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All summer long: ten colors that will paint our summertime interiors

All summer long: ten colors that will paint our summertime interiors

Want an interior decoration that can last all summer long? Get inspired by these 10 shades of color, that will be the protagonists of the trendiest interiors.

The right shade on the walls of the house can radically transform any type of room, and give an incisive mark to the personality of your home décor, especially when wisely combined with the color of the furniture and the accessories . From sage green to ocher yellow, passing by lilac pink, every nuance can be the key to give a cutting-edge personality to the atmosphere of your house and renovate the look of your interiors. To celebrate the best of the upcoming summer, choose bright colors, which are able to enhance the natural light and vitality this season is about to bring. Here are 10 color inspirations to help you choose the perfect one for you.


Let's begin with the multicolor bedding accessories by T & B Maison . Click here to find out more about this French brand.

Sage green


The first color inspiration we want you to look at, is a tint that recalls naturalistic atmospheres: sage green. This specific shade of green has an easing effect on our mind: color psychology identifies it as a color that is able to make us feel relaxed and serene. It is often used in the bedroom or in the living area, combined with neutral colors such as white and light grays. The most common way to integrate it in a classy interior design, is use it for the walls. As many other shades of green, in fact, sage green is a wonderful background for about any style of furniture, exalting the beauty of classic design and of minimalist decoration with the same intensity. This is definitely a color that will make us happy all summer long.


Take a look at all the beautiful and original wallpaper decorations by N.O.W. Edizioni , click here.

Ocher yellow


Cheerful, lively and decidedly captivating, ocher yellow will brighten the mood of everyone, bringing the true spirit of summer among the walls of the house. Compared to a more lemony shade, it has a different intensity and depth: ocher yellow will look lively and joyful, without being too invasive. It is a wonderful choice for a velvet sofa, combining its exuberance with this luxurious material. It will be a great choice even for wooden pieces of furniture, from tables, to chairs, and paneling too: ocher yellow will exalt the natural look of wood perfectly.


This eccentric wood panneling is from the brand Lualdi . Click here and find out more.



Blue-green is an undoubtedly sophisticated and elegant shade, and, in spite of what people commonly think, it is very suitable for the summer. Use it for bright and luminous rooms: the way summer light hits this color will make it stand out in all of its beauty. It will look great in environments dominated by neutral tints, such as beige or dove grey: the combo will be lovely!


Fall in love with this legant sofa by Minotti all summer long. Click here for more design by this renowned Italian company.

Wisteria pink


Wisteria pink is a trend that seems to never get old, when it comes to interior design tendencies. Maybe it is because this shade of pink always manages to enhance the natural tones of wood as much as the simplicity of minimalist designs. It is perfect in the bedroom because it is relaxing and romantic, very elegant when combine with chocolate brown, but also with white and gray. And could you picture your bathroom in wisteria pink? We assure you it will look adorable!


ABK Ceramiche can bring wisteria pink in your bathroom in the most elegant way.

Robin’s egg blue


Magnetic, charming and relaxing: robin’s egg blue is one of the biggest trend of the moment, and there is no doubt that it will continue to be in the hottest tendencies all summer long. If you are looking for positive vibes for the summer season, start dreaming with the fresh and bohemian notes of this shade. Look at the way this tint is combined with dove grey and the natural look of wood: the contrast creates a dynamic and interesting environment. Wouldn’t it look good in your interiors too?


Click here and discover the world of Iris Ceramica .

Baby pink


Wisteria is not the only shade of pink that will color the coolest interiors of the summer. Baby pink is making a huge comeback in home décor trends, and in unexpected ways. Far from being merely the decoration for little girl’s bedrooms, baby pink is entering the adult’s world in great style. Take a look at this astonishing Murano glass chandelier: the color makes it absolutely one of a kind, the refined craftsmanship work brings its elegance to a whole other lever.


Have a look at all the unique handmade creations by Busato , click here.

Olive green


Olive green is a bright and decisive tint, with a distinctive retro vibe to it. In fact, it was very popular during the 70s and, as many other interior design tendencies from that decade, is coming back in our home décor with a renewed vitality. It could be an original idea to decorate your children’s bedroom with it: not only it is a color that is supposed to stimulate creativity and positive thoughts, but it may be a solution to avoid repainting the room when your kids get slightly older, and grow tired of the childish pastel shades.  


Find out all the ways Lago combines thir modern furniture design with trendy and unusual colors, click here.

Turquoise blue


The pleasant watery vibe of turquoise blue makes us think of summer more than any other shade. This tint evokes relaxing holiday scenarios, it makes us hear the sound of waves crushing on the seaside, transmitting a peaceful and happy vibe to our interiors. This color in between blue and bright green could be the best choice for a table cloth: it will immediately transform every meal in a joyful occasion, putting a big smile on every tablemate’s face.


The Cocconalist will dress up your table all summer long! Click here and check out all of their products.

Pomegranate red


Red is one of the most exciting colors you could feature in your interior design: this lively shade will add a real adrenaline rush to your home décor. Get inspired by the color of the pomegranate, and add touches of red all over your interiors: a classy chaise longue, a designer chair, or maybe an exuberant red carpet. Don’t be afraid of being too bald: exuberance is the spice of life, and summer is the season to remind that to ourselves.


Let all the exuberant color of the carpets by Sartori inspire your summer home décor renovation.

Pearl grey


Perl grey is the best choice you can make for your bedroom décor – read this article to find out why. A sophisticated color that can decorate with the elegance of simplicity, that can amaze and charm with an effortless grace. Its delicate shades enhance any type of furniture, and are mostly recommended for bedding accessories. Whenever you are in doubt about your bedroom decoration, pearl grey will always be the safest choice. And don’t think for a moment that it is not a suitable color for the summer: a cotton sheet with a slightly raw look will look at its best with pearl grey.


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