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Up in the air: style your dream attic!

Up in the air: style your dream attic!

The attic is a cheerful, cozy room up in the air that we adore; still, eaves, low ceilings and size can make it a pretty problematic room to decorate. Read the article and learn a few tricks!

Who doesn’t love attics? Big or small, an attic is always one of the most interesting rooms to style; we believe it’s because it is the grown-up version of a our childhood’s treehouse! Still, we’re not going to lie, it can be tricky: eaves, unconventional angles and steep ceilings make furnishing it a real challenge! But don’t despair: let’s take a look at how to transform your attic into a unique, cozy room.

Dark floor, light floor?

This is a hard one. As you know, the stereotype goes like this: a white/light floor will make the room look wider. This can be true at times, and if you’re interested in this topic, we suggest you take a look at this article on a few common interior design misconceptions. A white wooden floor might help if width is what you’re aiming to accentuate: there’s no doubt a bright attic will have a cosmopolitan-chic look. However, we think the beauty of attics relies on their potentiality as bohemian, romantic, cozy little spaces. If you share this vision, don’t hesitate to style your floor with some dark wooden planks. Did you know you can even get porcelain tiles that resemble wood? All the sensuality of this beautiful, natural material, combined with hard-wearing stoneware. Still believe you’d rather have an ultra-bright attic? Here you go!


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Convertible sofa

A convertible sofa is a great choice. First of all, if you actually live in your attic, meaning that your bedroom is here, but you’re always having trouble because it’s the size of a tiny studio apartment, a convertible sofa will solve all your problems. You’ll employ it as a bed at night, and as a comfy sofa during the day. If your bedroom is somewhere else, this is still a great choice, as you’ll be able to put up a guest or two.


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You could use your attic as just a bedroom, but do you know what’s also great about attics? Sometimes, they cover almost an entire floor plan! So, our suggestion is to create a cool lounge area where you and your friends can just sit around and enjoy engaging conversations. Because of the low ceilings, you want to stick to low furniture, in general, don’t choose any piece of furniture that sticks out of the floor too much.


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Then, you can create an even more informal atmosphere with poufs and cushions you’ll spread around the lounge area. Moreover, we suggest creating a color pattern, in order to make your little bohemian nest look cozier than ever!


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Tip: don’t worry too much about consistency! An attic is an informal, intimate space for you and the people close to you: there’s no need to make it too uptight. So go ahead: if you spotted a funny pillow or a colorful rug in a thrift shop, go ahead and enhance your attic’s atmosphere!


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Find your center

Every piece of your lounge area -- sofas, poufs and whatnot -- needs to be placed quite casually, but around a center. The logical centerpiece should be a low and long coffee table: it will be perfect for impromptu afternoon teas and romantic dinners!


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Move vertically

You should look for the highest point of the ceiling, and hang a vertical statement piece from there. Why? Vertical lines will actually make it look even higher! A good idea would be to hang a chandelier. Again, we’d stick to an informal, relaxed design, like these workshop lamps, which by the way would be simply ideal if you’re planning to use your attic as a workshop for your hobbies.


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Think outside the box! Are you familiar with those lovely swing chairs? They’re often designed for an outdoor context, but what we’re suggesting here is to actually bring one of them inside. If you’re a bit tight on your budget and / or the attic is too small, you can always get a bright fabric hammock chair; otherwise feel free to opt for a full-scale outdoor swing chair! It will make for an even cozier room, while drawing the eye up.


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