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Cyberpunk vibes with Red Nail

Never have we found a furniture brand with such a compelling mix of cyberpunk vibes, contemporaneity and tradition! Read the article and learn about Latvian Red Nail.

11 May 2018 149 0

From cold Latvia, in Northern Europe, comes one of the hottest home furniture brands that might take the home décor world by storm: Red Nail. Valters and Baiba, the creators of Red Nail, took inspiration from their surroundings. Taking a stroll down the streets of an old village, spending a weekend in the countryside, living their family traditions: through all of this, Valters and Baiba took a peek into the past customs of the Old World, and decided to craft unique pieces of furniture that would embody this spirit.


Their creations blend this Old World vintage style with industrial grade materials and designs. This is the key to the uniqueness of Red Nail: their rustic tables, stools and chests are fit for a cottage in the Midlands as well as for a renovated loft in the heart of a big, cosmopolitan city. This bar stool is a perfect example. The seats are made from a single piece of wood with an old history: it comes all the way from 1887! The creators treated these seats with wax in order to bring out the original textures and colors. The legs, on the other hand, blend seamlessly with the seat and flow harmoniously to the ground, making this stool ideal for a modern, busy kitchen.


One of the pieces that remind us the most of cyberpunk aesthetics is this table on wheels. Vintage steel sheets and wheels are combined with 19th century timber planks in a new wave-like shape: the effect is that of a mysterious machine coming from an alternate reality. But how should you use this table? Well, just anyway you’d like. We think it would work amazingly as a bar: place it in a strategic corner of your living room and use it to store bottles and spirits for your next house party!


Valters and Baiba say they designed this outdoor table with a specific purpose in mind: food preparation. Not only does the smooth, wooden surface double as a cutting board; you can use the low tray to carry more food, or the spices you will use. Moreover, the table has been equipped with protruding rivets, so that you can hang any utensils you might need while preparing the food. Barbecue lovers, this table was clearly made for you!


Wheels, rivets, wooden planks -- these elements are all considered typically cyberpunk. Springs are too! And it’s no coincidence we find them on this stool. This is a humorous home design piece that was made to trick the eye: it creates the illusion of sitting on springs...and when you’re about to spring up, you realise they’re frozen under the solid, smooth resin surface that is the seat of the stool. A neutrally colored environment will bring them out as they deserve.


Would you like to see a dining table? We think you should definitely take a look at this one. Again, there’s a strong contrast between the square, severe shape of the surface and the curved legs -- and arms, in this case. In fact, don’t you think this table resemble a sturdy cyborg? As most Red Nail creations, rivets complement it.


And if you need a longer table, Red Nail is here to make your dreams come true with a choice of bigger and wider dining tables. Take a look at this one: its beauty is in its heavy industrial legs, in opposition to the 19th century wooden plank.


Finally, chests are another category of Red Nail creations. They’re all on wheels, which makes them easy to move around; but the elaborate wheels also add to their charm. You can use this impressive chest for storage, but in truth, with its frontal horizontal opening, you could make a much more creative use of it. In the center of your living room, it could double as a coffee table and a shelf for books and magazines: we suggest leaving it open for a touch of dynamism.


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