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On point: a house that’ll never be out of style

On point: a house that’ll never be out of style

Interior design trends change from year to year, and it’s hard to keep our own interior design on point! However, there are 3 golden rules. Let’s take a look!

There’s a common mistake people tend to make when it comes to interior design: every time a new trend comes out, they restyle their whole house. Which shows great enthusiasm and dedication, but also a certain level of naïveté: eventually, that trend is going to leave, and they’ll end up with boring old furniture. The trick is to have a layered interior design: on a more superficial level, you'll have the latest trends, and then you'll have a base level, characterized by timeless pieces that you’ll be able to keep notwithstanding what new trend you combine them with. So, how can you create your own roots? There are three categories of furniture to keep into account!

1. Mimetic furniture

We’ll say it now, before you start thinking we’ve gone completely cuckoo: we don’t mean actually mimetic furniture, mimetic being that chaotic mess of greens and browns. What we mean by that is that it’s wise to choose a piece of furniture that can be combined with most styles. This way, you’ll be able to create a room where you are at complete freedom to mix different elements; for instance, if you love antique home décor pieces, you’ll still be able to style a complex, dynamic environment that won’t just look like and old and dusty antique shop.

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Leather is another excellent choice: classic, but at the same time with a bold, sleek look, it is flexible enough to be adapted to any context. However, keep in mind to avoid bright colors; this style of leather tends to work ten thousand better with an exclusively contemporary and informal style. But don’t worry, you can still be bold! Have you ever considered a leather wall?


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Sleek metal

We bet you hadn’t thought of this one, correct? It may not be the most obvious choice, but we promise you: it works like a charm. Objects made of sleek metal have a distinctive, polished look that makes them ideal for a postmodern, almost cyberpunk-styled room, as well as for an elegant, refined and traditional environment. Imagine placing these shiny metal vases under a majestic, vintage mirror on top of a mantelpiece!


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2. Rétro furniture

An actual vintage / traditional piece

Remember: only because we’re trying to style a time-defying house, it does not mean that we shouldn’t include pieces that are clearly contemporary or clearly traditional. For instance, this chandelier takes us back to a forgotten time and place: can’t you picture it hanging inside a smokey saloon in the Far West?


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Tradition-inspired utilities

A smart way of mixing multiple styles and eras in the same house is to style a room with contemporary materials and accessories, and then contrasting them with classic designs. These cabinets might very well be the best example we could have found for you! Their wooden, sugar-paper blue surfaces, together with the tiny glass door, take us back to at least the 50s; at the same time, these traditional bathroom cabinets have been matched with a contemporary, transparent glass shower and a white-washed timber floor.


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3. Contemporary

Minimal furniture

A few minimal pieces will help balance the vintage or antique items you’ve been styling your rooms with so far. There are literally tons of minimalist home décor pieces you could choose: lamps, tables, chairs....stools and ottomans are a great compromise, especially if you’d like to create an interplay between your various seating solutions. But don’t be too extreme! Especially if the stool you’ve got your eyes on is quite large, opt for a neutral shade rather and a bright one!


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Irregular geometries

This is another great trend of 2018. Irregular shapes and diagonal lines add to the dynamism of a room. True, it might be a bit hard to combine these lines with classic and traditional designs, but doesn’t love a challenge? For example, the shelves we’re showing you would look even more amazing with some antique classic books lined up on them!


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