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Versatile, creative: discover Dutchbone!

There are many other ways in which we could describe the furniture brand Dutchbone, other than versatile and creative: are you curious? Read the article!

11 May 2018 196 0

Here’s a brand we love so much, we absolutely had to share it with all of you: Dutchbone. You may have already got it: in general, we love interior design coming from Northern Europe. Why? Well, it’s because of a mixture of features: first-quality materials, soothing designs and of course, loads of hygge vibes. Still, this does not mean we do not have our favorites! One of them is, without the shadow of a doubt, Holland-based Dutchbone. We ran into this brand just a few months ago and we were just blown away by all the amazing, colorful, versatile creations we saw. You know, sometimes you may love one piece or two by a brand, but you’d never think of outfitting a whole room just with that brand’s furniture. Well, with Dutchbone you will find yourself wishing you had multiple living rooms and study rooms to be able to put all of their designs on display!


The Kubu chair

The Dutchbone headquarters are located in the beautiful and picturesque Westzaan region, surrounded by the typically colorful, wooden houses that we can find so often in the Dutch countryside. The general feeling of coziness that characterizes this sort of landscape certainly was and still is, a source of inspiration for Dutchbone. However, as much as this is a brand that’s rooted in its country’s traditions, it is true their inspiration is multifaceted: at the origin of each piece, there is a reflection on different cultures, times and rétro trends that are eventually brought back to a new life. Besides style and quality, is there any other reason why you should love Dutchbone, too? Well, from a more down-to-Earth point of view, there is in fact one more detail about their creations that’s worth mentioning: they are affordable. It’s not every day you stumble upon a high-quality, original European brand that also happens to design affordable furniture! Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Dutchbone pieces now.


The Freux lounge chair

Kate lounge chair

Now, it is not easy to pick a favorite, and to be honest, we do not really want to do so. But, if we had to, the Kate lounge chair may very well be it. Upholstered in soft, luxurious velvet, it is very hard indeed not to feel like crashing on it and spending the whole afternoon here, reading a good book and sipping coffee. Here are some of the things we love about it. We love this light pink version, but we get it: you are a cool guy with an even cooler bachelor pad, and you can’t really picture this pink armchair in your living room. What will your mates say when they come over? But no worries, because you can also choose between black and dark blue! The other feature we love is the contrast between the richly padded seat and the slender, dark metal legs with brass inserts.


The Kate lounge chair

Bar lounge chair

This is for sure another favorite though. We particularly love the 70s vibe around it! Everything about the Bar lounge chair just seems to be yelling, “Vintage!”. Take a look at it: the upholstery, in particular the light brown leather kind; the relaxed, laid-back shape, as well as the lack of armrests and the black metal, circular base. Have you ever wanted a vintage, rétro piece, without having to go through the hustle of visiting a hundred flea markets, finding one that’s not falling apart, and eventually having to renovate it, anyway? Well, thanks to Dutchbone you can easily find the vintage-inspired piece of your dreams, but brand-new and at an affordable price!


The Bar lounge chair

Flair lounge chair

Are you one of those people who feel nostalgic about those eras they haven’t had a chance to live? Well, if you feel like the main character from Woody Allen’s movie “Midnight in Paris”, and your favorite era are the Roaring Twenties, then Dutchbone has exactly what you need: the Flair lounge chair. One look at this chair is enough to tell us the 20s clearly were the inspiration behind it. The bold, intense, dark emerald green of the velvet upholstery; the inclined backseat and finally, those fringes all around the base, which of course echo the fringes that were so popular on women’s dresses and gowns during the 20s. We can totally picture this armchair inside Gertrude Stein’s Parisian living room, as well as inside a 2018 industrial-chic apartment, or even inside a minimal loft! A tip? Pair this chair with some powder or baby pink details: the final result will be eye-catching and definitely cozy.


The Flair lounge chair

Blackwood chair

Were you wondering if Dutchbone only manufactures armchairs? Of course not! The Blackwood chair is an example. Upholstered in sleek black leather and mounted on four copper-colored metal legs, the Blackwood chair is a versatile design that can be a great addition to your dining area, as well as to a reading room, office or study room. Being so richly cushioned, it’s clear that this chair is ideal for spending hours sitting on it without feeling uncomfortable.


The Blackwood chair

Willow chair

As much as we love all creations by Dutchbone, we just find this specific one adorable! What makes the Willow chair so cute? Well, it is a reinterpretation of the classic wooden school chairs we all grew up with -- or rather, "on". However, rather than being boring and uncomfortable, this grown-up version has both the seat and the minimal backrest upholstered in leather. Ideal to place around the table inside an informal dining room. The Willow chair comes in different colors; however, we love the light brown one: in this model, the source of inspiration (aka the school chair) is particularly evident.


The Willow chair

Chester sofa

So far, we believe we’ve made it clear that Dutchbone has a fascination for past eras. This fascination is clear when we look at the Chester sofa, for instance. Clearly, the inspiration here is the iconic Chesterfield sofa, which originated in the 18th century. However, the Chester sofa is not a mere reproduction, but rather, a re-interpretation: an actual Chesterfield sofa would be upholstered in leather, whereas Dutchbone decided to drop the leather in favor of either velvet or cotton, depending on the customer’s preferences.


The Chester sofa

Barbara chair

One more from our favorites: the Barbara chair. Have you always wanted a dining chair that managed to be comfy, have a nicely rétro vibe but at the same time be clearly contemporary? Well, this chair may be what you’ve been looking for all along! Trust us, very few dining rooms can boast an array of such colorful, fancy and comfy chairs. Our suggestion is to get at least two, and to select them in different colors; see, this is a pretty rich design, and the atmosphere of the room may become a bit overloaded with a stack of absolutely identical Barbara chairs.


The Barbara chair

Well, we believe we’ve managed to make it clear why we love Dutchbone so much! If you’re still feeling curious, click here and keep exploring!

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