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Treat yourself with these luxury bedroom accessories

Treat yourself with these luxury bedroom accessories

Treat yourself: it’s your turn to get a bit spoilt! Here is what your bedroom needs to become a luxury oasis of relax.

Every bedroom should be a sanctuary to protect us from the world, a safe place to run to at the end of our stressful days, a shelter from our everyday life. That is why we should pay particular attention to the decoration of this room: it has to welcome us with a warm hug, cuddling us with the comfiest accessories. Treat yourself and create the perfect relax oasis in your bedroom: it should be everything you have always dreamed of, no exceptions. But what else does the perfect bedroom require? Take inspiration from these schemes and introduce the extras that should help you take it from so-so to sublime. Are you ready to get spoilt?


Treat yourself with the stylish bedroom furniture by Moda. Click here to find more about this brand.

A proper breakfast tray


The treat number one is something we are absolutely sure you have been wanting since you were a little child: a breakfast tray. For those special days, a tray with legs is a bonus, or even better, one that has a side support to sustain it from the floor: it avoids the need to balance a flat version across your legs or worse, juggle plates and cups. Whatever you have for breakfast, coffee and fresh orange juice, a croissant or eggs, fruit or pancakes: everything will taste better if you can be lazy and eat it comfortably seating up in your bed, still wrapped up in the warm blankets. After getting a proper bed tray, you only need to convince your significant other to spoil you with breakfast in bed every morning. What a better way to treat yourself?  


Notre Monde is a brand that will know how to spoil you... Take a look at their creations here.

Bedside pendants


Bedside lights do not necessarily need to be table lamps: they can be pendants too. This is an idea worth considering if you’re planning to repaint or redecorate your sleeping area in the near future. Wired-in lighting – in the form of pendants, as seen in this picture, or wall lights – will free up your bedside table. This way, create a little more space, which will allow you to style your bedside table with maximum tranquility, and use all of its top area to store decorative elements, or the books you love to read at night, your phone, or a glass of water. Another benefit is having permanent wall controls close at hand. No more scrabbling – for the most absent-minded of us – for switches on dangling wires just out of reach down the side of the bed. A final tip – do ensure you get the height just right; you don’t want to feel as if you’re under an interrogation lamp as you open up your bedtime tome, nor you want to risk to hit your head on the pendant every morning. Wired-in wall lights may suit you better and, especially if they’re flexible ones, may be more foolproof to fix in the right position.


Would you treat yourself with this pendant light? Check out more products by Faro here.

An upholstered cube


Have you ever thought of having a pouf in your bedroom? It can be a multi-functional prodigy for any room, and it will not take much floor space. Use it as a seat when you're wearing your shoes in the morning; it can easily be moved out of the way when not in use, or it can serve as a simple bedside surface when you need it. The ones in the picture are rugged in leather, but when it comes to the upholstery, there's a world of plains and patterns, colors and neutrals from which to choose. What will be the perfect material for your cubic pouf?


How do you like these creations by Manifesto Design? Take a look at more from this brand here.

A bookshelf


Bedroom book nooks are the place for about-to-reads, favorites novels to which you’ll always return, or – you can admit it – the books you’re not willing to loan out. In the busy live we are living today, having some time to stop and enjoy reading a good novel is a luxury treat for yourself. Even a small bedroom can accommodate a bookshelf, if you opt for over-the-bed shelving, which won’t impose on the floor area. Alternatively, built-in shelving along one side of the room can work in bigger spaces, while a display opposite the end of the bed makes for a pleasing view when you’re tucked up.


Kriptonite has some original and functional bookshelves for your bedroom. Click here and take a look.

Extra storage space


Extra pillows, cushions and blankets are the daytime layers that dress up a bed, but discarding them sideways at bedtime is not a good - or relaxing - look. An ottoman or blanket box is not a novel idea, but dedicating it to the pieces used for styling might be. The end of the bed can be a convenient position, or use the space under the window instead. This solution will not take up too much space on the floor, and it will give you one more chance to make your bedroom stylish and unique.


Discover the world of Paolo Castelli, check out all the products from this fabulous brand here.

A furry blanket


Here we are at the end of this article, with one last tip to treat yourself like you deserve. We know summer is approaching and temperatures are getting higher, but can you imagine anything cozier and comfier than a furry blanket? You can use it to warm you up in the winter, while you curl up and let your significant other cuddle you, and a simple decoration during the warmer seasons. What do you think, would you spoil yourself with this idea?


Blumarine is a leader brand in the bedding accessories sector. Find out more about it here.


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