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Neglected, overlooked: the sideboard

Possibly no other piece of furniture is as neglected as the sideboard. Shame, because it’s a piece that hides countless possibilities; would you like to learn more? Read the article!

17 May 2018 74 0

This is an ode to the most forgotten, neglected and overlooked of all pieces of furniture: the sideboard. Possibly because, as the name suggests, it’s supposed to be placed on the side of other pieces, it’s never celebrated for what it is: a life-saver. It’s highly likely that each and every one of us has one in their living room or foyer, and yet, most of the times we simply end up choosing a piece that doesn’t look bad with its surroundings, and leave the rest to fate. However, we shouldn’t be acting so carelessly, because in truth, a sideboard can be a priceless help in shaping and defining a room! The main issue with sideboards, is that we get them because we feel like we need to: therefore, we often make the least painful and time-consuming choice. What we should do, instead, is really thinking about what function we want our sideboard to have, and only once we’ve figured this out, we can actually go and get one. Are you ready to discover all the potentialities of a great sideboard?


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Impromptu desk

Have you ever stopped to consider that a sideboard might have an actual function, other than simply being a spare surface you employ for all those things we can’t be bothered finding an actual location for? Especially if you live in a small studio apartment or you just don’t have so much space, a tiny sideboard can become anything you need it to! For instance, are you the kind of person who absolutely needs to check their work emails and sort some work stuff out first thing in the morning, or last thing in the evening? Well then, a small sideboard placed just two feet away from your bed might be a perfect compromise! You’re not going to have to deal with the psychological stress of having an actual work station in your bedroom, but at the same time, you always know that if you really do need to do some sort of work stuff really early or really late, you can do so comfortably and in your PJ’s.


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Out of the way

Sometimes it’s hard to put things on display in our living rooms. We often tend to do that on our coffee tables, but the drawback is that you need to consider the height of every single item you decide to place there, as you really don’t want anything to stand between you and the TV screen. Moreover, for quite the same reason, you have to be careful about what kind of designs you do decide to put on display: it may very well happen that décor items that are really fancy and showy will end up making your eyes wander away from whatever is going on on the screen. That’s why you need a sideboard! It allows you to put on display just whatever you like, no matter how showy it is, as you’re going to place it right against a wall. Plus, if you’re one of those people who tend to leave lots of random stuff around, like keys, notes, pens, and so on, you can always get a sideboard with drawers, so that everything will be out of sight, but still within a hand’s reach.


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Don’t forget a sideboard can be fun too! Remember, unless you’ve designed your house to look over-the-top elegant and exclusive, it’s never a bad idea to be a bit cheeky and have some fun! A funny sideboard (or well, more like table in this case) would look amazing right next to a sofa: you can use it for all the snacks you normally have while bingewatching your favorite TV show. Or, if you have children, why not put it their room? The bottom line is, there is no reason why a sideboard has to be boring: au contraire, it should be an active subject in defining the atmosphere of a certain room.


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Elegant storage

This is a time-old problem: you’ve spent time and money to style an elegant, refined living room. And yet, it just takes a couple of random objects lying around for that air of elegance to melt away like snow in the sun! Of course, as our mothers always told us, we should be putting things back exactly where we found them, but let’s be realistic: how many chances are there that we’re going to climb up two flights of stairs just to put a book back on our bedside table? Here’s where a sideboard would be handy! You can choose an elegant and refined design, possibly structured on multiple levels: this way, you’ll be able to bring both aesthetics and functionality together. Only one tip: don’t overfill it with books and magazines! Remember there’s always a limit.


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Toys scattered around?

If you have children, you’re familiar with the eternal, neverending yell: “Put your toys away!”. There’s nothing more painful than stepping barefoot on a piece of Lego or on a Barbie’s comb. If you don’t want these painful incidents to happen again, maybe a sideboard is what’s for you! It doesn’t even need to look particularly child-friendly: just a small, practical sideboard equipped with drawers, where your kids can stash away their favorite toys once they’re done playing with them. Our suggestion is to choose a wooden sideboard though: even if it’s not designed specifically for children, light wood or painted wood always manages to work particularly well in combination with toys.


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Mid-century Modern

If you’d love a rétro touch in your living room but don’t feel like restyling the floor, changing the wallpaper and swapping out your sofa, once again the sideboard is what’s going to help you. Luckily for you, there are hundreds of Mid-century Modern sideboards on the market, so it’s just a matter of choosing the one that fits best inside your living room.


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A sideboard can also help you nail a majestic look for your living room! So far we’ve been showing you pretty informal options, but you know: you can always go bolder and fancier. Everything depends on the outline of the sideboard of course, but another key-feature is the material -- and don’t forget the finish! A lacquered wooden surface normally does go a long way to achieving a more formal, refined look. It works even better when it’s decorated with inserts, like in the example below: in this case, the gold-colored inserts have been styled to remind the onlooker of a reptile’s skin. An extravagant but elegant look that may actually turn this sideboard into your living room centerpiece!


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A sideboard can also be multi-purpose, as long as you can easily move it from room to room! For instance, are you employing it for your HiFi system, but you think you may want to move it around from time to time, especially if you’re having a pool party? Easy: get a side table on wheels!


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Vintage and original

If you love vintage designs and you can’t help having bizarre home décor pieces around, be aware that there are sideboards that will help you nail a perfectly quirky and fun look! We bet you never considered recycling a vintage bike: imagine how much fun you’re going to have painting it in your favorite color!


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Do you go crazy for steampunk? Do you enjoy dressing as a crossbreed between a Victorian Londoner time-traveller? Well then, if you want to highlight your inner steampunk spirit in your house too, remember that yes, even in this case, you can always count on a cool sideboard!


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