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Bookworm? Drool all over these reading room designs!

Bookworm? Drool all over these reading room designs!

It’s every bookworm’s dream to have the perfect reading room to relax and enjoy their favorite book. Are you looking for some inspo? Check out this article!

If you love reading, you know there’s nothing better than sinking in your favorite armchair and losing yourself in the pages of a great book. In fact, some of the most intriguing, exciting moments of your life have probably been when you were stepping foot inside the Triwizard maze side by side with Harry Potter, or alongside journalist Michael Blomkvist and goth hacker Lisbeth Salander. Reading is something you can do pretty much anywhere, and who doesn’t love reading a few pages in bed before going to sleep? However, it goes without saying that you deserve to treat yourself to an actual reading room, or at least to a cozy reading nook! After all, it doesn’t really make too much difference how spacious or small your house is: there is such an infinity of bookcases, armchairs and sofas, that you’re bound to find the option that suits you best. Read the article and get inspired!


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Wall bookcase

If you’re a bookworm, a wall bookcase has probably been on your bucket list for years. Just imagine how many books you could store in there! This option is great if your living room (or reading room) is as spacious as the room pictured below; in fact, a good, old wall bookcase is bound to make give you the feeling of a cozier atmosphere. However, we would discourage you to get one if you’re thinking of styling a small room with it: it may make it look a bit stuffy and cramped. We do know there are different schools of thought on this, though! For instance, some people tend to absolutely love tiny, slightly stuffy spaces, as this sort of interior design makes them feel warm, fuzzy and sheltered, as if they were being hugged by the room. In the end, this choice is up to you! We do have one tip: choose backless shelves rather than a full bookcase, as the free shelves will look as if they were almost an organic part of the room, rather than a separate piece of furniture.


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Library ladder

Have you always been a fan of library ladders? So have we! The tiny issue here is, that not everyone has such a huge library that would require an actual ladder: most of us just have a few shelves we can easily reach without any help. Still, who says you shouldn’t have your library ladder? Imagine recycling it as a cool bedside table, complete with drawers! And, you can still use the upper rungs as tiny shelves. Needless to say, we’re absolutely in love with the primitive, impromptu spirit of this piece of furniture: it’s so unexpected and yet, surprisingly refreshing! Plus, you can always purchase something like this as a future investment for when you’ll actually be able to own a floor-to-ceiling library, Beauty and the Beast-style.


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Not just books

Remember that bookshelves are not just for books! They’re the ideal stage for some purely decorative items, such as vases and old travel mementos. Whatever you decide to put on display on them will necessarily influence the atmosphere of the room and show a tiny part of yourself to your guests, who’ll be able to understand a bit more about your life and your taste, so choose carefully! Also, don’t choose at random when it comes to colors: informality is more than welcome, of course, but we’d avoid combining items that come in clashing colors. If you’re aiming for your books and your beloved knick-knacks to shine of a light of their own, our recommendation is to get a stark white bookcase: not only will it bring out their colors and shapes, but it will also brighten up the room.


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Be eclectic

Who says a bookcase needs to be super regular and square? In fact, especially if your living room or reading room is a bit minimal and understated, a statement bookcase might be what you need spice up your interior design! We particularly love this example for two reasons. First of all, we find its (only apparent) instability just charming: it does look like it’s about to come crashing down any minute! This, together with the fact that it’s made of quite raw wood, makes it almost look like a house of cards. Then, we love the fact that you can assemble it whichever way you like, according to your own sense of harmony and proportions, as well as how much space you actually have! Another option is to split it and place some compartments all over the room, this creating a feeling of continuity.


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Bookcases and shelves can also double as works of art themselves! A decorative bookshelf is the perfect solution if you’re looking for an original option and you’re tired of those boring, obvious horizontal and vertical lines. Just keep in mind that a bookcase like the one shown below is never going to contain as many books as a more traditional one: you might want to consider this aspect in case you’re an actual book-hoarder.


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Is space-saving a priority for you? It may very well be the case, especially if you live in a small apartment! Optimize the space by selecting some shelves that will sort of incorporate the pre-existing pieces of furniture. This way, you’ll be using every single square inch of the room left on the wall, without having to sacrifice the furniture you already have.


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Color pops

A great way of decorating your bookcase is by placing it against a colorful wall! This way the colors will be see through the forest of books on the shelves and the bookcase itself will look super cheerful.


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Now relax

Of course, you should be thinking about where to sit! If your reading room is actually just a corner in your studio apartment, a comfy armchair will have to be enough; still, you can make it even cozier by selecting a coordinated footstool: all the comfort of a sofa in less than half the space!


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Still, our main recommendation would be for a sofa, if you have enough room and it fits! The reason is, you’ll be able to stretch yourself out a lot more easily, and at the same time, you can even share this space with someone else, while a chair would only allow one person to sit.


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Keep warm

Of course, did you think we were not gonna suggest getting a warm, fuzzy blanket to keep you super cozy while you’re reading your book? It’s going to look even better on your sofa if you can choose a blanket en pendant with some other color in the room.


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Arched lamp

Finally, what kind of lighting solution is it best to employ? Without a shadow of a doubt, we’d say a classic, evergreen arched lamp! A discrete light source that will shed a light over your pages.


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