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Boho-chic: tips for decorating your bohemian retreat

Boho-chic: tips for decorating your bohemian retreat

Interior design trends come and go, but we’re not tired of boho-chic just yet! Read our tips on how to achieve a perfectly laid-back, boho-chic look.

Why do we love boho-chic vibes for our interior design, you say? Well, there are two main reasons. First of all, there aren’t that many trends that allow you to create a perfectly cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Granted, not everyone is a fan of this sort of atmosphere, but picture this: it’s late in the evening, you’ve been working extra hours all week because of that important project which is now dangerously close to its deadline, and in conclusion, you feel tired, stressed out and on the verge of a freak-out. Would you rather be welcomed home by a polished, refined but cold, minimal house, or by a laid-back, cozy atmosphere? We know we’d go for the latter any time. Home is where you should be able to feel relaxed almost instantly, and boho-chic will help you. The second reason is, boho-chic basically leaves you free to do whatever you prefer. So for instance, if you enjoy buying old and/or quirky relics at flea markets, you’ll be able to put them all on display in your chilled-out boho-chic house! Ready to read our suggestions on how to style it?


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Clean but informal kitchen

Let’s start from one of the coziest corners of your house: the kitchen. Now, there are thousands of different ways in which you could style a boho kitchen, as it all depends on what home décor items speak to your aesthetics. For instance, if you’re a color enthusiast, tile backsplashes are a wonderful idea! They’ll brighten up your kitchen, which will never look boring. However, you may prefer wood; after all, what’s cozier than a light-brown, golden kitchen? We have a few suggestions here. First of all, remember to opt for (relatively) unrefined wooden panels: you’re looking for panels that show off all the raw, natural beauty of wood. Second of all, wood and bricks are a great pairing; forget all those who say indoor brickworks died with the urban-chic style! Raw wood and a nice, unrefined brickwork will give a big boho boost to your kitchen. Finally, remember to keep it informal! One way to do it is, for example, by means of hanging your pots and pans instead of hiding them inside cabinets.Then, place a few baskets around and your boho kitchen will be ready to welcome you!


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Table and chairs combo

We have a rule here: don’t necessarily select the same color and material for your dining table and chairs. Remember, the whole point of a cozy boho house is to give you the impression of a space that’s been styled with time and love, where every single item has a meaning for you. That’s why we want to avoid at all costs table and chairs belonging to the same set: your dining room would look like it just jumped out of a catalogue. We suggest a wooden item or two: either the table, or a table and a chair, which you will then pair with an item of a different color and material. Did you think that plastic or resin have no place in boho-chic? Think again! They can fit in perfectly, as long as your place them in the right context.


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Bold dining chairs

As we were saying just a minute ago, one of the keys to a boho-chic dining room is the freedom you have in choosing differently styled chairs. Well, the point is, don’t feel forced to choose only wooden and plastic or resin chairs! There is a way to be bold here, and it’s through a velvety, richly cushioned chair. At a first glance, it’ll give you the impression of being a living room armchair, and that’s its beauty! Not only will it make your dining room appear cozy, it will actually guarantee you a long streak of incredibly comfy dinners!


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Colorful, patterned fabrics

Another way of opening your door to boho-chic style is through the fabrics you’ll select! What are the keywords here? “Colors” and “patterns”. Of course, we’re not saying you shouldn’t have white fabrics around your house: nothing beats a white, king-sized bed. However, the way to go is by layering colorful throw pillows on it! The same goes for every other room: a plain wooden stool can become a striking, unique piece of design if the fabric that upholsters it is boldly colored and patterned!


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Shabby-chic: in or out?

In, in, IN! A few shabby-chic pieces here and there will do wonders for your boho house! You’re about to learn one of the weirdest truths of interior design: even apparently unrefined, border-line ugly pieces of home décor can be absolutely perfect for your rooms! Remember that interior design is based on context and connections: this means that even the most gorgeous piece of furniture can look completely out of place, and similarly, even the most average, the plainest of designs has the potential to look pretty amazing! Would you like to see what we’d put on this little shabby-chic coffee table? Keep reading!


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Basic but fancy lamps

There you go: this is what we’d decorate the coffee table we’ve just shown you with. A basic but fancy and far from banal table lamp. There’s nothing we don’t love about if, from the dynamic brass structure to the refined simplicity of the nude light bulbs. Nude light bulbs are typically hipster and therefore, easily adaptable to a boho-chic atmosphere; at the same time, the brass structure brings a touch of Victorian elegance that will brighten up the simple shabby-chic coffee table you’ll be placing this lamp on.


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Raw wood

Again, there’s no room of your house you couldn’t style with raw wood, even the bedroom! However, keep in mind that a wholly wooden piece of furniture might end up giving out a country or rural vibe; in order to avoid that, pair it with a bright color! Take a look at this dresser, for instance: beautiful raw wooden planks are brightened up by light-blue knobs.


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A touch of leather

As you well know, leather is not just a synonym for “sleek” and “minimal”. Especially when brown or reddish, leather can (and does) add a touch of warmth to a room. The trick is to not overdo it! Don’t style a living room where every single seating solution is upholstered in leather, but rather, focus on a single object. Better yet, consider a slightly vintage design, like this armchair: reminiscent of the 70s, with a wooden frame, it will look perfect in your boho-chic living room.


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Let’s not forget about outdoor furniture! Boho-chic stands for informality and coziness, and what’s cozier than sinking in a comfy outdoor armchair or sofa in the warm summer breeze? We have two suggestions here: first of all, remember to keep it natural. What we mean is: materials like wood, rattan, wicker, cane should be your first choice. Then, remember to select the comfiest sofa or chair you can find!


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One last touch of coziness for your outdoors: a traditional barbecue that can double as a brazier on chilly nights!


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