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Share the love: make your mom feel special on Mother’s Day

Share the love and make every mom feel like a queen for Mother’s Day, with a special gift.

11 May 2018 113 0

A mother’s love for her children is unconditioned, unchanged since the day we were born. Every year, every one of us celebrate Mother’s Day for the second Sunday of May: an occasion to remind our moms how much they mean to us, and to make sure they know how much we value them. Share the love with a special gift for Mother’s Day, and make every mom feel spoiled for their special day. If you still haven’t had time to pick the perfect gift for your momma, here you will find a few ideas: choose the gift that is most suitable for your mother’s personality, pick something that will make her feel like a queen.


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Cooking momma


Is your mother a good cook, who enjoys spending time backing delicious cakes or putting together delicious meal for dinners with friends and family? Get her something she can use in the kitchen! Pots and pans are certainly very useful, but they might be a little too impersonal for a Mother’s Day gift. To let you mom know how special she is to you, and how much you appreciate her cuisine, you should pick a gift that will exalt the delicious meals she puts together. A good idea could be to get her a nice table cloth: if you know she is into it, going for a lacy shabby-chic style would be great. Another gift that will surely be appreciated by your cooking momma would be some tableware: plates, bowls, dishes and glasses that will be the perfect complement for the yummy foods she makes. Always keep in mind her taste and style in design, and pick something that will match well with her kitchen furniture.


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A treat just for herself


A wonderful way to share the love for our mother’s on their special day, would be to let them know that we are well aware of all the sacrifices they have done for us throw-out our lives, often neglecting to spend some well-deserved relaxing time. You should pick a Mother’s Day gift that will remind your mom that she can take some time just for herself, and spend some peaceful hours without worrying about nothing. What do you think of a candle? Pick out an elegant and classy holder, and choose a soft flowery fragrance for the candle. This way, she will be able to enjoy her leisure hours with a relaxing candlelight, surrounded by a smooth scent.


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Design lover


Do you have a design lover mom? If you know that she is into home décor and she has a passion for the history of design, try to ask her some sneaky questions, trying to find out which is the piece that she has always wanted to have for her house. If you don’t want to take the risk of spoiling the surprise, go safe and pick out a table lamp that you can be absolutely sure she will love. The one you see in the picture is Atollo. This piece, for many years now, has become one of the most renowned pieces of design in the history of contemporary art. It is a myth, it is an icon: one of the very few products that everyone recognizes and names by name. Designed by Vico Magistretti in 1977, in 1979 he won the Compasso d'Oro award and, since then, it has been part of the permanent collections of the major design museums, but he also becomes part of the furniture of many houses, inhabited by people who love and they know how to choose the things that surround them. The secret probably consists in the geometric construction of its forms: the cone on the cylinder and above all the hemisphere. Luminous sculpture which nothing can be removed, nothing can be added. And that it is impossible to imitate. If your mom is a design lover, there is no doubt she will not appreciate this gift.


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Classic, but not trivial


If you think you are running out of time and you won’t be able to get your mom an original gift for Mother’s Day, share the love through a classic present: a vase of flowers. This might seem like the most trivial gift, but that is not always the case. Moreover, every mom is special and unique, and they all deserve a gift that is as exceptional as they are. Look at the flower vases in the picture: the unconventional glass craftsmanship technique makes it look like there is a mysterious fog within it. The plants look like they are floating in a dreamy landscape, evoking distant lands with magical atmospheres. Your moms will absolutely love this design!


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Have you made up your mind about the perfect gift for your mom? We are sure you will find the best way to make her feel very special. And remember: a mother is always the queen of the family, so never forget to share the love and make sure she knows how much you care about her!

Happy Mother's Day from Eurooo to all the mothers of the world!

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