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Beach house: make it perfect!

If you have a beach house, you must be excited: it’s almost time to go back there! Read the article and make sure you’ve got everything you need to enjoy some relax.

17 May 2018 115 0

It’s almost time for summer holidays! If you’re one of those lucky people who enjoy the luxury of a beach house, you must be counting the days until you can finally relax every night with the sound of the waves crashing on the beach in the background. However, before you go you should go and do a routine check: are you sure your beach home has got all it takes to be flawlessly comfy and relaxing? Browse through this article and find out!


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Rattan furniture

Nothing says “beach time!” more than rattan. This natural material has been employed to decorate countless summer houses for decades, and there’s no sign this habit will ever stop. Of course, you’re more than welcome to employ rattan in your everyday interior design too: if anything, it will definitely add a nice beach vibe to your main house. However, you could say that beach houses are rattan furniture’s natural environment. Undemanding and unpretentious, rattan perfectly harmonizes with the colors of life at the beach: blue, white, sandy brown.


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Simple wooden table

In our opinion, our beach house is not the place where we should be extra! Your penthouse in the heart of the city can be as luxurious and fancy as you wish, but a beach house has a chilled-out, laid-back spirit. Nobody ever checks the time when they’re on holiday; nobody ever cares if there’s sand on the floor, or a tiny dent on the dining table. This is the same spirit with which you need to face choosing a dining table for your beach house: don’t overthink the details; in fact, forget about them! A functional wooden table will do. Better yet: why not get a foldable one? You’ll be able to take it with you for a picnic!


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Fun chairs

Chairs are something you can have fun with, instead! Our recommendation is to get a few colorful chairs that will brighten up the dining room atmosphere. Also, remember that, in order for your chairs to really shine, you need to combine them with a very neutrally colored table.


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Neutral flooring

The go-to material for the floors in your summer house is wood, and the go-to color is...well, there’s not a single color you can select, but it should be light and neutral. If you like white-washed wooden planks, feel free to style your floors with them! White wooden planks are the best for a beach house; at the same time though, we get it if you think that look is a bit too extreme. There’s also another reason why you may prefer a light brown timber floor: sand is a lot less noticeable here than on pure white planks! Because of course this is something we should take into account: sand will be playing a great role in a summer house. Don’t worry too much if your timber ends up with a few scratches: adopt a laid-back approach when it comes to these matters.


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Add a few pops of color, here and there! You can do that with throw pillows, blankets, prints you’ll hang on the wall...and with rugs, of course! Although you should remember that a rug in a beach house will fill up with sand pretty soon.


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Bunk beds

If you have kids, bunk beds is what you should style their room with. No reasons to cramp it up with two single beds! Moreover, bunk beds always manage to look playful and cheerful: your children will love them, and probably fight for the top bunk too!


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Outdoor shower

And finally...what’s better than an outdoor shower after a long day at the beach? A designer outdoor shower!


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