidy and functional kitchen if you don’t have the right piece of furniture to store the myriad of items and food products that everyone tends to accumulate over time. For big family that will necessarily need to get big storages of food, it will be better to make sure to clean the wardrobes every three months or so, keeping the cupboard always fresh and clean: we will guarantee the correct preservation of our food and our kitchen utensils, for our families’ health and safety.


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Suitable pipes and faucets


The last point to be considered, but certainly not the least important, is water saving. A functional kitchen should not waste water, and by implementing environmentally friendly strategies, both your health and your bank account will benefit. Whether you are building a kitchen for a brand new house, or you are thinking about a simple renovation, you can guarantee water savings by picking the suitable kitchen faucets: the best types are the ones that provide a powerful water jet when necessary, but are also adjustable in an easy way, saving an immense amount of money in the long run. You should also check every few months that there are no leaks in the pipes and faucets, which could be responsible for your sudden increase in the bill. If you have installed a modern faucet and sink system, you can buy other specific devices that will help you monitor your usage and save water.


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