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Joie de vivre: Chouette Fabrique

We didn’t know the meaning of the expression “joie de vivre” until we stumbled upon French furniture brand Chouette Fabrique. Would you like to learn more? Read the article!

18 May 2018 106 0

Interior designers and furniture brands can sometimes take themselves very seriously. You’ve probably noticed that at their showrooms or at a furniture fair: sumptuous, elegant, refined designs that are just mesmerizing to look at, but that can end up making you feel a bit cold. Don’t get us wrong, we love luxury furniture brands! However, we must admit sometimes we have in fact been wondering: if I styled my home with these royally majestic pieces of furniture, would I be creating a warm, cozy environment? The answer, of course, is no. We would be living in a gorgeous house, but it would probably feel a bit cold and impersonal. So, we set out to look for a different furniture brand, for those times when life feels hard and complicated, and you need a home environment ready to welcome and comfort you. That’s how we discovered this brilliant French gem: Chouette Fabrique!


The Penelope TV cabinet

Chouette Fabrique is a fairly new brand that has already gathered a certain number of fans: people who are able to appreciate all the quality and craftsmanship that make the foundation of every small but high-quality and top-of-the-line design brand. Chouette Fabrique was founded in 2013, by Laure. Ex-marketeer turned entrepreneur, mother of three, Laure decided to launch Chouette Fabrique because she could clearly feel that something was missing from the furniture market. She nestled in a small, unoccupied area of the market: colorful furniture that could be able to bring both a minimal and a rétro spirit together. This is exactly what Chouette Fabrique does. According to Laure’s own words, she founded her own brand with a very precise goal in mind: creating unique pieces of furniture that would mix a certain vintage soul with current trends, in order to bring to life designs that could be meaningful to people.


The Aglaé vintage table and chair

As for many newly launched enterprises, it took a few years for Chouette Fabrique to start getting recognition, as there are many steps that need to be taken before that stage: finding a physical location for the artisanal lab and the shop, considering whether or not to get a showroom, defining how many people will compose the team and how to structure it! After the more than common process of error and trial, after a couple of years Chouette Fabrique would regularly receive positive feedback by their impressed customers, and by the time 2016 came around, Laure and Chouette were ready to take the furniture market by storm!


The Victorine coffee table

One of the goals of Chouette Fabrique is to create aesthetically pleasing home décor pieces; still, aesthetics is not just for beauty’s sake. In fact, in Laure’s opinion, aesthetics should have a function, namely: beauty should bring joy to whoever is surrounded by it! In this case, the beauty of Chouette Fabrique is aimed at cheering up the whole family, adults and children alike. That’s why the brand’s products are not limited to sideboards, cabinets and coffee tables, but extend to furniture dedicated to children specifically. Trust us, we’re talking about the loveliest children’s furniture you’ve ever laid eyes on! From the cutest of cribs to the tiniest of desks, whether your child is a toddler or a bit older, you can be sure you’ll find an adorable piece of furniture to place in their room! Take a look at this school desk, for instance: for you, it will be a reminder of those wooden desks we used to find in primary schools; for your kids, it will become their first step to their grown-up lives.


The Ferdinand school desk

Chouette Fabrique is one of those rare brands that really are able to show that less is more! Take this tiny sideboard, for instance. Made of polished but simple light wood, it would be an average desk, however… The baby pink rectangle on the right-hand side adds a cheerful, innocent but at the same time cheeky look to this tiny desk; moreover, the inclination of the slender legs alone is enough to give this unique piece a vaguely vintage and rétro look.


The Blaise console

But how would you sit at this desk? Well, the ideal solution is one of the several Chouette Fabrique stools! Again, simple and essential lines, together with a rainbow of pastel shades, contribute to making these tiny stools very basic, and yet, at the same time, remarkable! Now, you must be asking yourself: how does that happen? Well, that is just the result of the attention paid to every single product, as well as to every single stage of the production process, from the selection of the materials, to the manufacturing and shaping of the object, to the choice of the color and the finishing.


The Nestor stool

Another characteristic of Chouette Fabrique products that you may not notice at a first glance, but that remains one of their most important trademarks, is their eco-sustainability. Every single one of their designs is made in accordance with the French and European laws regulating which kind of materials it is safe and eco-friendly to employ, therefore all of their furniture is guaranteed to be high-quality and to have close to zero negative impact on the environment.


The Ernest bedside table

Finally, we couldn’t help but closing this article on lovely Chouette Fabrique by showing you one of our absolute faves: the Gustave secretary. Inspired by the 60s secretaries, Gustave can either be employed as a work desk, just like in the 60s, or even just as a cabinet for basically any room of the house. But what's really striking about it, is that it shows a perfect mix of rétro and contemporary: vintage function and rattan decorations meet one of the most popular colors for 2018: indigo blue.


The Gustave secretary

If you find Chouette Fabrique as lovely and adorable as we do, click here and learn more about this niche French brand!

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