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Out and about: enjoy your outdoors in the best way

Spring makes you want to be out and about? Decorate your outdoors with our tips, make it stylish and chic.

17 May 2018 1064 0

Spring is warming up the temperature and summer is on its way: we all want to spend our time out and about. Almost any outdoor space can be turned into your personal slice of paradise, if you are able to decorate it with elegance and functionality. An outdoor area that reflects your style, whether patio, deck or concrete, can become the cherry on top of your home décor, an extension of the indoor interior design. But even before you begin decorating, you should consider how you will use your outdoor space. Will you be using your garden or balcony for entertaining guest, or for having meals together? Or will be the private area of your relaxing hours? Take note of weather changes in your area, and if the spot is sunny, shady, windy, etc. Do you need waterproof and sun-resistant materials, or an umbrella or other shelter? Once you've figured out the basics, you're ready to choose your outdoor design. Here you will find some tips on how to decorate it in the most functional and chic way.


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Make It Private


Outdoor rooms require structure just as an indoor room, to help provide intimacy and comfort. Some easy solutions to define the spaces in your outdoor are include anchoring a wooden trellis in a large planter and hanging small pots of colorful flowers throughout; attaching sheer fabric panels to porch overhangs with metal hoops and hooks; or propping a reclaimed garden gate behind a bench or against a deck railing. It is  also important to have a good cover (sail, gazebo, umbrella, etc.) for the evening hours, to protect yourself from humidity, and during the day, to be able to find some shade. A wrought iron porch will be extremely classy, and it will provide you with the privacy you need and it will add a touch of Provencal style to your outdoor.


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Size matters


Size matters, but not in the way you may think. The size of the space that we have available is indeed a fundamental factor, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a limitation. Even a small terrace can turn into a small and welcoming green area, with the right tricks. For example, why not choosing a two seat sofa or some cute armchairs, for your evening relax? Surround yourself with plants and flowers, to make your summer nights with your significant other truly special. If you can’t give up throwing parties, even if you don’t have a big space, opt for some foldable chairs, so you will be able to pop them up when needed, and a bunch of small coffee tables, that will substitute the bigger dining version, serving with the same function.


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If, instead, you do not have space problems, and think your outdoors are a place to enjoy the company of friends and family, you should try to put together a well-defined area with a large table, chairs and benches: everybody will be able to seat comfortably and enjoy the summer dinner parties. Next to the social spot, don’t forget to create a space just for yourself too: a corner of peace with an outdoor sofa and two armchairs, or a chaise longue with soft and comfortable cushions, or, why not, a cozy hammock. This way, you will create two environments, cohabitating in your outdoors with two distinct functions.  


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We often end up hanging out in our outdoor area in the evening: therefore, we need to talk about light design too. Light is an essential element not only to be able to see comfortably at night, but also to create a pleasant atmosphere in our garden or on out terrace. Whether it's directional ceiling lights, pendant lamps, floor lamps or lanterns, the style is up to your taste and sensibility. The important thing is that you make sure that the lights are resistant enough to be in the outdoors, and that you consider how functional they are, according to the spot you place them in. for the dining area, for example, the illumination must be powerful, unless you don’t want your beloved guests to see the delicious meal you prepare for your summer dinners. For a relaxing spot, instead, we need a different atmosphere: the soft light of a lamp or a lantern will be perfect in this case.


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Stylish with accessories


Accessories are the jewelry of any room, including outdoor rooms. They are a good way to create continuity with your interior design, while allowing you to place a personal stamp on your outdoor décor. Use color with paint, flowers, fabric: it will add personality. Don’t be afraid to get a little eccentric. Do you like fake fur? Wonderful! Fur chair covers are one of the latest trends that has been spreading around the Los Angeles villas for a while now. Are you into eastern culture and meditation? Get inspired by the sculptures see in the picture below.


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A smart idea


If you have a big garden with a lot of grass area in it, it would be useful to create some sort of platform, to access and better enjoy the living room area. Ceramic tiles are the most indicated material for outdoor floors: that is because they are very resistant and will not get damaged with sun or rain, and they are also very easy to clean. Wood could be a good solution too, but you have to make sure the parquet is preserved with special treatments, and the wood is of a particularly resistant type.


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Book lover’s paradise


This last paragraph is dedicated to book lovers. If your favorite pastime is getting lost in a literary world, you should definitely make sure your outdoor area has a reading nook. After all, what can be better than enjoying our favorite books and novels while sitting outside, smelling the flowery scents of the plants surrounding us, enjoying the soft outdoor noises. Are you wondering how you can create the perfect reading spot in your garden or on your terrace? Here is an article that you will find very useful: it will tell you all the characteristics of a heavenly reading nook.


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