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White and right: tips to create the perfect  total white home décor

White and right: tips to create the perfect total white home décor

White is a popular color for interior design, but are we able to use it in the right way? The tips you will find here will help you make total white innovative and trendy.

A monochromatic room, with an absolute prevalence of white, is perhaps the most boring thing that can come to mind? Wrong! Total white can be a wonderful decoration theme, if we are able to make the most out of it. Despite the lack of colors, even a completely white environment can be lively and welcoming. With a clever use of shapes, textures and materials you can create environments full of vitality. White is the most elegant and sophisticated of colors, but it takes a little more attention when we use it, in order to avoid the aseptic and cold look. Here are some simple steps to create an environment as white as snow, but anything but flat and banal.


Take a look at the interpretation Ged Cucine gives to total white home décor here.

Combine different textures


The first step to create an fascinating environment, regardless of its color, is to create combination that are able to stimulate our eyes and mind. The only way to do that, is mixing different textures, in order to create an harmonious area, in which the differences create depth and dynamism. Stay away from large backgrounds of a dazzling pure white. Instead, opt for furniture and fabrics with a wide variety of characteristics. Combine fresh cotton sheets and soft faux fur with an harmonious coherence, or play with cushions and rugs with different patterns and textures: you will be able to create original and interesting combinations of style.


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The infinite shades of white


Eggshell, sand, ivory, daisy white, ice ... the nuances that this color can give are endless, so why should we use only of them? Don’t be afraid to mix warm and cold shades of white together, and start exploring the full spectrum this color offers. Carefully examine the shades that are closer to beige or light brown, and those degrading to gray, to identify the possible and most interesting combinations.


Classic style furniture is the perfect match for the warmer shades of white, and Arcari knows it well. Click here to look at more of their products.

Make some tests


White and pearl gray make a wonderful combo, a tasteful mix that transmit a sense of tidiness and elegance. Both colors, however, tend to substantially change depending on how natural light hits the surfaces. That is why you should always consider the exposure of the room, north or south, and do some color tests before painting the walls or the furniture with these tints, trying to understand how the look will change in the environment at different times of the day. This is a particularly useful advice for rooms with more complex color combinations. For example, if you are planning to decorate your kitchen with more than one shade of white, in addition to grey and, maybe, some natural wood too, before making definitive decisions, make some tests to fully understand how the colors are going to blend together: this way, you will avoid unexpected surprise effects.


Another kitchen that tastefully features the shades of white, this time by Valdesign. Click here to find out more about this brand.

Light contrasts


The creation of slight contrasts is an excellent way to break the monotony of a blinding white space. You could choose a floor lamp, that could stand out for its modern design and its lively color, or maybe an eccentric work of art, such as a statue; even some pillows, a carpet or a blanket on the sofa will do the job: these small touches of color that pop here and there in a total white room, will give a touch of great warmth to the environment, taking away any sensation of coldness and sterility. Look at the example in the picture, how do you like the combo of white and blue?


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Light colored woods


The shades that materials like bamboo wood have, blend perfectly with any shade of white and contribute to creating a positive vibe in the interiors. Moreover, bamboo has some imperceptibly small red pigments, that will add a touch of warmth to its light color. If you don’t like the effect this kind of material gives to the décor, opt for blond woods, whose colors, although very similar to white, create subtle contrasts. To obtain the exact shade of color you have in mind, you can also dye or treat the wood, but the important thing is that the grain remains always visible, so that the essence does not lose its characteristic appearance and continues to balance the color combination with white.


This bamboo wood pannel is from the Italian brand Salvatori. Check out all of their products here.

Geometric shapes


Total white does not necessarily equate to the absence of a theme, of textures or geometries. Especially in rooms like the kitchen or the bathroom you can play with white tiles of the most varied shapes and sizes. For example, having the tile drain of a different color could be a wonderful way to create an interesting contrast, making your room truly original. A suggestion? Ditch the usual squared tiles in favor of a more unusual shape, like in the picture you can see here. In this bathroom, the yellow drain creates a strong graphic motif that breaks the monotony of the white environment, transforming this bathroom in a fun and dynamic room.


Find out more about the brand Kos and their style of design here.

A snowy white sofa


White furniture may not sound like a functional choice, especially for families with children, dog owners, or anyone who loves eating on the couch while watching television. If you think this is true, we are here to make you change your mind. A sofa or armchair can be made with a non-adherent fabric or faux leather, that will look elegant, without being too demanding in terms of cleaning. Contemporary brands are researching every day to find new technologies that will allow us to live more comfortably, without worrying of getting permanent stains on our snowy white sofa.


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