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Extra storage space: who doesn’t need it?

Need extra storage space? Here is how can easily create it in your home, with a few simple tricks.

17 May 2018 123 0

Lack of space is a common complaint from homeowners, particularly when they live in a flat. But almost every house, no matter what the size, has unexploited spaces, and there are many ways to maximize hidden potential that don’t necessarily involve major building work or a big budget. Finding efficient uses for awkward corners, adding raised platforms or cleverly utilizing height can all bring exciting storage possibilities. Take a look at these ideas and find the extra storage space you didn’t even know you had.


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A place for everything, everything at its place

Sometimes we don’t even need extra storage space, we just need to organize better the one we already have. One sure way to make a flat feel small is to not have specific places to store things, because then they just get piled up in a corner. With limited space and a lot of different things to store, the perfect solution is to organize the objects you need to store, diving them according to the function. Whether you find the perfect flat-pack wardrobe system, or decide to have something bespoke created, the key is to have everything tidy up properly, with each set of similar items given a suitably sized space, as in this picture. In no time, what could otherwise be a random chaos can become a well orchestrated delight.


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Make the most of your walls

The first and most obvious way to find some extra storage space is using your walls. However, in a flat – especially if it’s open-plan – you might not have many. So consider the option of dividing up the space with ‘storage walls’, which can be full-height, full-width or anything in-between. The most efficient solutions are bespoke, as these can then be customized to your particular needs, but you can also buy storage wall units that may do the job nicely, too. 


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Identify your storage needs

A good starting point when you’re thinking about storage is to work out what it is you want to stash – shoes, books, toys, food, clothes? – and then how visible you want the items to be. Now you’re ready to create a storage space appropriate to its function. Look around and locate a spot that could be suitable if adapted. For instance, do you have enough room to store extra pillows and blankets in your wardrobe? Probably not, or at least you wish you could use the closet entirely for your clothes. Having a bed like the one in the picture can be the perfect solution: it won’t take up any additional space on the floor, but it will provide you with a lot of extra storage space. Two birds with a stone!


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Sliding doors

A clever piece of furniture with a dual purpose can also be a great storage solution for your flat. For example, instead of dividing your room with a fixed partition, you could install a sliding door like the one you see in the picture. It could be made to a width and height to suit your space and storage needs, and incorporate shelves. When floor area is in short supply, if one piece of storage can service two areas, then you’re onto a winner. Another way to get some flexible dual purpose storage is to transform sturdy boxes into extra seating by adding cushions. You can then fix on wheels to make them mobile, allowing you to make maximum use of the floor space. 


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