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Like a pro: style your kitchen like a professional

Do you think you deserve a kitchen worthy of a famous chef? Style it like a pro, with our smart tips.

14 May 2018 3888 0

The professional kitchens are no longer just the prerogative of big hotels and famous restaurants: you deserve a fully loaded kitchen too! After all, with all the cooking TV shows they air every day, we all feel a little bit like renowned chefs of a prestigious restaurant. So let your culinary side inspire you, and furnish your kitchen like a pro. Follow our tips to make your kitchen as professional as it can be: coming up with new recipes and innovative meals will become so easy in a kitchen like this!


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As sharp as steel


One of the characteristics of professional kitchens is surely the material they are usually made of: 100% stainless steel. Even for the home kitchen this material is an excellent solution, as it is easy to clean, highly resistant, but also very stylish and cool. Steel will immediately make you feel like a pro in your kitchen: be ready to get empowered by the strong look of this material, and let it inspire you when you create your culinary delicacies. Even a professional chef would be jealous of a kitchen island like the one in the picture.


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Bohemian vibe


A décor that winks at professional kitchens must not necessarily look sterile and aseptic: in fact, sometimes it is quite the opposite. You could opt for sinks of large dimensions, to add that charming vintage-boho vibe that will make your kitchen very unique. Professional kitchen privilege functionality on tidiness: pots and pans are better off hanging on the wall, than stored in a cabinet. Having a pot rack will not only make you feel like a pro in your kitchen, but it will make cooking a lot easier, since everything you need will be in plain sight.


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An island for the sink


One of the elements that we often find in the kitchens of restaurants is the central island. If, however, this is usually used for the stoves, opt for a more original solution, choosing it as a space to be dedicated to the sink. This will be an original idea for your professional kitchen, and we guarantee that it will turn out super handy.


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Divide and organize


If you want elegance to go hand in hand with practicality, choose a type of furniture that will help with functionality. For instance, if kitchen cabinets are divided in blocks or islands, it will make the are more visually organized too. An island for stoves and cabinets, a vertical compartment for the fridge and a board to be used as a work surface: this could be the perfect division for your pro kitchen.


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Retro style


Professional kitchen can have a retro style: it will give you the impression of cooking in a truly historic restaurant, one that has been forever renowned for its refined cuisine. Get creative and choose accessories of different tints, preferably wooden or cream color. The effect will be warm and welcoming, without having to give up the functionality of the central island and the well organized compartments in your pro kitchen.


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A mini indoor garden


The herbarium is now an omnipresent element in the kitchens of restaurants: having fresh herbs and plants is super important for any culinary creation. Why not welcome it even in your own pro kitchen? If you lack space, opt for a hanging solution, and fill it with vases of basil, mint, rosemary, thyme and sage. In addition to decorating the environment in a delightful way, it will spread around delicious scents, to inspire you in your cooking creations.


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Choose wisely the materials


If you love oldies style, get your inspiration from the professional kitchens of the past to decorate yours. The materials to choose from, must first of all meet the criteria of functionality, always taking into consideration the beauty of design. To have functionality and aesthetics walk hand in hand, natural materials are the ideal choice: wood will be perfect for cupboards, lockers and drawers, and ceramic tiles will be a suitable choice for the backsplash behind your sink or stove.


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