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Seven reasons why  grey is the best color for your bedroom

Seven reasons why grey is the best color for your bedroom

Looking for ideas to decorate your bedroom in an elegant and timeless shade? Here is why you should choose grey as the theme color.

Grey is one of the most versatile colors for home décor, and when it comes to bedroom interior design , it can be the best choice, hands off. For a long time neglected for its alleged absence of personality, today it colors the most stylish contemporary houses with its elegant shades, creating classy environments and undisputed aesthetic harmony. Do not think for a moment about grey as a boring color: its great potential can give birth to the most stylish interior decoration, if you will be able to choose the right shades and combine them with the style of your furniture. The most popular interior designers are falling more in love with this color every year: we are finding all the shades of grey embellishing contemporary living rooms and dining rooms, coloring minimalist kitchens with an unusual vibe, and, in recent years, we find it also as the protagonists or bedrooms, with truly appreciable results. If you want to revolutionize your bedroom peacefully and with style, but you still have some doubts about grey, here are seven reasons why you should choose it. Let us talk you into this choice, you will not regret it!


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1) You will love to play with different shades


Grey is the most suitable color to create layers of slightly different shades, developing a color scale that will make the interior design cohesive, without being monotonous. From the very light pearl grey, to the intense graphite color, the darkest and deepest shade of grey, it lends itself to interesting developments that can involve every element in the bedroom: from the floor, to the walls, to every piece of furniture, and the accessories too, without forgetting the textile elements of the bed. Sheets, blankets, duvets, comforters and pillows can be very elegant if chosen with different materials and with different shades of grey, both plain and fancy. This can also be a smart way to easily change the look of your bedroom without any invasive modification. Do you feel  luxurious and fancy? Choose silk pillows and sheets for your bed today! Will you feel a little shabby chic next week? No problem: use cotton linen with raw finishes and some lace. The color grey will work splendidly with any style.


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2) It is perfect for a small bedroom


Small rooms are a little trickier to decorate than larger environments, since the most important thing is to create a welcoming space, that won’t make us feel oppressed and tight. In the case of the bedroom, since the bed has to be big enough to be comfortable, it is imperative that we find a solution to make the room look bigger and brighter, with a few tricks.  In itd lightest and most delicate shade, pearl grey is one of the most suitable color to decorate a small and not particularly luminous bedroom. Delicate, but still intense, less obvious than white, this color will allow you to create a charming décor with a defined and well-constructed identity. Moreover, given the light shade, it will give the space the right amount of brightness. And if you wish to find out more tricks to make a small bedroom look bigger, check out this article: it is full of smart and useful tips.


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3) It will help you to create a relaxing environment


Grey will be a wonderful choice for your bedroom decoration, also because most of its shades inspire peaceful and relaxing thoughts. According to color therapy, in fact, this color works a natural amulet to ward off anxiety and emotional tension accumulated during the day. One more reason to choose it as a color theme for your bedroom, both for adults and for children: it will help you leave all the stress outside, when entering your private oasis of relax.


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4) To make your favorite piece stand out


Grey is the color shade par excellence of a sober and minimalist style, even in the bedroom. Most importantly, this color is indicated to make a single piece of furniture stand out from the rest of the environment: maybe the bed’s headboard with a particular design, or a modernist floor lamp. Calibrated and free of excesses, this color is the perfect choice to emphasize the clean and modern lines of some stylish decoration pieces, giving you the chance of creating a neutral, and yet interesting, background for your home décor.


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5) To break the monotony of white


White is always an elegant and sophisticated choice when it comes to interior decoration, but it sometimes tends too look too impersonal and aseptic with its monochromatic brightness. Thank god, the classy shades of grey can come to our rescue, transforming a boring room in a well balanced environment, that wisely combines white with pearl grey, dust and cloudy tints. As you can see in this picture, white can still remain the dominant color, but the presence of the different shades of grey elements make the bedroom look much more welcoming and inviting.


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6) To exalt bright colored details


If you can’t help using bright colors for your bedroom décor details, grey can be the best color base to experiment with strong shades, like in this case red, or daring mixes of unconventional patterns and colors. Our advice is to choose a dark grey as color base, so that you will create a compact and decisive background that will bring out the best colors and materials that you have chosen. Since we are speaking of bright and joyous tints, this solution will work splendidly in your children’s bedroom too.


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7) To enhance the texture of surfaces


Finally, grey can be an interesting choice to highlight surfaces. A particularly beautiful and precious floor, or a wall with unique characteristics can, in fact, find in the balance of this color the most balanced and graceful contrast. Look at the picture below: the impeccable lacquer finish of the wardrobe looks even more elegant thanks to the anthracite grey color.


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