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Working from home? Make sure you’re doing it properly!

Working from home? Make sure you’re doing it properly!

If you’re one of those lucky employees whose company doesn’t mind them working from home, take a look at this article. Does your workstation tick all these boxes?

This is the era of the Internet, aka, the era during which everyone works from home. More and more companies are moving in this direction as all the studies that have been carried out on the subject do prove that working from home improves the quality of the employees’ work. Are you one of those lucky enough to be able to work from the comfort of your cozy home? Great! Make sure your workstation ticks all these boxes, and working will be a pleasure!


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Standing station

Having to choose between a normal desk and a standing station? We’d go for the standing station. The reason is simple: health. You can always sit at your dining table to do any sort of work that requires sitting down, but unless you do get a standing station, you’ll never be able to work on your feet, which is not only healthy, it’s also been proven to make you focus better on your tasks! If you have enough space, however, we do suggest you get both options: this way, you can switch as often as you like!


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Storage space & view

The ideal desk should be spacious enough for you to work on a computer, take some notes on the side if you need to, and have enough storage space to allow you to place everything you need either on it, or inside drawers and nooks. Getting up to go get something you keep somewhere else is good for your health, but sometimes it can be a bit distracting. One more feature: the view. Now, we know a lot of times we are forced to place our desk in front of a wall, facing it, because of practical reasons. However, if possible, your desk should either be facing a window, or the rest of the room, rather than a plain wall.


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If your desk is in fact facing the wall, the first thing you may want to do is select a relaxing pastel, like blue, pink, lilac, and so on. You may think it’s going to make you feel sleepy, but don’t worry: a pastel-painted wall is going to take all the stress away from you without making you feel like going back to bed!


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As we were saying, we’d like you to sit down (or stand up) at your desk without any trace of stress! This is why, in addition to the pastel wall, you should also hang around paintings and prints that make you feel warm and cozy. This way, whenever you’ll be on the verge of freaking out, you’ll always be able to relax in a second by taking a look at your lovely art pieces.


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Decorative lamp

Unless what you do at your desk actively involves pen and paper, we’d say you just need a nice, decorative table lamp. You don’t need a powerful source of light, as long as you use your computer to work!


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Something to fidget

Please, please, please, don’t get a fidget spinner! You should be aware that those don’t actually work. However, if you’re used to fidgeting while you’re thinking something over, you’re highly encouraged to get some sort of knick-knack… But, let’s at least be stylish! What about a polished, lovely and old-timey spinning top?


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