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Uptodate: stay trendy with these spring/summer 2018 tendencies

Uptodate: stay trendy with these spring/summer 2018 tendencies

Stay uptodate and catch up with the latest interior design trends.

Spring has sprung, and summer is on its way, along with the desire for renewal that pervades everyone. If renovating your home décor was one of your new year’s resolutions, but you still haven’t had a chance to do it, don’t procrastinate any longer! If you are looking for original ideas to give new life to your interiors, this is the right article: we have collected the latest trends in the world of interior design. Take a look at them, and let the tendencies inspire you for the changes you want to bring in your home decoration. Are you ready to begin?


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Statement ceiling


For quite a long time, interior design trends dictated that the coolest way to decorate a room was to decorate with a colorful paint of a wallpaper only one of the walls, leaving other walls and the ceiling quite neutral. Things have changed now: the ceiling has become the canvas on which we can express out creativity. It seems to be the decorative trend of the moment, which replaces the "statement wall. This is a huge change in the perspective of any room, leading the eyes to look up: the ceiling has really become the fifth wall. The confirmation of the trend comes from Pinterest: among the top trends to try in 2018, the website registered a record of 300% more searches for the term "statement ceilings". There can be many ways to create a statement ceiling: we could paint it with a bright color, adding light spots so that they create a decorative pattern on the ceiling canvas, or we could use an unconventional wallpaper. What do you think, how do you like this trend?


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Shaker style


Here is another trend idea to stay uptodate: shaker style. Simple shapes, natural wood, functional furnishings and no frills: these are the main characteristics of this unusual décor tendency. After it became popular in the United States, this will be the year of the (re) discovery of the Shaker Style in Europe too. Shaker is the American-style furnishing par excellence, considered by many to be a historical antecedent of modern minimalism. The name of this furniture style derives from the Shakers, followers of a religion founded in the eighteenth century and spread from England to the United States. "Beauty lies in utility" is the motto that best sums up the Shaker style of furniture.  This style demands simple and, most importantly, functional furniture, arranged in such a way as to optimize the functions in the house and make everything always seem in perfect order. The favorite materials of this style are beech and oak wood, crafted exclusively with artisanal techniques. Symbol of this style is the Ladder-Back Chair, designed by Englishman Charles Rennie Mackintosh and has become an evergreen of furniture. This chair design inspired many brands to create similar furniture, and this year Shaker style is invading the rooms of the trendiest houses.

And if you wish to deepen in the secrets of the Shaker style, check out this article: you will find out how to introduce this unconventional trend in your home decoration. 


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Outdoor / Indoor


The tendency to bring the outdoor into the house does not seem to stop for this 2018.  The typical materials of the outdoor furniture, like rattan, wicker, straw, rope, are more often seen in living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms: their natural look is what catches the attention, making them stand out from the rest of the home décor. These are perfect materials to furnish your indoors as well, and to give that seventies touch that is so trendy these days. Besides, it is not only a matter of materials. If you have enough space, you could try, for instance, to install a rattan chair hanging from the ceiling, or an outdoor chaise longue that looks like a cozy cocoon this way, you will create a comfy relax area, that will make your leisure moments truly special.  


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Wabi sabi


From the West, with America and its Shaker style, we now look to the East, specifically in Japan, to discover the philosophy that is influencing the renowned Scandinavian furniture style. Wabi-sabi is the viewpoint that accepts imperfection as the natural state of things, a philosophy of life that translates into environments and furnishings with a lived and, indeed, imperfect look. Wabi-sabi is the most representative trend for the 2018 furniture style. Judging by the images found on the web, the wabi-sabi philosophy is really spreading around: it's a natural evolution of the Scandinavian hygge, that equally celebrate simplicity and nature. Furnishings with natural materials, handmade objects, walls with a lived and unfinished look: the wabi-sabi style loves natural textures and tactile elements, and doesn’t need many decoration details to provide a beautiful design, that cherishes simple things.


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Bright pastel shades


If you are a color lover, do not despair, this spring-summer 2018 will also be characterized by the use of many new shades in home décor. The most intense pastel shades are back, today used in a bolder way for a colorful and lively total look. The trend comes from the fashion catwalks and joyfully invades the most uptodate interiors, with colorful furniture, wall paint, wallpaper and many other elements. Pink continues to be one of the favorite shades for interior decoration, but after the great success of the Millennial Pink, some other colors are becoming more popular. With the new season, for example, shades like peach and orange will be very trendy. But the real surprise among the newest tendencies is Ultraviolet: this bold and eccentric shade has reached the top of the chart for interior design trends. Read this article, if you want to find out some tips and ideas that will help you create a ultraviolet interior design.


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Metallic reflections


If metal finishes continue to be a strong trend, the tendency has changed as far as materials go. Platinum and chrome, a finish neglected in recent years, will reach the same popularity that today goes to the luxurious details in gold and brass, overcoming even the super popular copper reflections. Chrome is being very successful especially for lighting: floor lamps with chromatic finishes can give a different light to trendy interiors, illuminating with their unique reflections the rest of surrounding area.


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