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Spot on: desk lamps for bright minds

Spot on: desk lamps for bright minds

Spot on designs for functional desk lamps: inspire your bright minds with these ideas.

Whether your workplace is an office or at home, your bright mind will need a spot on desk lamp to get the right inspiration. A suitable desk lamp needs to be functional and cool looking, but there is not a general rule to be followed for everyone. After all, every workplace is different, every jobs has different tasks that require certain characteristics from a light, and every person has different tastes when it comes to design. In this article we collected some ideas to inspire you to find a desk lamp that is totally spot on for your needs and tastes.


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A wall lamp with a flexible arm


If you want to save some space on the desk, you can avoid placing the lamp of its top. If your office table is next to a wall, a wall lamp could be a good solution. A flexible arm would be convenient, especially if you work in a home office, since it would allow you to fold the lamp on itself when you do not need it anymore. For a wall lamp next to your desk, it would be advisable to choose a big size light: not only will it be a stylish piece of design in your décor, but it will provide you with the right amount of illumination during your working hour. And as far as design goes? We think an industrial-chic style would work best with this kind of light, and it would also be easy to combine with whatever furniture surrounds it, since it is so simple, and minimalist.


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An adjustable desk lamp


Another spot on solution might be a desk lamp with a flexible arm that would allow you to direct the light wherever you want. This would be a more standard model, but it doesn’t mean it is not a valid choice. In fact, it is particularly indicated for open plan offices, where every desk station has to have a specific lamp for every employee, without disturbing the ones sitting close. The design you can see in the picture has a distinctive contemporary style: the bright steel makes the lamp look very strong and practical too. This would be the perfect lamp for a functional office, that will transmit an image of functionality and enthusiasm both to the employees and the clients.


Zalf is a leader brand in the office furniture and accessories field. Find out more about this company here.

Light and technology


The desk lamp model in the picture has a Led light embedded at the top of the lamp. The beam is not swiveling, but falls perpendicular to the bottom: it is ideal, for example, to illuminate a point as precise as the pages of a book. In addition to these functions, this lamp also will also allow you to recharge your smartphone: it is equipped with a power outlet within its structure, a features that turns out extremely convenient, since smartphones became a part of our work life, becoming just as important as computers.


Are you thinking your office needs a desk lamp just like this one? Give it a closer look here, along with other products from the brand Luctra.

When the desk lamp is also a sculpture


As we said earlier, not all jobs are alike, and most certainly neither are all people. If you are a creative, if your job needs you to come with new ideas every day, your office décor must be able to inspire you and stimulate your mind in the best way. For creative jobs and bright minds, a desk lamp must be more than a simple light source: it must become a work of art. The spot on light design for your creative desk will have to look like a sculpture: choose it according to your taste and style, and let it be the inspiration for your innovative ideas every day.


We are simply in love with this table lamp by Renzo Serafini. Click here to discover all of his creations, where light design meets art.

Two is better than one


This is a solution that would work splendidly, especially if you are fixing or renovating a home office area that is not provided with a lot of natural light. Putting two twin lamps at the opposite sides of your desk will guarantee an appropriate amount of light at any time of day, or the night – we all know that free lancers tend to have to work even during unusual hours. If you choose some big size elements, the twin desk lamps will also give you a chance to add another classy element to your interior design; and when the desk is not in use, they can become just two stylish decorations on a side cabinet.


The Italian brand Sigma L2 is always a trend setter when it comes to light design and home decoration. Find out more about their products here.

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