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Golden rules: 10 tricks interior designers swear by

Golden rules: 10 tricks interior designers swear by

Would you like to learn about the 10 golden rules for decorating your home in 2018? Here’s what interior designers are swearing by.

Interior design rules change almost as quickly as the seasons; still, we are pretty confident these ten rules will stay with us all through 2018. Worried it will be hard to follow them? Actually, this is definitely something you shouldn’t be worrying about! The beauty of these rules to make your house 2018-ready is that they’re not going to require a massive makeover! Just a few small adjustments you will be able to make in no time. Moreover, if you fall hopelessly in love with some of these adjustments, you won’t have to throw them all out by the time 2019 comes in! In fact, pretty much like fashion trends, interior design trends do have a tendency to come back over and over again: think about Mid-century Modern, colorful trends from the 70s, and so on. Still, if you do have a feeling your home could look more 2018 than now, all you have to do is read the article and follow the experts’ advice!


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Play around with your dining chairs

Forget buying a set of identical chairs! When it comes to dining chairs, boredom is your worst enemy. See, in general we can see that today a lot of importance is being given to being original, speaking your own mind, showing off your personality -- as quirky as it may be, and so on. In a way, this mindset has started to involve interior design too; after all, which better place than your own house to show off your personality? So, back to kitchen chairs: why be boring, choosing identical chairs? Trust us, it is going to make your dining room (or kitchen) look so much more interesting, lively and appealing if you combine different chairs. There are two options: you can either select completely different chairs, or you can just opt for a few key details, like material, upholstery or color. In general, a few pops of color here and there will do wonders for the atmosphere!


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Ditch table lamps for pendants

This is a trend that we’re pretty sure is not going to end in 2018. Especially in the bedroom, the bedside lamps we’ve always been used to are being slowly but surely removed to be replaced by pendant lights. Needless to say, we simply love this trend. Why? Well, why not? First of all, a couple of unexpected pendant lights at the sides of the bed add a pleasant new dynamism to the whole room. Moreover, they balance it out: the bed is a large, horizontal structure on the floor, while these pendant lights are characterized by verticality. The result? Not only will the room look balanced, but the ceiling will also appear higher, as playing on verticality also has this result. Finally, not having a lamp on your bedside table also means you’ll have more room for other items you may want to keep near you while you’re sleeping.


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Kitchen backsplash

We are never going to get tired of recommending a good kitchen backsplash! First of all, tiles should be your number one choice for a good portion of your kitchen’s walls. Remember your kitchen of course does need to look trendy and on point, but it is also a place for its designed function: cooking! And we all know how messy cooking can get, especially when you’re frying something or cooking some marinara sauce. Not only will tiles make your kitchen look more layered and colorful, but they’ll also make it super easy to clean! Moreover, tiles are a wonderful means for you to let your personality shine bright, and to give a specific taste to your kitchen: if you want your kitchen to be sober but warm, a backsplash in a range of brown shades will make it look super cozy. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a young, hip, cheerful look, any other bright color will do, like green, yellow, turquoise!


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Distressed rugs

Don’t get us wrong, there’s a lot more to 2018 rugs and carpets than just being distressed: this is also the year of rich texture, warm colors, natural materials and handwoven or hand-tufted creations! But it’s also the year of distressed rugs, and we believe you should give this trend a try. First of all, you can’t even start to imagine how much more personality any room with a distressed rug will have! See, you may have bought it literally the day before and yet, that rug is going to look like it’s belonged in that room forever and it could tell a thousand stories...which you can make up, of course! Then, it’s a look that goes with any style: minimal, shabby-chic, elegant, Mid-century Modern, and the list could go on!


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Go big with dark colors

Don’t be afraid to use dark colors in your interior design! If you’re concerned they are going to make your house look gloomy, just know that everything depends on the context and on the rest of the furniture and home décor. For instance, this room could look gloomy, but the darkness of the floor is counterbalanced by that pretty bouquet on the coffee table, by the close proximity to the window and finally, by the gray/white tones of the rug.


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Employ velvet

Velvet is a great home décor element, and lately it’s become really popular again! Some people are skeptical about velvet: in their mind, it’s an old, dusty fabric that should belong in the past. However, we should all be aware not everything upholstered in velvet is old and rusty! True, designs styled with velvet will always have a certain classic look air about them, but everything really depends on the color of the velvet, and on the general structure of the design.


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Centerpiece light

It’s a good idea to place a centerpiece lamp inside every room. It doesn’t matter if it’s a chandelier, a pendant light, a floor or table lamp. What matters is that it can capture everyone’s attention, while giving them a hint of the general style and atmosphere of that specific room. Based on what type of light you choose, your guests will get a specific idea of your own style and personality too, so choose carefully!


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Warm your house with mirrors

Mirrors are particularly popular this year. However, why shouldn’t you employ them in the years to come, too? Mirrors are amazing when it comes to making a room appear more airy and spacious, without making it feel a single degree colder! Especially if the room has been styled with warm, golden lights, there’s no risk it will ever look cold and impersonal, because the warm glow of the lights will be reflected by all your mirrors.


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Glass shower

Glass showers are certainly one of the hottest trends, and it’s been around for a while too! However, do you think you need one more reason to install one in your bathroom? Especially if we’re talking about a small room, a glass shower will trick the eye, making the space look significantly larger than it is.


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Say “No” to boring appliances

We only live once, or at least so some people say, so why not make the best of each day? Trust us, life is too short to worry about possible style faux pas: so go ahead and be bold in your bathroom design! You can always remedy to your mistakes once the new trends for 2019 are revealed!


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